How To Guard Your Heart With All Diligence

guard your heart

By: David Hopkins

Wed, Aug 05, 2015

Guard Your Heart

Step one is to realize that all negative, insensitive, uncaring, jealous, angry and evil thoughts and feelings are from the devil.

And we often tend to accept these negative thoughts and feelings without fighting them off like the Bible tells us to do.

It's one of the oldest and simplest strategies of the devil to suggest negative problems to us and let us run off with it until it gets out of control.

The oldest example of the devil using this strategy in the Bible is the story of Cain and Abel.

Cain killed Abel because he meditated on the evil thoughts of anger and jealousy about his brother that came from the devil.

It's not just one time, he chooses negative suggestions carefully over time to spark anger or jealousy in you until you can't control it, you go overboard, then you get in trouble and the devil sits back and laughs when you're paying the price.

If he can get you to fall for the negative tricks enough times, then you'll eventually become his puppet and he'll control you with your own built up pride, selfishness and arrogant behavior.

Years of negativity will lead to many more foolish decisions that could eventually put your life in a place that leads to much regret.

This is the same strategy that leads people to murder or adultery and life in jail or failed relationships.

It doesn't matter if you're saved and go to church, you can still become a victim of this strategy because the devil will never stop trying to use it on you.

The best way to stop negative thoughts from taking over your mood and ruining your day is to open your mouth and talk about God.

Don't just try to change the subject in your head, that might not work, but keep saying Bible verses or praise God out loud.

The devil is extra tricky, he uses the people you trust to talk negatively to you because he knows you will listen and unwittingly let that negative spirit get on you, then he can grow it.

But you must change the subject quickly or encourage them to look on the bright side, because if you end up with a negative agreement, the devil most certainly will try to take advantage of it.

He would like you to start talking negatively to people that trust you too, so he can keep it going and spreading negativity like a disease until everyone in your family or your friends are affected.

Then the more you meditate and confess these negative thoughts the sooner you will act on them.

And somebody always gets hurt and probably more than one person.

Sometimes the devil can affect you physically like with a headache, then try to force you to remain upset with negative thoughts and feelings.

If so, don't just sit or lay there while he beats on you, jump up or get up, run around and praise God.

If you catch yourself meditating on negative thoughts, then slap yourself out of it before the devil builds you up with anger, pride, jealousy or fear.

Don't let him set you up for a nasty fall that could snowball out of control, ruining your life and causing confusion to some poor innocent little kids who might have to suffer as a result, as well.

God's thoughts are always good, positive, caring, considerate, loving, kind, generous, merciful and He wants to bring us to an expected good end.

That's right, we sin against God all the time, some people don't even believe in God and curse God, yet He blesses them and allows them to succeed and do good in this world.

Don't get fooled into thinking people succeed on they're on ability and that they're somehow better than you.

But no, the grace of God extends even to them in this manner.

And anyone that understands and has any kind of success is a person who acknowledges God for His blessings.

And as long as they're alive, they still have a chance at salvation and eternal life.

Sure, babies and kids die early, but they go to heaven to live happily for eternity with the Lord.

Use the positive word of God to defeat all negative thoughts

The Bible says great peace have they that love God's law and nothing shall offend them.

This simply means the more you meditate on the word of God the less you'll get affected by the negative thoughts and feelings from the devil.

So basically, we get offended because we don't spend enough time meditating on the word of God.

You're not rooted in the word God, if you're easily offended and always thinking negatively.

And the devil knows this.

Use the positive word of God to defeat all negative speeches.

The devil will send negative people your way to talk trash, challenge you, and they'll try to stir you up into confrontations.

They talk behind your back, you somehow find out, then the devil tries to get you to concentrate on the negative thoughts until you must act out.

You most certainly will want to retaliate and defend yourself, but just think about God.

If you want to please the Lord, then ignore them, let it pass, and get over it quickly.

It's the real honorable thing to do.

The devil would have you to fight back and argue until something regrettable happens.

This is not the will of God.

Use the positive word of God to defeat all negative actions.

Sometimes people get in your face, spit on you, and physically put their hands on you.

This is when the devil is on your shoulder trying to convince you to punch them in the mouth.

And you probably could, but that's not the point.

Jesus specifically said to turn the other cheek, or walk away, ignore it, let it pass and get over if quickly.

He said bless people that curse you.

Do good to people that hate you.

And pray for the people that despite-fully use you and persecute you.

You're not expected to be an overnight success.

Because it takes practice.

And you're not always going to win by doing this using your own mindfulness and will power.

But the main items are, not focusing on negative thoughts, and not letting your feelings rule you, and to meditate and speak the Word of God a lot more often.

So maybe it's time to pick up the Bible and start concentrating on the word of God, again.

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