Are You Lacking This Fearless Christ Conscience Mindset?

christ conscience

By: David Hopkins

Wed, Sep 06, 2017

Christ Conscience

If you want to experience the powerful blessings you'll receive from focusing all your attention on Jesus Christ in everything that you do, and on everything He has done for you, and understand why this is the key to total life transformation, abundant living, quick manifestation, wholeness and wellness, then listen to this.

The simple truth is, living a Christ conscience life is about depending on Jesus for everything that you need and desire, according to His word by concentrating on what He said, also what the Bible says about him, and applying it to your everyday life, by the evidence of it coming out of your mouth.

After all Jesus said, from out of the abundance of the heart, the mouth speaks.

Luke 6:45

It's about meditating on the word of God and dividing the truth in the Bible by internalizing important scriptures, both from the old and new testaments through the glorious light of Jesus Christ.

2 Corinthians 4:4

And Jesus said, the light of the body is the eye, so if your eye is single (or focused on the word of God) your whole body will be full of light.

Matt 6:22

Now imagine if you took these concepts and applied them to making Him the center of your life.

That is to say, what if you were serious and focused all your attention on Him and His word?

This is not impossible or as far fetched as you may think.

It only takes effort and proper planning on your part.

It's not foolish to glorify Jesus while taking care of your kids or considering Him while pausing before deciding on making an important decision.

Instead of letting the stresses of life train you in fear, worry and concern, you can consider Jesus and rest in His finished work which He finished since the creation of the world.

Hebrews 4:3,10-11,10-11

The same is true of job stress and making a living.

Corporate bosses expect a great deal and will stress you out about the companies goals and problems.

But you can take time out, take a deep breath or two, glorify Jesus in your thoughts and realize that Jesus is more important, and that He helps you succeed in your career as well.

Your effort and labour is to enter into the rest of the finished work of Jesus by doing what it takes to depend and trust in His word and all He's already done.

1 Peter 5:7

Meditate, pray, fast, give, church, tithe and teach.

The 7 habits of Jesus

It takes focus, concentration and practice.

But not from self effort to depend on your connections or your education or your money or your intelligence or any other influence that is self reliant.

One of the devil's ultimate deceptions is to trick you into believing that everything the world does is important, and that you can squeeze God in at the last minute after giving more attention to the cares of the world and other lusts and desires.

Then, only after the plan doesn't work or you fall into trouble and need His help, only then do you tend to seek Him if at all because you might still walk elsewhere to try and solve your problems yourself.

But what you don't realize is the longer you're out of the word of God and the more attention you give to the cares, the harder it will become to turn back right, because the battle is in the form of beliefs and habits.

It's not about what you think is right or wrong or what you can do to try to make it up to God or anyone else for that matter.

Last second prayers don't work because you didn't focus on building faith in His word to counteract the unbelief of the world.

Deciding to head to church after months of neglecting fellowship will only start you out, it won't fix you up.

If you're not getting the word of God, that's all the devil needs to keep his foot on your neck.

And when you try to stand up, he'll apply more pressure right after he gives you a swift kick and vicious laugh.

Victorious winners are the ones who remain Christ conscience in everything and realize that Jesus is the only reason you have life and can enjoy it, to say the least.

Jesus has given you the power and authority to do amazing miracles, but you're not going to accomplish anything watching every episode of some alien, super hero or zombie based TV series, checking every negative troll post on social media every five minutes or playing violent video games all day.

Jesus should be first and these other desires should be distant after thoughts of your spare time not the other way around like it is right now.

Because Jesus was the one who said, seek the kingdom of God first and all it's righteousness and the rest of your needs and desires will come as a result.

Matt 6:33

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