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Would You Like Daily Bible Readings By Email?

daily bible readings by email

By: David Hopkins

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Would you like to read the actual text of Bible books in your email everyday, or do you prefer a reminder email with a website link to click and read online?

Would you like to choose which books of the Bible you want to read when you want to read them, or would you rather be stuck in a non-customizable yearly, monthly, or weekly Bible reading plan?

Would you like the option to read a particular book of the Bible multiple times to gain a higher understanding of that book before moving on to other books, or are you OK with waiting a year to start reading that book again?

Do you want to read books of the Bible on multiple platforms like your desktop computer, laptop, e-book reader, tablet or smart phone no matter where you are, or would you prefer to wait until you're at home?

Do you want Bible books sent to you everyday at the same time to help strengthen your habit of reading everyday, or would you prefer to let your feelings continue to dictate when and how you can read?

Could you use a calendar alarm to help remind you when and what time to read or can you remember to do it yourself everyday?

If any of those questions interests you then keep reading to discover the benefits of a brand new Bible reading plan project.

Introducing: Read One Bible Book At A Time

An extremely flexible Bible reading planner that sends the text from any of the 66 books from the Bible directly to your email address on consecutive days at the same time every day so you can read any book of the Bible at your convenience and on your schedule.

The plan originates from the KJV 6 Month Bible Reading Plan for the larger books of the Bible and are between 15-20 minutes of reading a day for the average person reading at about 200 words per minute.

But most books are small and read through in about 10 minutes or less.

Which means unlike other plans you can easily read through the Bible in a year or less at an extremely relaxed pace and without the pressure of reading every single day if you don't want to.

There are two different versions to choose from the original King James Version Bible for die-hard old school readers like myself, and the more recent World English Bible Version for new school readers who have trouble understanding the KJV's dialect.

Besides that you can choose an html version full of pictures and larger fonts or a text version as well.

One of the reasons I made this tool is because the devil is constantly fighting us tooth and nail to keep us from developing a daily Bible reading habit.

He does this because he wants to keep us from discovering all the wonderful things God has waiting for us if we read the Bible everyday as a lifestyle choice, and by doing this, start believing everything that He says.

One of the ambitions that God has given me is to make it as easy as possible for us to understand this fact and another one is to make it as easy as possible for us to do it by eliminating as many excuses the devil throws at us as I possibly can.

There are a lot of yearly Bible reading plans and daily Bible reading devotionals to follow if that's what you want to do.

But in my experience nothing compares to reading a Bible book multiple times at a faster rate and gaining understanding of books for yourself.

And another reason is understanding the word of God is the most important thing that anyone can do for their life.

I've used and heard every excuse under the sun of why we can't read the Bible.

And I've been mentally attacked and heard stories of how other people get mentally attacked by the enemy trying to stop us from reading the Bible.

And he most definitely keeps trying to stop us from forming a lifelong habit.

First of all, to use the read one Bible book at a time Bible reading utility you must become a member of the Daily Word Of God Group if you haven't already.

This is because sending a lot of Bible books by emails everyday eats up bandwidth that costs money that could be wasted if a devil worshiping spammer we're to flood the sign-up script with fake email addresses.

And they've tried to do this before.

And second, I want to make sure you are serious about giving it a try to see if it can work for you.

Besides that, it's pretty basic subscription based stuff, where you enter your first and last name, your membership email address, then choose which book to read, what day to start reading, and what time you want to receive your emails everyday.

As long as you use a JavaScript enabled browser (if you don't know what that means then you probably do) the time you choose to receive your emails are the same time that you choose to receive them in whatever timezone you are in.

If you don't have use a JavaScript browser then you'll have to figure it out based on USA eastern time compared to your timezone.

Another thing to note is the day you choose to receive your emails defaults to the nearest day.

So for instance if today is Tuesday and you want to start reading this Monday then choose Monday and you'll start receiving Bible emails 6 days from now on Monday.

Or if today is Thursday and you want to start reading at 5am everyday but it's already 7am, but you also want to get the first email immediately, you can still choose 5am and get the first email right away, then receive the other emails at 5am starting tomorrow.

I hope that made sense and I hope you enjoy using this new Bible reading planner at the website address below.

Read One Bible Book At A Time

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