KJV Simple Search Parallel Bible

KJV Simple Search Parallel Bible

Verse References

matt 5:43-48 / 6:5-8 / mar 6:19-21 / 7:24-28
Book names can be shortened, and there is no need to repeat them for passages with forward slashs
matt 19:16-30 | mark 10:17-31
Parallels are easy with pipes (SHIFT-Backslash)
philemon or 2 john
You don't need to enter chapter numbers for single-chapter books
matt 13:1-3, 24, 31
Commas can be used to provide a list of verses from a single chapter, in the conventional manner. An ellipsis (…) will show any gaps in the resulting text
php 2 or jn 3:1-2, 4, 9
As well as allowing shortened book names, most common abbreviations are also recognized

Bible Searching

grace peace
Entering something that isn't a reference drops you into a search of the New Testament for a verse containing ALL terms entered
god lov
Partial words will be matched — so lov matches love, loved, loving, pavlova, and so on
grace peace love
Adding more search terms will narrow down the search results
Entering a search in capitals will search the Old Testament instead

Keyboard Shortcuts

Alt + S
Type a new search term in the search box.
Alt + C
Copy the website link of the current web page.
Alt + N
View the next verse or chapter in the senquence.
Alt + B
View the previous verse or chapter in the senquence.
Alt + T
View the context of a particular verse.
Alt + V
View all the verses in a chapter.
Alt + H
Return to the home page.
Alt + R
View search results at the top of the web page.
Alt + P
Go to the bottom navigation of the web page.

Verse Tagger

KJV Bible verse tagger
Automatically tags a Bible reference on any website and creates a tooltip.
Working Examples

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