Are You Choosing The Good Part Of Serving The Lord?

serving the lord

By: David Hopkins

Wed, Sep 10, 2008

Serving The Lord

If you want to know the easiest, most beneficial way there is for serving the lord that doesn't require any strenuous mental or physical work unlike the way most people think they need to do in order to get ahead in life, then listen to this.

Martha and Mary were very close sisters who had two very different views about serving the lord.

One day when Jesus was with them Martha was busy serving food while Mary sat by the feet of Jesus listening to His word (Luke 10:38-42).

Then Martha got upset at her sister for not helping, and furiously asked Jesus to tell Mary to get up and help her instead of just sitting there.

Jesus told her that she was full of cares and troubled about many things but only one part was needed and Mary had chosen that good part.

Just like Martha, sometimes, we can be too busy to listen to God.

She may have did most of the work but her mind was not where it should have been.

She was troubled, she was worried and she was disturbed.

She was stressing and thinking about how much work she was doing which was more than her sister.

She was getting more and more frustrated and upset while she was working.

She wasn't really listening to what Jesus was saying even though she was serving the lord and other people food.

For example, have you ever experienced something like this?

You're trying to hurry up and pay a bill on time before the place closes and they cut off your utility and there is someone steady trying to talk to you about something else.

How much of what they said do you understand? Do you understand what they said at all? Do you even care?

Probably not.

Because, when you're worried about something it's rather difficult to listen and understand people when they're talking to you.

Therefore if God is trying to tell you something but you're to busy worrying about other things you'll most likely miss what He is saying about your situation.

Now, Mary sat and listened to what Jesus said.

She wasn't busy making sure that food was being served.

She wasn't comparing herself to her sister or competing against her sister or even worrying with her sister.

Mary sat and listened to what Jesus was saying so she didn't miss it and could learn to live the way God wants us to live.

Think about this.

If you spend time with other people so you can get to know them.

How important is it that you spend time with God?

How are you really going to get to know Him if you don't spend any time with Him?

Therefore, you should create a time with the Lord so that you can get to know Him more.

You need to read the inspired Word of God. Everything in the Bible accurately tells of Him and what He's done, is doing, and will do for you.

If you're tired of worry and don't want to miss out on the good part of serving the lord, then spend time with God and His Word everyday and learn why you should be Serving God The 3 Ways Jesus Told You To and how to Serve God The Three Ways He Created You To.

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