What Is More Important Than God?

god is important

By: David Hopkins

Wed, Jul 08, 2015

God Is Important

Is popular opinion, more important than God?

Is gossip, comparing or judging people and personalities, more important than God?

Is material wealth and physical appearance, looking and feeling superior to others, more important than God?

Is fitting in and getting along with people, more important than God?

Is watching movies, social media or listening to music with bad language and sexual degrading and perverted messages and accepting immoral and bad behavior, more important than God?

Is avoiding discomfort, more important than God?

Is wanting everything done perfectly and getting frustrated when it's not, more important than God.

Is making a lot of money, more important than God?

Is working long hours, two jobs or doing something illegal and immoral for profit, more important than God.

Is feeling good, more important than God?

Is partying, drinking, sleeping around, cheating, lying, stealing and doing drugs, more important than God?

Is pursuing comforts, more important than God?

Is over eating, not taking care of kids or home, and being lazy and sleeping, more important than God.

Is entertainment, more important than God?

Is watching TV, buying too much junk, playing video games or running around, more important than God?

It's a fact, most people don't spend enough time receiving the word of God and even less time talking about the word of God.

You must spend time with God and talk about God everyday if you want to receive more of His guidance and blessings.

The cares of the world are not more important than God, especially since He is the creator of everything.

Does the creation come before the creator?

He's not a last resort to try, when everything else you tried failed.

That's not acceptable to God, and why should He accept that.

He's extremely kind, forgiving, merciful and generous.

Jesus says, come to God with fruits worthy of repentance. Luke 3:8

Feeling bad or sad and crying is not the answer.

You have to read the Bible to learn how to speak to God.

Learn how to pray and praise God.

Then you'll know what to say and how to say it to get answers and results from God.

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