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Do You Know The Ironic Biblical Fasting Secret Of This Poor Broke Widowed Woman?

biblical fasting

By: David Hopkins

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If you want to know how a extremely broke and poor widowed woman ironically used the often misunderstood biblical fasting technique of giving to the poor, to receive more blessings than the people who gave more for the poor than she did, then listen to this.

In Isaiah 58:7 God talks very specifically about the three things you should be focusing on while fasting which please Him by helping out the less fortunate as much as you possibly can by faith.

He says you should...

#1 Give bread to the hungry

#2 Give shelter to the poor

#3 Give clothes to the naked

He then goes on to say that you should't be hiding from your own flesh, meaning you should be at church or at a donation center or somewhere making sure this stuff gets done as apposed to Hiding from people at home watching the clock, shaking, and worrying about when your fast will end so you can pig out.

Now, I don't know your financial situation or what you can afford to give to the poor but it doesn't matter because whatever you give for the good of the kingdom of God He will give back to you and more so you can give even more.

Because no one can out give God.

But listen, whether you're rich or barely making it you have to work your way up the scale in faith in order to give a lot which is a measurement of what you have and not how much you have like Jesus demonstrated in Luke 21:1-4, Mark 12:41.

Where the poor widow gave all that she had which wasn't much but Jesus considered it to be more than what the other people gave which was a lot because they still had a lot more than that leftover.

And ironically for the poor lonely widowed woman, this was for the relief of the poor.

Jesus was the speaker so I think it's save to assume the money was definitely being raised for the relief of the poor and besides that, right before He told the disciples about how the widow gave all that she had He mentioned how the scribes devoured widows houses.

So what happens when the least fortunate of all gives everything they have for the well being of the less fortunate?

If you said they'll touch the heart of God the most and receive an immense amount of beyond compare blessings, you're probably right.

In the worlds way of doing things the less you have, the more you need, which equals the less you should give, but in the kingdom of God system the less you have, the more you need, equals the more you should give, which equals the more you'll get back.

This is part of the faith based system God is trying to get you to understand.

Because as always nothing works in the kingdom of God without faith.

And faith needs to be practiced.

Therefore I am inclined to believe that the poor broke widowed woman who gave all that she had about two mites which in modern society equals about 1/64th of a days wages according to was praying and fasting and was led up by the spirit to give all that she had and Jesus just happened to be there to witness it after He preached the gospel.

And that's not even considering the fact that she probably had kids to feed and could've used that money to buy bread for the family.

I know that sounds controversial because that's not what the Bible said but think about it.

If you was down to your last five dollars and you didn't know where, how or even when you'll get some more money would you give your last five dollars for the ministry to feed the poor especially since you're the poorest one in town with a family to feed?

Or maybe I should've asked do you know what it feels like or what it takes to be led up by the spirit to do something that goes against traditional ways of thinking?

Like when Jesus was led up by the spirit to fast for forty days without food and water.

And like I was led by the spirit to write this article and coincidentally I've been fasting as well.

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