The Chosen Lie - Elitism In The Church

elitism in church

By: David Hopkins

Wed, Jul 02, 2014

Elitism In Church

Matthew 22:14 for many are called, but few are chosen.

Don't fall for the lie of elitism and favoritism in the church.

God doesn't play favorites.

Jesus is our champion.

God Is Not A Respecter Of Persons.

He only respects His word.

It's not about the persons outside appearance and social status or fancy vocabulary, it's always about the one who truly gets the word of God in their heart enough to do it.

Pray for hunger and thirst of the word of God.

Someone might ask.

If that's the case then why did Jesus say that He chose us and we didn't choose Him? John 15:16

Because He knows all things before they happen, not because you're an elite and more important than anyone else.

If the lowliest, most annoying, perverted, dirty homeless guy gets His word in their heart, it'll work the same for them and you'll never know whether God knew this before time or not.

The deception is real and the evil one is using it to his advantage.

Some are using the blessings of God to deceive people into making them feel more powerful, among other things and they're not even doing what the word says.

Jesus warns us about this in the whole chapter of Matthew 23.

They keep their agenda a secret while judging you and teaching you the word so that men and women could look up to them and bless them.

Just like the world does.

And no different from any rich business man, entertainer, singer or sports figure.

Falsely using the money and fame of success from the blessings of God.

They judge you on appearance and social status just like the world does.

They teach sermons that promote elitism and favoritism while not considering the poor in spirit, the broken-hearted or the needy.

They even allow some people to buy their way into this church status, which completely goes against what God has done and is doing.

They only pretend to care about the poor when they go on their missions, but really are full of pride, disobedient, and hard of hearing.

All because their heart and trust is not really with God but it's in the world system.

Let's talk about the warning signs of a person who practices elitism.

Elitists will accept you if you believe what they believe, and they want you to believe that they're superior to you or chosen ones.

Elitists don't care about what's fair and right overall, but only care about what makes them look and feel good from popular opinions.

Elitists will try to control you with fear of bad things happening to you and are extremely arrogant in a way that puts you down in a sneaky and sometimes jokingly way.

Elitists will deny you important information to keep you from advancing so they can keep some type of control over you.

Elitists love rumors, gossip and backbiting from other elitists because it helps to keep them feeling like they're important and better than you.

Elitists also love money, expensive things and status symbols and stuff that make them seem more important and yes you guessed it better than you.

Elitism is strong in the world and is the spirit of anti-Christ in the church.

I've seen it first hand the same spirit that's dominant in the world inside church buildings.

Why is this in church?

You should learn how to deal with that stuff in church, not accept it and glorify it.

The life of Jesus demonstrates the complete opposite of the life of an elitist.

Jesus lived to serve and talks about Giving Things Up For The Kingdom Of God, Selling All That You Have For The Kingdom Of God and Losing Your Life For The Kingdom Of God.

Jesus is extremely fair and never used His authority to Lord over anyone even though He is the Lord.

He even turned down the devils offer to rule the world including everybody and everything in it. Matthew 4:9-10

Plus He died an unfair and unjust death in order to save us. John 3:17

He's more than just a chosen one yet He didn't go around proclaiming it and broadcasting it all over the place.

He certainly wasn't into social status and people pleasing.

He simply taught the word of God and healed people.

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