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online bible study tool

By: David Hopkins

Sun, Jan 07, 2018

Online Bible Study Tool

It's been almost five years since the writing of a brief tutorial about the KJV Simple search Parallel Bible here:

However, since this time there have been many improvements and the development of a hand full of complimentary apps that make Bible reading and studying with the KJV simple search parallel Bible clean, efficient, concise, and fast when used in conjunction with a couple sound research strategies.

This article will explain these techniques in detail and hopefully give you ideas and inspire you to study, read, research and meditate in the Bible effectively on a daily basis with these certified procedures as well.

The KJV simple search parallel Bible offers versatile Bible searches via abbreviated Bible book search parameters or full book names and combinations to get to information quickly and intelligently.

You'll notice immediately how there are no flashing banner ads or ugly obtrusive colors that distract you from the word of God.

No social media links or donation prompts, it's meant solely for the purpose of focusing on the word of God as deeply as humanly possible.

Additionally, There is not a plethora of different Bible versions and translations, only the original KJV translation of the Bible with access to a modern day dictionary and synonym searches for deeper study.

Therefore, you can read the Bible by selecting sets of books, chapters, verses or keywords to navigate through the KJV Bible in a timely manner.

Show the New Testament results in the default search by inputting lowercase or titlecase parameters, likewise you can display the Old Testament by using all capital uppercase letters as your search parameters if needed.

You can even search individual Bible books from the search form at the top of the page with the "search in book" drop down menu.

Parallel Search

Accomplish parallel searches with the pipe parameter. (SHIFT-Backslash)

Matt 19:16-30 | Mark 10:17-31

This allows you to display up to 4 parallels on a single page, or only 2 parallels in a single mobile page adjusting for the smaller screen size.

Moreover, you can do a cross-reference of Jesus' feeding of the five thousand against each other in all four of the Gospels. Matthew, Mark, Luke and John.

Matthew 14:13-21 | Mark 6:30-44 | Luke 9:10-19 | John 6:1-14.

Alternatively, for more advanced and in depth study and meditating, opening multiple simultaneous instances of the KJV simple search parallel Bible website will allow you to research and study quicker and more efficiently in addition to parallel searching.

Sequential Search

You can use shortened book names, and there is no need to repeat them for verse passages with forward slashes.

Matt 5:43-48 / 6:5-8 / Mar 6:19-21 / 7:24-28

You don't need to enter chapter numbers for single-chapter books.

Philemon or 2 John

You can use commas to provide a list of verses from a single chapter, in the conventional manner.

An ellipsis () will show any gaps in the resulting text.

Matt 13:1-3, 24, 31

In conjunction with allowing shortened book names, it also recognizes most common and not so common abbreviations.




Word Searching

Entering a single word search will also give you the definition and list of synonym links for that word at the bottom of the page.


You can also link to the definition directly by inserting #definition to the end of any verse link.

Entering something that isn't a Book reference drops you into a search of the New Testament for a verse containing ALL terms entered.

Grace love

Partial word matches so lov matches love, loved, loving, beloved, and so on.

Grace lov

Adding more search terms will narrow down the search results.

Grace love peace

Entering a search in all capital letters will search the Old Testament instead.


Creating Links

You can link to passages and searches directly.

John 15:1-7

For example, when linking from one of this site's pages, you would use /bible?q=john+15.1-7 for the link.

Spaces become + plus signs, and colons become . periods.

+ and .

Adding #position to the end of any verse link will take you directly to the words and bypass the search box.

From here you don't even need a mouse, you can simply use (TAB) and (SHIFT-TAB) to go back and forth to the next or previous linked Bible text matches.

The KJV simple search parallel Bible is extremely flexible and useful Bible tool for reading, studying researching and referencing the Bible with multifaceted compatibilities from home on your desktop or laptop computer or on the go with your mobile phone or tablet.

Here is an overview summary of all the new and improved benefits and features:

Clean pages that display the Bible text clearly using fast search results with no ads, banners or unnecessary side comments.

Fast text link based navigation that provides clear directional instructions to quickly jump between books, chapters and verses without the use of a mouse on a standard desktop computer.

Accurate and informative Bible book Chapters, verses and word count statistics.

Concise Book by book reading all the way through the Bible with the ability to go back or forward to previous or following books.

Brief verse by verse reading through a single book chapter with the ability to select the context of any verse to display the verses before and after the verse and also going back or forward to the previous or following verses.

Individual word search and dictionary lookup with synonym results for improved understanding of KJV Elizabethan language in addition to quick confirmation of words you already know the meaning of.

Save search results to PDF where you can print, comment, combine, highlight, and share multiple PDFS to access from multiple devices with the appropriate software.

It is available for use at: The KJV Simple Search Parallel Bible website where you might want to bookmark it for daily use.

You can install downloadable apps for studying via browsers and phones.

Available in multiple Google chrome browser extensions including a popup app, a sidebar app, a web app and a Bible verse tagging app.


Great for quick reading and referencing the Bible when you're out and about and have a few minutes or even if you just prefer to read from your phone or tablet.



Great for not wanting to leave your current page, and also needing to get quick and accurate Bible verses.


Great for conventional daily Bible reading and studying.


Great for not wanting to leave your current page, and also needing to get quick and accurate Bible verses with side by side comparison study, also has a keyboard shortcut to use without a mouse for faster navigation.


Great for tagging Bible verses on any website that does not have a reference with the ability to navigate through the verses as well.

Sorry, there is no Iphone APP at the moment, however if you are an Iphone user and you save the website shortcut to the Iphone home screen it will act just like an APP from the apple APP store when you open it.

Besides, if you find value in using these tools for Bible reading and studying or have questions and ideas on how to improve them, please feel free to elaborate.

This year we added a 12 month Bible reading plan to compliment the 6 month plan.

As understood that the 6 month plan is too aggressive for novices and beginners.

It's a 10 to 15 minute read based on a 200 word per minute calculation.

Even though considered around average to below average reading speed, it makes for a good balance for divising reading plans.

What's next, maybe a plan that starts with a low word count and then gradually increases throughout the year with the idea that this will help more people build consistency in reading the Bible everyday which of course is the ultimate purpose and goal of this group.

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