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Why Building Strong Confidence In The Bible Is So Important?

confidence in the bible

By: David Hopkins

Wed, Nov 09, 2011

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Confidence In The Bible

Proverbs 20:18 Every purpose is established by counsel: and with good advice make war.

There is without a doubt a whole lot of terrible advice going around and very bad examples being set.

Bad advice may seem good at first because someone else maybe temporarily benefiting from it.

So, that might make you think it will work for you too.

Or better still, you might be hurting due to lack of something and desperately want the results that they're getting.

Especially when you get frustrated and start questioning whether you're doing what's best for yourself and your family when times get rough.

Throw in some financial problems add a little relationship issues, stir it up, and then you're cooking with bad advice from any old body.

And those are the type of opportunities the devil is waiting on.

And I know because I used to fall for it every year around the same time.

But the Lord made me realize two very important things.

One is.

How foolish it is to turn back into the ways of the world instead of turning to Him in time of trouble.

And two.

How long, grueling, painful and tormenting it can be to get back from a backsliding state of mind after you realize you made some very stupid mistakes.

So I learned the hard way that there is no one or nothing that I can depend on more than Him.

The realization really didn't sink in until I meditated on and set my mind to trust in two very important Bible verses.

And they are.

"Many are the afflictions of the righteous but the lord delivereth him out of them all"


"The righteous shall be recompensed in the earth much more the wicked and the sinner."

Then I realized the more ground I made in being obedient to God due to the consistency of Bible reading, meant the more I got attacked over my most excruciating deficiency.

Which made it easy to get sad, then angry, then distracted from the word of God and receive bad advice, go crazy, lose control, and look stupid again.

And that's where your main battle and focus will always be and come back to too.

Because most of the time it's not just about knowing what's right and wrong or what you should or shouldn't do, but being able to do what it takes to trust the word of God enough so God will free you from demonic strongholds and oppression.

Reading the Bible helps you stay on the path of righteousness because righteousness only comes by faith in God.

And spending time reading the Bible is essential to the success of anyone who wants to put their faith in God.

"Faith comes by hearing, and hearing by the word of God"

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There are 2 comments and 2 readers

Bill 11 Nov 2011

That was a good article david. i can relate to a lot of
it. i often wonder, is it this difficult for every
christian...or just the weaker ones...

thanks for the article dave.

David 12 Nov 2011

Thanks bill. i believe everyone has somethings that are
harder to overcome for them than it is for someone
else. there are no exceptions if a person was pushed
enough over a particular deficiency without a way out
then that person will eventually give in. that's why
the bible says that god will not allow a person to be
tempted more than they are able to bear without
providing away to escape. 1 cor 10:13

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