Are You Committing This Devastating Sin Of Unbelief?

sin of unbelief

By: David Hopkins

Wed, Sep 13, 2017

Sin Of Unbelief

There is only one sin that can keep a person from going to heaven and even cause that person to spend eternity in pain and suffering in hell.

And it's not a murder or any of the other ten commandments.

Although you could spend the rest of your mortal life here on earth in jail, which does not compare to spending eternity burning and suffering in hell.

It's also not the sin of unbelief in Jesus Christ, which I've heard some Christians proclaim.

Because you can disbelieve in Jesus and then later gain conversion by the word of God like the apostle Paul did when he admitted that he persecuted the early Christians out of unbelief after the death of Jesus.

1 Timothy 1:12-14

I heard another person say it is the sin of not walking in love which is the greatest commandment of God.

But it can't be that either because a born again Christian can fail to continue to renew their mind and live like hell on earth from selfishness or other tricks of the devil and still gain acceptance into heaven when that person dies.

So what is it then?

It's the ultimate sin of rejecting the Holy spirit, who is pushing us to accept Jesus Christ as our Lord and Savior by showing and explaining the word of God to us.

Even working through pastors, church members and Christians as well as within us by teaching us and convicting us when we construct terrible decisions.

Jesus said that all other sins and blasphemies against Him and the father they forgave, but the sin of blasphemy against the Holy spirit is not forgiven.

Matt 12:31-32

There is also an article on a popular Christian website that says the unforgivable sin is no longer blasphemy against the Holy spirit because Jesus is no longer living on earth in a physical body.

They argue that since Jesus is no longer here that no one can blaspheme or reject the Holy Spirit based off Jesus saying what He said in person, as He was speaking about the Pharisees who said that He cast out demons by the prince of demons.

But yet Jesus said He's given us more power and authority to do greater works than He did, including casting out more devils than He did.

John 14:12

So the issue with them giving the devil credit for God's power is exactly as Jesus said, blasphemy, sin and rejection of the Holy Spirit.

That comes in the form of a hardened heart or reprobate mind and not from ignorance or lack of knowledge.

Jesus said that, accusing Him of casting out demons in the name of the devil doesn't make any sense because how could the devils kingdom stand if he kept sabotaging himself.

Matt 12:26

As far as rejecting the Holy Spirit, some irrational atheists comes to mind as some of them attack God, Jesus and the word of God to the point of no return.

They also tend to believe in evolution and do not believe that we are spiritual beings, but only reference the fleshy part of humans.

Some also try to explain every miracle from God as an natural scientific event and thereby make the same mistake as the Pharisees did, reject and commit blasphemy against the Holy Spirit.

Believe it or not there are open devil worshippers who believe that Satan is the true god and that God and Jesus are evil.

Also, I've met homosexuals who reject the Holy Spirit to defend their lifestyle.

As well as a homosexual with those tendencies who chooses to listen to the Holy spirit, not to say that this person has never slipped up, but I can say that they're filled with the Holy Spirit in their struggle.

Which means that not only is it possible to commit blasphemy against the Holy Spirit today, it's much more prevalent.

It seems too simple that all you need for salvation from hell is just believe in and accept Jesus into your life as your saviour, right?

But that's true because unfortunately the act of believing is not an insignificant matter as some would like you to think.

But the marvelous news is it only has to happen once.

It takes the act of recognizing the Holy Spirit and consideration in the word of God to believe and accept Jesus as your Lord and savior.

Someone will explain the truth to you and you must recognize that it is true by obeying the Holy Spirit who is within us all.

Then you obtain eternal salvation by accepting Jesus and continue renewing your mind in the word of God so you will not live double minded, where the devil keeps tripping you up.

And of course you will endure plenty of mistakes when you first start out as a new Christian, but if you do not separate yourself from the world you'll continue to produce the same mistakes that you created before you received born again status, even as a aged veteran.

But no need to worry, you haven't rejected the Holy Spirit unless you're flat out against, Jesus the Bible and God.

And find yourself speaking evil and plotting against them on a regular basis like the Pharisees did as a lifestyle choice.

Which also let's us know that this behavior is also in Christian churches, as we know there are plenty of churches that do not teach Jesus as saviour or even teach from the Bible at all.

Some churches believe that speaking in tongues is not a gift of the Holy Spirit.

But those are all topics for another day.

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