Wrestle Spiritual Wickedness Not Flesh And Blood

wrestle spiritual wickedness

By: David Hopkins

Wed, Feb 21, 2018

Wrestle Spiritual Wickedness

One of the oldest tricks from the devil is to deceive mankind into believing that he and his band of spiritual demonic entities do not exist.

Ephesians 6:12


Nothing would please them greater than for you to believe the ridiculous lying theories of a big bang that created the universe from nothing, evolution of man from single celled amoebas, and aliens from far away galaxies that seeded the earth through out millions and billions of years.

Lead by the indoctrination of our world through all forms of media and entertainment by the self proclaimed elite, who use secrecy and evil esoteric brainwashing techniques under the will of satan.

What's more, they want to force people into merging with intelligent machines to give the devil ultimate control over the world using advanced computers and other mark of the beast type technologies.

This is what they're calling the next step in man's evolution.

These people actually believe they can live forever in the flesh by doing this, considering the false theories and teachings of evolution says there is no spirit.

In fact, they're even claiming that demons are "interdimesional beings", or physical aliens from other dimensions and not spiritual in nature.

See the connection?

A clever trail of lies, but still flat out lies that go against everything Jesus died for considering He cast out demons and resisted the temptations from satan.

Colossians 2:8


And of course, if you'd rather spend your time fitting in with society and paying attention to this form of media and entertainment as opposed to reading the Bible, praying and getting revelation from the Holy Spirit, then you're ripe for the devils picking.

Because the truth is the Bible disputes all four of these false claims and no amount of science fiction movies or novels can change that unless you allow it.

Romans 12:2


Furthermore, not only does the word of God dispute these lies the Bible also foretells the results of the whole matter and reveals the outcome through many prophecies.

Which proves that God is not the one withholding information from you, but it is the devil trying to keep you away from God so that you will not discover the truth.

Besides, not only does God tell us everything through the Holy Spirit, He fights on our behalf against the spiritual wickedness and principalities in high places so that we can believe the truth.

God is so humble, thoughtful, considerate and kind that He eliminated all sin sacrifice, and guilt, then brought it down to one single dilemma, whether you believe in and accept Jesus as Lord and saviour or not.

Everything else is a deception.

All religions do not represent the same true God, and yes, Jesus is the only way into Heaven.

John 14:6


Jesus even narrowed the solution to overcome all the deception and lies of the devil that we're all a victim of through repetitive media programming, family upbringing, anti-Bible school and work systems, plus social pressures, down to one single conclusion.

That is, labour to rest in the finished work of Jesus which He already completed by focusing on the word of God; meditating and proclaiming the truth of the Bible in plenty.

Why else would it be so difficult for people, including us Christians, to spend time meditating on the Bible, or confess the word of God, or go to church, or pray daily, or fast from food, or give , or spread the fantastic news to others, or whatever else needed to establish trust with God.

Luke 11:34-36


These are the living examples of what Jesus did while He remained here on earth and also what He encourages us to do.

The battle is choosing which media to consume.

So, choose the word of God through many forms of media and media outlets, especially the Bible.

And meditate, confess, discuss and think about the word of God instead of the cares of the world.

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