Are You A Backslider Who's Sick Of Backsliding?


By: David Hopkins

Wed, Jun 22, 2005


If you're a backslider you need to know what causes you to backslide. If you don't, do you at least know how to get back right with God? But most importantly, how to prevent yourself from backsliding in the first place? If not, you'll discover the answers to those all important questions in this article.

Which Type Of Backslider Are You?

According to Jesus in one of His famous parables there are three ways a person can backslide. (Mark 4:3-20).

Seed that falls by the wayside, seed that falls on stony ground, and seed that falls among thorns.

Seed that falls by the wayside is the word of God that you get but don't understand. The devil comes immediately causing you to forget. Then you go back to what you're used to doing and you backslide.

Seed that falls on stony ground is the word of God that you get and understand but it's not rooted inside you. So when the devil comes with hard times you can't handle it. This offends you, so you get mad and backslide.

Seed that falls among thorns is the word of God mixed in with the cares of this world, pursuit of riches, and other lusts. This chokes the word before it can produce and you go back to doing what the world does, give up and backslide.

How To Turn Back From Backsliding

A backslider is a Christian who withdraws him or herself away from devotion to God and His word to go back under the control of a self-pleasing spirit.

"The backslider in heart shall be filled with his own ways..." (Proverbs 14:14).

This occurs when fear somehow replaces the faith you have in God. It then causes you to run away from the spirit of God back into the sinful world of the flesh to satisfy your doubt and unbelief.

This means you must be careful not to mix yourself up with former sins and addictions like you did in the past. But if you do there will come a time when you regret it. Your soul will long to be back depending on the Lord your God for direction and guidance. You may even be experiencing these feelings right now as you're reading this article. But don't worry.

God said, "Return, ye backsliding children, and I will heal your backslidings..." (Jeremiah 3:22).

So how do you return to God? "Repent ye therefore, and be converted, that your sins may be blotted out, when the times of refreshing shall come from the presence of the Lord." (Acts 3:19). Therefore repent, get back into the word, and let God blot out your sins. It's that simple. Just pray and ask God to forgive you and clean you up.

What Backslider Prevention Technique?

Right before telling another one of His famous parables Jesus said, "That men ought always to pray, and not to faint." (Luke 18:1)

The keyword in that sentence is the word faint. This is just another way of saying backslide. Jesus is talking about "praying without ceasing" or stopping. (1 Thessalonians 5:17). You should do this instead of giving up and backsliding.

The parable goes on to explain how a wicked judge who had no regard for God avenged a widow even though he could care less whether justice was done for her or not. Yet He avenged her because she showed initiative, was persistent, didn't give up and kept asking him. Because of this he said in his heart "Yet because this widow troubleth me, I will avenge her, lest by her continual coming she weary me."

The point of the parable is if a wicked judge avenges a widow simply on the basis of her continual asking, "shall not God avenge his own elect, which cry day and night unto him, though he bear long with them?" The answer of course is an astounding YES! So don't forget to keep praying to God without giving up until He gives you whatever you ask Him to do for you.

For example: if the devil steals some word from you, or if hard times come, or even if you love money and sex a little bit too much you can keep praying to God to deliver you from whatever it is that causes you to backslide. Don't be afraid because eventually He will heal you of your backsliding and you will be free. So don't ever give up on praying to God no matter how you feel or how bad your situation looks.

In conclusion, it is also extremely important that you continue to pray after God has forgiven you, and cleanses you and when you are in good standings with Him. Because Jesus said, "Watch and pray, that ye enter not into temptation: the spirit indeed is willing, but the flesh is weak." (Matthew 26:41).

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Samuel 27 Jun 2019

This is sami . where are the rest of the comments i

remember there was more

Susan 22 May 2016

I have backslider several times now and i'm really

worried god won't forgive me again cause i've done it

to many times it really breaks my heart to be in this

condition i can't stand the thought of not being

forgiven because i do love god with all my heart please

pray he will forgive me one more time and take me back

my life is nothing without jesus. thank you !!!

Vincent 10 Apr 2016

I was born again at 19, baptized in my early

40's...backslid yet again in my 50's...god's love is

unconditional and i am unworthy. failure is only

negative if we don't learn from our mistakes. it is

part of growth in all things. jesus is lord!

Terry 27 Jul 2013

What to do to be born again of the spirit of god:

answer: acts 2:38

all three parts of this verse has to be done for god

to give you his spirit. without doing all of acts 2:38

you will end up receiving a demonic religious spirit

and not the holy ghost. with your free will you can

accept it or reject this truth. the decision is up to

you. once you receive the true baptism of the holy

ghost you are sealed until the day of your redemption.

don't do like most people and repent and get baptized

in titles of father, son and holy ghost instead of the

name of jesus christ. just like the natural birth it

takes the blood, water and spirit. blood when you

repent, water when you are baptized in the name of

jesus christ and then a promise from god he will give

you the gift of the holy ghost. his spirit to dwell in

you and will lead you into all truth. amen

Christopher 12 Jul 2013

Sami, if you need to wait till you feel tingly all to

know you're loved, then you call god a liar, and you

make your feelings into a god. isaac relied on his

senses too, when he felt jacob's fur covered arms, and

blessed the wrong man, so to speak! we walk by faith,

not by sight! believe god! take him at his word!

Christopher 12 Jul 2013

Sami, if you allow circumstances to dictate truth to

you, you will sink like peter, remain crippled like the

lame, remain in hiding like gideon, still wrestling

like jacob,and eating forbidden fruits like adam!

believe god! though pharoah has you trapped between

chariot wheels and the sea, stand still (rest in his

love) and see the salvation of the lord!

Christopher 12 Jul 2013

He or she that truly repents has been transformed by

god into a new creature inwardly. the new creature is

unfortunately shrouded by a cocoon of worldly flesh.

the larvae is nurtured, that is, strengthened by

prayer, reading the word, loving god and man, and by

denying the flesh, but it cannot even begin to grow, if

the christian doesn't believe the initial change took


Christopher 12 Jul 2013

Sami, this is a romance novel not a tale of revenge!

boy loses girl, boy gives his life to regain girl! it

has a happy ending but you have to want it for

yourself..may god burn this into your heart.

Christopher 12 Jul 2013

Sami, read the book of hosea! god redeemed you from the

auction block of sin while you were still stinking from

your sins! he bought you with his blood, even though

you were already his, from the devil. this is the

gospel. he wants his love back, no matter the cost, no

matter how many times you broke his heart! dont you

know how much he loves you?

Christopher 12 Jul 2013

We become obedient, pray, love others, read scripture,

etc because we love god, not out of duty. we love god

because we yield to his indwelling spirit, not because

we exercise our paltry will. god lost his lover and is

wooing him/her back to him. his arms are open wide! "i

forgive you, my love!" he cries! this is the gospel!

Christopher 12 Jul 2013

Any christian who believes his or her salvation is

maintained by his or her ability to obey the

commandments, by his or her prayers or some such

ordinance, is under the law, not grace. we obey, pray

and read because we love god and express our love

thusly, not because it is our duty. god wants our love,

not our fealty.

Christopher 12 Jul 2013

Sami, we have all sinned; whoever says he or she does

not sin, is a liar. we sin because we do not yield to

him who dwells within. believe that christ lives in

you, and you will be victorious. salvation is a life

long process. sami, jesus will lovingly prune away your

sinful habits and addictions if you let him..

Christopher 12 Jul 2013

Christians can only have victory over sin by trusting

in god; the payment for sin on the cross and the

indwelling holy spirit's work of remolding man from

within by his relationship with god through christ

which only works if we believe in it. we, like the lame

man, a metaphor for our incapacity, act out our faith

by rising up and walking in it. sami, if you truly

repented, it doesnt matter how you feel, you're healed!

Christopher 12 Jul 2013

You cannot add to your salvation; righteous works will

not make you more christian. a christian who fasts 40

days and nights every month, gives all his money to the

poor, never marries and lives in a church is no more

righteous than the christian who does none of those

things. all a christian can bring to his salvation is

his sin.

Christopher 12 Jul 2013

A christian will never have victory over sin as long as

he believes its his duty to steel his or herself and

refrain from sin by virtue of his or her indomitable

will power! man's new nature is his intimacy with

christ, not his will by virtue of his freedom from

sin's bondage which is also intimacy with christ. when

adam was innocent, he sinned! we have sinful flesh to

contend with! man couldn't abide by the law in his own

strength, and never will or christ died in vain.

remember, god emptied himself to become a man because

of his love and our insufficiency; what makes man

arrogantly believe he abide by the law because jesus

wiped his slate clean? christ's shed blood removed our

sinful acts, words and deeds but his resurrection gave

us the capacity to love, without which a righteous life

is impossible

Christopher 12 Jul 2013

The gist of this whole dissertation: why do christians

believe that now that they're saved, they're required

to earn god's love or maintain their salvation by

righteous works? a christian will never earn god's love

on this side of eternity; he was redeemed by christ

while he was a sinner. he is no more worthy of

redemption as a christian, than he was as a sinner.

"while we were yet in our sins, christ died for us".

perfect what god began in his life by the exercising of

his own will? every atom in creation is generated,

controlled and sustained by god; why does man believe

that his will to resist sin is outside of god?

Christopher 12 Jul 2013

Peter was able to walk on water because he trusted

jesus, that he was willing and able to make him stay

atop the water. peter was on the water for a period of

time, albeit brief. as soon as he took his eyes off of

jesus, and allowed fear and doubt to enter his mind, he

began to sink. his capacity to "stay above water" was

and is entirely christ-centric; peter didn't achieve

the power to walk on water to then do it by his own

power. power only comes from continually looking to

christ in faith.

Christopher 12 Jul 2013

Scripture says that abraham believed god and it was

counted unto him as righteousness. incredibly enough,

his faith in god and what he was willing and able to do

in his life, was counted as righteousness; the

sacrifice of his son, perhaps the most righteous,

selfless act by a human being aside from the earthly

life of jesus, isn't listed as righteousness, even

though it is. the holy spirit records abraham's faith.

can i suggest that abraham wouldn't have been able to

obey god and sacrifice his son if god hadn't changed

him from within through his faith, in the first place?.

Christopher 12 Jul 2013

Seth, gideon was called a "mighty man of valor" by god,

while he was hiding from the midians but he believed

god, that what god called him is now who he is, in

spite of his self-assessments and became a mighty man

of valor! after all, this was the same god who with the

same mouth called all things into being. if god calls

you something, you better believe that's what you are!

gideon's belief in god changed him, not his innate

capacity to be brave because up until that point,

before god stepped onto the scene, and in his own

strength, he was a coward.

Christopher 12 Jul 2013

Of all the interactions jacob could have chosen, he

chose to wrestle with god/pre-incarnate christ for a

blessing; why would jacob wrestle god for something

that was already his? did he not hear from his mother

rebecca that he was blessed from the womb? why did

jacob as so many christians do today, believe he had to

work, to strive to earn godís love? jacob wasnít

victorious until he surrendered to god; ceased from

works. he understood that there was nothing that he

could do to increase or decrease godís love for him;

nothing he could do to earn it, so he rested in godís

love and was blessed.

Christopher 12 Jul 2013

Imagine if you will an orwellian dystopia-future

society that outlawed sin (a la pre-judges israel).

every time a member of this society committed a sinful

act (looked lecherously at a woman, lied, judge

another, coveted someone else's possession, gambled,

thought an evil thought, cursed, etc) an electric

charge zapped him. imagine how miserable that society

would be! they would live a life of utter despair,

hopelessness and pain, and none of them would be

righteous! even if all of them were conditioned by

years of electro-shock therapy and none of them sinned,

they would still be unrighteous because they lack love

on the inside!

Christopher 12 Jul 2013

When jesus healed the lame man, he asked him to rise

and walk; the lame man was healed by faith in jesus,

that is, he believed that jesus was willing and able to

do as he claimed. the man's faith as manifested by his

actions! ("i'll show you my faith by my works") the

lame man could have said, "jesus, i believe i can walk"

till he was blue in the face but if he didn't stand up

and walk, that is, put his faith in action, he would've

remained crippled. he believed in god's love for him;

that he would heal him because he loved him. this is

the opposite of what adam did and is therefore

considered righteousness

Christopher 12 Jul 2013

Remember, sin came into the world because adam did not

believe that god loved him (because if he did, he

would've contradicted eve and the serpent) and

manifested his unbelief by his actions so it makes

perfect sense that believing in god, not only his

ability to do right by man more importantly, his

willingness to do so out of love, would be the conduit

for restoration and reconciliation unto god. faith

precedes all willful action; before we do anything, we

first believe we can do it. no one fires an ice cube

from a slingshot to blot out the sun.

Christopher 12 Jul 2013

A sinner cannot sow to the spirit because he is

spiritually is dead; he can only sow to his flesh, the

part of him that is alive. a christian can sow to his

quickened spirit by denying the fallen, cursed flesh.

true conversion "creates a clean heart" and "renews a

right spirit" but "as a man thinketh, so is he". a

christian, now made righteous by the forgiveness of

sins and transference of christ's divine (and earned by

works-based) righteousness, can only act righteously,

that is, perform righteous works, (which includes

obedience to the law) by believing that he is righteous

because of what christ did on the cross! the christian

as an act of faith, walks in it by acting outwardly

what happened inwardly.

Christopher 12 Jul 2013

Religion is man's ineffectual attempt to change who he

is inside by his outward actions; christianity is god

changing man, who he is on the inside, and promoting

the outward manifestation of the change outwardly.

religion is utterly futile because the outward action

is an expression, a reflection of the inward condition;

one cannot affect the by the outward because the inward

is the truth. the outward is a reflection of what is


Christopher 12 Jul 2013

God did not lower his righteous standards or his

expectations of man's conduct in the covenant of grace;

what he required of man then, he requires now; herein

lies the problem. seeing how utterly incapably man

performed and how infinitesimally short of the mark he

came under the covenant of the law, god rendered a new

plan. man cannot abide by the law and didn't suddenly

become capable of abiding by the law after christ. the

covenant agreement changed, not man. if adam being

innocent chose to come under the bondage of sin and

became fallen, how much worse are we being inheritors

of his fallen nature which is in the flesh? as long as

we are in flesh, the influence of adam's fallen nature

is still with us

Jl 12 Jul 2013

Hi you all!

i have also been backsliding for years and years. do

not give up, repent, seek lord jesus, confess your

sins, accept forgiveness!

lord jesus can save to the uttermost.

may lord jesus keep us all.

now to him who is able to keep you from stumbling,

and to present you faultless

before the presence of his glory with exceeding joy,

to god our savior,

who alone is wise,

be glory and majesty,

dominion and power,

both now and forever.


-- jude 1:24-25

if we confess our sins, he is faithful and just to

forgive us our sins and to cleanse us from all


-- 1 john 1:9

for we do not have a high priest who cannot sympathize

with our weaknesses, but was in all points tempted as

we are, yet without sin. let us therefore come boldly

to the throne of grace, that we may obtain mercy and

find grace to help in time of need.

-- hebrews 4:15-16

Seth 11 Jul 2013

Adiction is more complicated than the human mind can

understand, but not more tham god can. its a simple

truth in a complicated matter sami, you have your

relationship with god, then you have your sin

life(adictions) whichever you feed will grow, which

ever you starve will die. god is not through with you

are a lost child he loves and longs for. if you.need

help seek help but not without prayer and fasting. help

in a worldly form ( meds) will only make you more

dependant on something that will hold you in bondage.

Seth 11 Jul 2013

Your spiritual mind is not open for god to talk to you.

its noy that uou cant be forgiven that is just a lie

from hell. the fact you are convicted and feel the need

to repent means god is still working all he can but you

have a free will. if you say you try to repent and god

is not listening at the same time feed your sinful

adictions its just a lie and you are not honest with

yourself.....more next

Seth 11 Jul 2013

Sami, i understand adiction, so does god. i have been

delivered from many. the simple truth is this sami, you

have your walk with god or spuritual life, then you

have your sinful adictions. god cant be present in sin

he is holy. so if your are constantly feeding these

adictions you will not hear anything but the conviction

of god....more next message

Sami 11 Jul 2013 sins are many, there is so many addictions in

my life that is impossible to break free from on my own

strength. all i do is sin, and i know the bible well

enough to know that i am on my way to hell. i have

spent the past 2 and a half years trying to repent and

return to god and it never works out. before all this

started happening, god used to speak to me through his

word like i was one of his people and now it seems like

he is treating me like an enemy.

Terry 10 Jul 2013

Acts 2:38: then peter said unto them, repent and be

baptized every one of you in the name of jesus christ

for the remission of sins and ye shall receive the gift

of the holy ghost.

Seth 10 Jul 2013

It really seems sami, that you hold doubt and its

because you know how bad you have been and feel you

dont.deserve forgivness, and you dont forgive yourself.

you can not recieve forgivness and mercy until you

forgive. that evem means you!

Seth 10 Jul 2013

Sami, although you may not feel close to god, and it

may seem he is not near to you, he has not cut you off.

that would be in direct conflict to his word. again

examine your heart, if there is something in there that

you need to repent for do it, and then forgive

yourself. the devil will never stop trying to lie to

you, or tempt you. but greater is he who is in us than

he who is in the world. do not cheapen the sacrifice

that jesus made by thinking you have done something

that is greater (sin) than the cross, that is sin in

itself but you are not alone, just repent of that also.

if god could forgive king david for adultery and murder

before christ, surely there is nothing you cant be

forgiven for. anyway i am prayinh for you now and will

continue, if there is any specific thing you want me to

pray for tell me.

Sami 10 Jul 2013

Im doing ok seth. i am up and down all the time, and

the devil never leaves me alone. it still seems that i

have been cut off from christ. thank you for your

prayers seth i do need them :)

Seth 09 Jul 2013

Sami, how are you doing? fyi if you need someone to

pray for you or agree with you in prayer im here. i get

alerts on my phone just like a text, so it wont take

long. my offer is for everyone . god bless.

Seth 07 Jul 2013

You are right chris

Christopher 07 Jul 2013

Seth, don't waste anymore precious energy by drawing

attention to rhetoric; pray for terry. people are won

by action, not words. engaging this issue any further

will only derail the purpose of this thread which is to

offer loving opinions, advice,anecdotes and testimonies

to those seeking guidance. god bless you all.

Seth 07 Jul 2013

And if jesus said to be babtized in the name of the

father, son, holy spirit. then paul came and said be

baptized in the name of jesus knowing the trinity

representation as 3 in one and all 3 entities are one

god, then its the same thing. scripture makes it clear

the way to salvation is confess with your mouth and

believe in your heart. that jesus is savior and died

and rose again. then you shall be saved. your argument

is set up directly from the enemy to divide the body of

believers. its a battle tactic divide and conquer.

Seth 07 Jul 2013

John 3:16 : for god so loved the world he gave his only

begotten son, so whoever believes in him, shall not

perish but have everlasting life. notice how it doesnt

say whoever babtizes in the name of jesus instead of

the trinity shall recieve secret wisdom not revealed in

the scripture because god likes mystery games.

Jim 07 Jul 2013

Terry, you need to read matthew 7:22-23- 2nd peter

3:14-18, 2nd peter 2:1-3, revelation 22:18-19

Terry 07 Jul 2013

I'm not deceived nor am i spreading deception. it is

your interpretation of the word that is the deception.

i believe acts 2:38 and have done what it says and

received the results of acting on the word. you reject

the true baptism. acts 2:38 isn't a deception. it

is the word of the lord. so you are the deceived one

and you don't have authority to allow or disallow who

post here. like i said you don't have to read my post

and what i post is none of your business. i don't

believe what you post and you don't believe what i

post. just stay with your false baptism in titles and

i will stay with baptism in the name of the lord jesus

christ. that truth can't be taken from me by satan

through anybody. it has been revealed to me by god

himself and has become part of me. acts 2:38 is matt.

28:19 with the revelational meaning.

Terry 07 Jul 2013

Three born again believers. your not even born again

until after you receive the holy ghost and that only

comes after baptism in the name of jesus christ. until

then you are only believing unto the baptism of the

holy ghost. the denominations are the modern pharisees

and sure they will all agree because they have been

taught their mother's doctrine and are prostitute

daughters of the mother harlot church. now we who are

bride have been called out of all that mystery babylon

and we are many and we all agree with each other, the

word and all the revealed hidden truths of the word

spoke through god's prophet. we are the bride of jesus

christ and we have all taken his name and all been

filled with the true spirit of god. unless you come

god's provided rought (acts 2:38) you will just receive

a religious spirit and are no different then the

pharisees when jesus walked the earth. he was the word

and the whole religious world was against him. same


Christopher 07 Jul 2013

Terry, none of what you're saying is scriptural,

especially branham's role as christ's herald during the

rapture, or resurrected saints walking around "for a

month". none of this in in the bible, the only source

of divine inspiration given to man. whether or not you

are sadly deceived is not for me to say; i leave that

to the lord. we should simply pray for one another but

don't expect anyone here to allow you to spread

deception among those who are sincerely seeking the


Terry 07 Jul 2013

I am not backslid. my post here are for those who are

backslid only. i'm not looking for help from

trinitarians. i am way up the road from that strong

trinitarian delusion. satan can't get me on that lie

now. left all those false religions in 1979 and was

rebaptized in the name of jesus christ according to the

word. then the holy ghost led me right to the message

of the hour. there are thousands of us and are all

over the world. if you disagree with anything i say

just ignore my post. my post are to the backsliders in

here only and not to unbelievers.

Terry 07 Jul 2013

All those that have died in the lord are not dead.

they all have been gathered to their people and are

back fully in their theophany. when the resurrection

takes place all these saints will walk upon the earth

for around a month. they will get together with the

saints that are still on the earth and they will all be

gathered together in one place. bro branham will be

right there and he will point to the sky and say,

behold the lamb of god coming in glory and they will

all be gone in a twinkling of an eye. bro. branham

introduces the bride to jesus christ all prophets have

three pulls and brother branham has had two and the

third one is still to come and will give the bride

rapturing faith. just wait until the tent meetings.

Jim 07 Jul 2013

Terry, are you reading what everyone is saying here??

read christophers post just above yours! you have 3

born again believers trying to get you back on the

narrow road, your babbling on and still trying to get

us to listen to a video. stop and take a breadth and

ask god to open your eyes to the truth of his word!

Terry 07 Jul 2013

For those of you who have gotten away from the lord i

have a couple of sermons i believe will help you. just

go to and on the right botton click message

audio. then in the blank type, the unpardonable sin

and you can hear it from there. the other message type

in, the way back. these are two good messages and i

believe if you think you have committed the

unpardonable sin that after you listen to these sermons

you will see what the unpardonable sin is and that you

haven't done that. if you still have a desire in your

heart to get back to god where you have peace and rest

in your soul then there is a way back for you.

remember bro. branham died, but when he comes back in

the resurrection for his third pull he will stand upon

the earth alive with the gathered bride and introduce

her to jesus christ. he will point to the sky and say,

behold the lamb of god coming in glory and they will

all be gone. all prophets have three pulls. even

jesus had three pulls.

Christopher 07 Jul 2013

Sami, you must choose god. if you want to die in your

sins, it is your choice. there are 100 times more

scriptures of god's promises to forgive all who come to

him, than there are scriptures of condemnation. can i

suggest a plan to you? dedicate a day to god: fast for

a day from food, television, entertainment and personal

endeavors. spend the day reading/meditating on the

bible, (including psalms, and the gospels) praying and

doing things for a less fortunate then tell us how you


Christopher 07 Jul 2013

If you're here to point others to christ, then point

them to christ without forcing branham down their

throats; fact is, branham's deceased and waiting to be

judged; jesus is alive now and forever more.

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Have You Experienced The 3 Hallelujah Screaming Miracles Of Christian Fasting?

There are three Hallelujah screaming, fist pumping, jump for joy miracles associated with christian fasting that release the awesome God giving power...

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Are You Suffering From Lack Of Spiritual Fasting?

If you want to know how to use spiritual fasting to free yourself or a loved one from the debilitating effects of spiritual, physical, and mental...

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Do You Know The Ironic Biblical Fasting Secret Of This Poor Broke Widowed Woman?

If you want to know how a extremely broke and poor widowed woman ironically used the often misunderstood biblical fasting technique of giving to...

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Have You Gotten Quick Answered Prayers From The 3 Expert Fasting Tips Of A Verbally Abused Woman?

If you're missing the three fasting tips that spark the fastest way to get the results you want threw answered prayer by responding the same way...

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