Do You Pray Problems More Than You Pray Answers?

pray the answer

By: David Hopkins

Wed, Apr 10, 2013

Pray The Answer

Do you talk about bad behavior, problems or what's lacking in your or someone else's life when you pray?

And do you think and worry about the same type of stuff throughout the day?

If so then, why do you do that?

Is it because you hope by focusing on what's wrong and complaining to God about it, He will act on your behalf?

Or maybe it's because you believe if you beg God enough He will do what you ask Him to do.

If so, I'm here to tell you that it won't work.

And it's not because God doesn't care about your issues.

But because you're failing to obey His word when it comes to dealing with these matters.

First of all, the Jesus said, God already knows what things you need before you pray. Matthew 6:8.

So if you really want to get out of trouble you need to focus on His good word.

And second Jesus said whatever you ask the father believing you shall receive. Matthew 21:22.

Not whatever you complain, worry and cry about to the father you shall relieve.

And third, yes I know that's the type of stuff that works in the world system.

People always complain to the boss, kiss up, and throw each other under the bus to get noticed and get ahead.

But Gods plan is the complete opposite.

It's imperative to focus on the goodness of God to succeed in His system.

Therefore our battle is against all forms of negativity.

You should think good things about God, other people and yourself.

It doesn't matter what they've done or what you've done or what they have or what you don't have.

This is the easiest strategy the devil uses to steal blessings from you.

By attacking your faith through negative thoughts and words that lead to actions.

So now it's time for you to get angry and fight back using the word of God.

The Bible says pray without stopping. Thessalonians 5:17.

So put yourself in a state of constant prayer by speaking the word of God in the midst of everything.

Tell people what you believe according to the word of God.

Let the word of God come out of your mouth in all conversations.

And don't worry about who you might offend.

Jesus said if you abide in me and my words abide in you, you can ask what you will and it shall be done for you. John 15:7.

Stop speaking your own words and starting speaking more of the word of God.

God says, let us plead together declare thou that thou mayest be justified. Isaiah 43:26.

God also says, His word shall not return unto Him void (or empty) but it will carry out what He sent it to do. Isaiah 55:11.

Agree with God by returning His word back to Him.

The Bible says that the effectual fervent prayer of a righteous man avails much. James 5:16.

Which means you don't have to chase people, money, fame, power or desires.

Because the word of God offers a single solution.

Seek the kingdom of God first and all the things that you need (and want) will be given to you, like Jesus said. Matthew 6:33.

Meditate and confess the word of God everyday more than you do the other stuff and in time you will see it clearly for yourself.

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Khumbulani 24 Nov 2013

Oh thank you my lord for this,i was serious in need to

hear ths it so powerful mmm it time to fight back with

a word of god.

Maria 11 Apr 2013

This is great stuff. god's timing is always the

'perfect timing' i needed to read this today for

encouragement, strengthening and confirmation.

earlier today decided to start memorizing scripture

again...your article fit perfectly with my personal

conviction today :) god bless you!

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