Change Your Identity In Christ

identity in christ

By: David Hopkins

Wed, Aug 23, 2017

Identity In Christ

Your identity is what determines your behavior.

Not the other way around where it might appear that your behavior determines your identity.

Many people fall for the idea that you are either good or bad based on what you did or didn't do, what you have or don't have, based on how you act or behave.

But according to the word of God this simply just isn't true.

And here's why.

The only way your behavior can determine who you are is if you fall for the deception of the devil.

This is where he wants you to believe that you're unworthy of God's grace and Jesus Christ.

In his attempts of getting you to believe this he'll keep reminding you of the mistakes and hurts that cause you to look and feel horrible, and are against the word of God.

He'll try to convince you that you cannot change as a result of your understanding of life and your wrong behavior that has gone on for far too long despite your best efforts to change them yourself.

Or by telling you that you're too old and stuck in your ways to change.

Or by tricking you into believing that his suggestions are really just your own thoughts.

If he can get you to meditate on painful experiences and these other ideas, he'll get you to confess against yourself and others, this is how he'll continue to defeat you.

He'll also use people in your inner circle to help fuel the world's theories and philosophies that do not agree with the Bible.

1 Peter 5:8

And that's the power he has over you. The influential power of suggestion that's amplified from years of beliefs, confessions and habits that are self-effort and self-occupied ways of understanding the world and are against the word of God.

Philippians 4:8

The Bible says you have the power to cast him and those negative imaginations out of your thought life by lining your meditation up to the obedience of Christ.

2 Corinthians 10:5

And as the Bible proclaims, Jesus died for your sins; past, present and future, considering He died in the past centuries before you were ever born.

1 Corinthians 15:3

Also He died so you may live life without condemnation by virtue of you are no longer under the law, yet you are under the grace and mercy of God.

John 10:10

Renewing the spirit of your mind to the point of subconscious action in the word of God is the key to changing your thoughts, which determine your confession, which in turn determine your identity, and soon thereafter your behavior.

Ephesians 4:23

There are consequences for sin, but sin cannot create unrighteousness in you.

Furthermore, according to the word of God as long as you believe on the Lord Jesus Christ sin is a non-factor.

Galatians 5:13

You'll sin against God, and after you'll get convicted by the Holy Spirit and you may have to pay a price depending on what you've done, but this will not separate you from the Love of God.

Romans 8:39

Unbelief in God's word and especially the Gospel of Jesus Christ is the only matter that can give rise to unrighteousness and negate your salvation.

John 3:18

Meditate And Confess These 2 Verses That Confirm Your Identity In Christ.

The two verses listed below prove that God has already put Jesus Christ in you by His Grace, but it's up to you to meditate and accept that you and Him are one by faith.

Romans 8:10

Philemon 6

In conclusion, real unadulterated change comes from changing your identity of who you believe you are into knowing that you are in Christ and that Christ is in you by meditating in the word of God and building faith in God's Gospel of grace and truth about Jesus Christ your Lord and savior.

Philippians 4:13

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