Are You Working To Rest In The Finished Work of Jesus?

working to rest

By: David Hopkins

Wed, Jan 10, 2018

Working To Rest

What does it mean to labour, or work to rest?

The terms "labour to rest" and "work to rest" might sound like oxymorons or contradictions, nonetheless let's examine what the Bible says about these sayings, and what they mean, and how you can benefit from a greater understanding of them.

The strategy is simple, yet it appears that some Christians (with opposition from the enemy, of course) believe it's more complicated than it actually is.

Read, study and meditate in the Bible all day to assist yourself in believing everything written in it, versus what it looks like in the physical realm.

Spend more time learning the Word of God to believe it wholeheartedly, as opposed to the entertainment and distractions of the world.

Risk persecution from your family, friends, unbelievers and the enemy in order to put God first by meditating on the Bible everyday.

Take your thoughts and feelings out of the center and put Jesus in the center equation by meditating on His Words and spending as much time learning, reciting and repeating them as much as possible.

Focus on the Word of God until you have a breakthrough of supernatural proportion.

Now, if that isn't considered work, then what is?

But if you noticed, it's not physical work at all, it's mental work.

It's not simple minded work.

Give maximum attention to the word of God, even when you're not holding a Bible in your hand, and even when you're not at church.

The Bible says, how long will the simple ones love simplicity?

Proverbs 1:22

It's working long hours meditating to believe what Jesus already did two thousand years ago on the cross, moreover who He already said you are, and what He's given you the authority to do.

Also, casting down imaginations, and bringing every idle thought to the obedience of the Word of God.

Not conforming to the world, but transforming yourself by the renewing of your mind in the Word of God.

Working to rest in the finished works of Jesus that He finished from the foundation of the world.

Wrestling against principalities and spiritual wickedness in dark places, and not against flesh and blood.

Trusting in the word of God against what it feels like according to your five senses by remaining in peace regardless of circumstances.

Understanding the word of God to the point where you're no longer offended by anything!!!

Psalms 119:165

James said I will show you my faith by my work.

James 2:18

It takes work to acquire faith, and then the work you do according to your faith proves it.

This is a constant, never ending battle that always needs serious attention!!!

Because the devil lurks about day and night looking for people who he can use and destroy.

Jesus said it Himself, that He already gave you rest for your soul, and you can receive it by learning of Him.

Matthew 11:28-29

The Bible says labour to enter into rest unless you later find yourself an example of unbelief.

Hebrews 4:11

Therefore labouring to rest is about building faith in the Word of God.

And without faith it is impossible to please God.

Hebrews 11:6

The simple fact is, the message is all over the Bible, in every book of the Bible, in every form for any learning style, and for anyone to repeat and learn to the point of understanding and resting in the finished work of Jesus.

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