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Have You Experienced The 3 Hallelujah Screaming Miracles Of Christian Fasting?

christian fasting

By: David Hopkins

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There are three Hallelujah screaming, fist pumping, jump for joy miracles associated with christian fasting that release the awesome God giving power to heal you mentally, physically and spiritually while getting it done quickly and permanently unlike the fake, phony, fraudulent and temporary healing of money, sex or drugs, but if you want to know what they are read on.

Let's face it, most people get offended when you talk about fasting.

It seems crazy because fasting is often looked at as starving and popular opinion holds the idea that food is more essential to your survival than God.

Which is funny to me.

Now, mix that in with the fact that most people lack faith in Gods ability to lead and sustain them in their everyday lives and there you have it.

The reason why people condemn fasting and insist on eating three square meals a day.

But in Isaiah 58:6 God specifically says that fasting is the way He chooses to empower us to defeat wickedness, remove heavy burdens and to free us from oppression.

And when combined, these three things will eliminate and destroy EVERY yoke, or fear if you prefer.

Therefore you should be fasting and expecting all three of the following life changing miracles to take place like God said they would in Isaiah 58:8 when you do so.

Miracle #1 Mentally Your light will break forth

Have you ever been so far down in the dumps that all your thoughts were negative and almost to the point of hopeless depression.

Well, when your light breaks forth it's the complete opposite.

You'll experience unexplainable joyous emotions and your thoughts will be positive and hopeful and the word of God will manifest itself even in the midst of the most horrible tragedies, struggles and pain.

Miracle #2 Physically your health will spring forth

Now that you're thinking positively, feeling good emotionally and your mental stress is out of the way the word of God can heal your physical body.

You might wake up one day from an extremely satisfying night of sleep, use the bathroom, then look in the mirror and notice how much younger you look and feel.

But before you start flexing and posing keep in mind that.

People will notice it too, they'll start complimenting you on your looks and telling you there's something different about you.

But will you tell them that your health is springing forth do to your Christian fast?

Miracle #3 Spiritually your righteousness will go forth

Truth is, you're only righteous by faith so the more faith you have the more righteous you'll become.

So your faith in the word of God and in yourself will be increased.

And I'm not talking about no candy coated faith either.

I'm talking about the kind of faith that can get peopled healed instantly, or that allows you to risk death to stand on the word of God against injustice.

The thing about fasting is it allows you to turn your attention fully toward God with your whole heart and allows you to do what God tells you to do.

Which in most cases is to get you to a point where you do the word of God by helping other people from knowing the word of God and praying the word of God Isaiah 58:7.

But just like everything else in life fasting takes practice.

So I would recommend starting small then building your way up to something more complex.

Read Are You Missing What It Takes To Resist Sin? to hear about a simple fast that got me the exact same three results that I just described when I first began to practice fasting.

Jesus fasted often and probably more often than anyone else through-out all of history.

Because in John 4:31-34 His disciples were deeply concerned about His health and begged Him to eat.

"In the mean while his disciples prayed him, saying, Master, eat. But he said unto them, I have meat to eat that ye know not of. Therefore said the disciples one to another, Hath any man brought him ought to eat? Jesus saith unto them, My meat is to do the will of him that sent me, and to finish his work."

They were amazed at how He could go so long without eating.

But He did because He practiced fasting and started out small and got better through-out His many years of practice just like everything else in life.

The hard part as always is getting yourself to do it.

Yet the benefits are more than great.

In conclusion, if you want your light to break forth mentally, your health to spring forth physically and your righteousness to go forth spiritually and don't mind your darkness being as the noon day, then start a fast and offer it up to the Lord with your whole heart and allow His word to do what He promised it would.

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