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Are You Missing What It Takes To Resist Sin?

resist sin

By: David Hopkins

Sat, Feb 26, 2005

Resist Sin

I don't care how much you go to church or read your bible sometimes no matter how hard you try to resist sinning you end up finding yourself giving in to it anyway.

I know first hand because this has happen to me on countless occasions. I've found myself getting frustrated and even questioning my own salvation.

One time I even tried to give up, of course, the Lord brought me back to repentance, but the point is I didn't know what was missing from my life that could help me stay on the right track for good.

Jesus said to His disciples.

Matthew 26:41 "Watch and pray, that ye enter not into temptation: the spirit indeed is willing, but the flesh is weak."

But sometimes deep in your heart you feel the need to do more than just pray. Perhaps because you feel that your prayers are falling on deaf ears. You try to put your finger on what's missing but just can't seem to understand what it is.

Well I'm here to tell you that missing element in your prayer life is fasting.

Yes, fasting in combination with prayer will help to bring about the true repentance and a humbleness of spirit that you need and seek.

By fasting, you are able to turn fully toward the Lord in your hour of great need.

Do you have times that make you feel the need to seek the face of the Lord in a stronger more, profound way? In your darkest hour do you even know what your greatest need is?

Fasting and praying brings the Lord's comfort and the prayers you pray while fasting get surprisingly faster answers.

There is absolutely no debate Jesus expects us to fast.

Matthew 6:16 "Moreover when ye fast, be not, as the hypocrites, of a sad countenance: for they disfigure their faces, that they may appear unto men to fast. Verily I say unto you, They have their reward."

When one is crying out to the Lord with all of their heart and soul, it can do no less than touch the heart of the very Lord we pray to because fasting is the truest form of prayer.

Which type of prayer do you think God desires to hear? The gut wrenching, deeply sobbing passionate type that comes from a real heart full of sincerity, or the off handed casual prayer?

The self denial of physical needs, for a period of spiritual fasting is the key to producing deep spiritual growth because a person can get in touch with their inner self when they sacrifice their bodies physical need for food.

Serious prayer requires deep concentrated effort on the part of an obedient servant and that's why when a person concentrates their thoughts on the Lord rather than on food God's will and desires become known to them in a supernatural, profound way.

A person desiring to use the gifts of God with more Holy Spirit power and authority should fast, pray and get as deeply into the Word of God as possible. Eat His Word instead of food. Spiritual Fasting can bring great joy and blessings to your life.

Acts 13:2-3 "While they were worshiping the Lord and fasting, the Holy Spirit said, "Set apart for me Barnabas and Saul for the work to which I have called them. So after they had fasted and prayed, they placed their hands on them and sent them off."

Fasting also enables a person to resist the devil. Sometimes temptations become overwhelming and the only way to fight them is to go into a Spiritual Fast with heavy prayer.

Especially if you tried regular praying and still find yourself giving in to temptation.

What is the right reason to fast? Fasting should always be for spiritual purposes. The early church fasted, worshipped and prayed. That is the key to fasting. It should be a voluntary, private, worshipful and prayerful time between you and our Heavenly Father.

What's a bad fast? When you fast for the wrong reason or the wrong attitude in your heart. Whatever you plan to do, the main thing is to keep your mind upon spiritual growth.

I've personally experienced the greatest spiritual growth in my life when I fasted.

My favorite fast is a 7am-3pm fast in which I pray and read my bible for one hour during my regular lunch time.

This fast has helped me to stay focused on God's word and keep His commandments and not give in to the temptations of the devil.

When I do this fast I usually go 40 days in honor of Jesus' fast in the wilderness.

Matthew 4:1-2 Then was Jesus led up of the Spirit into the wilderness to be tempted of the devil. And when he had fasted forty days and forty nights, he was afterward an hungred.

It is interesting to note that The Heavenly Man (Christian Book of the Year for 2003) contains the account of how Brother Yun in China endured a total fast (i.e. no food, no water) for 75 days. This sounds impossible but surely, with God, all things are possible.

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Victor 23 Dec 2007

This is some good stuff keep up the great work

Melissa 04 Jan 2009

Praise god for the work he is doing in you. i am quite
new to fasting i have been a christian for about 6
years now. i am going through a period of fasting and
your writing is very helpful to me. thanks and keep it
up. may the lord bless you in your work with him.

Tony 06 Feb 2009

Praise the lord, i have fast , but that a while back.
now i am ready to do it again, i believe with my whole
heart that the lord will may me successful, during this
time period. in jesus name amen.

Mary 04 Jun 2010

I am in deep sin, i just suddently didn't care anymore
and wanted to do what i wanted. i feel numb, i want to
find god and again, i am weak when it comes to
temptaion and have been giving in. i fear for my soul,
i don't know how to truly find god and stay there with
him. i need prayer, i want to be clean again. can
someone help me or give me good advice? i am sinking..

Michael 23 Mar 2011

I have been giving into sin, i was about to befor i
found this web site.i have been lacking. i have never
fasted befor and i think the lord wants me to. in the
mist of our church revivle i find myself unable to turn
from sin, i will do this for the lord. pray for
strength for me. your brother in chist

Angel 02 Apr 2011

I have been fasting for the last 24 days, resisting
sin..praying and talking to god.. acknowleding very
well my weak point, and fully aware of the sin i was
about to commit, nothing stopped me.i even was praying
while i was sinning!!! i couldn't control it. why?
until when???? how can i just stop hurting the pirit in

Freedson 21 Sep 2011

Glory to be god.

please pray for me.

Christopher 27 Nov 2011

Angel, be patient with yourself. part of your struggle
might be an illustration of how much you need god.
would you still seek him with the same fervor if you
conquered your inefficiencies? we must stop trying to
twist god's arm into operating according to our time
clock. keep praying, witnessing, reading and fasting;
also remember to serve others but most importantly,
have faith!!

Angel 27 Nov 2011

Christopher, thank you for your concern. i am
struggling in deed. my faith is strong, yet i sometimes
hear those voices that tell me i dont have engh faith,
and that it i'm just blinded.. i need god and i wanna
serve him with everything i hve got. i would seek him
with all i got christopher.. i sometimes feel i am
twisting god's arm.. and time for me was never on my
side. i pray, i shall fast and read more, as a lot og=f
things in daily routine leave no time to read.. i serve
others.. its all so new for me after 11 yrs of seeking,
its my second year that i have found what i was seeking
for.. it was delivered. and i am most gratefull...
thanking god always for his blessings.

Christopher 27 Nov 2011

Do you think that god would suffer the indignation, the
terror and the pain of the cross for you, only to
consider you a "bother" now? don't you know that jesus
would willingly and lovingly go through everything he
did at calvary for you, even if you were the only
sinner in the world? do you think that anything you do
or did came as a surprise to god who sees the future as
if it were yesterday? he llooovvvveeesss you, angel,
more than your mind can comprehend! also, the word is
your sword! you must make time for daily study and
meditation of god's word or you are doomed to fail. how
can you battle the enemy without your sword? examine
your life or ask god to show you how you can use your
time wiser and expect him to answer. remember;all time
is god's time! god bless you!

Christopher 27 Nov 2011

God's character is revealed in his word. remember the 2
disciples on the road to emmaus? their backs was to
jerusalem; they were despondent and walking away from
god. when christ walked with them, whom they did not
recognize, how did jesus choose to reveal himself to
them? through the scriptures! the bible says jesus
showed them himself by revealing incredible truths in
the old testament from genesis to malachi in what was
most certainly the greatest bible study ever.
eventually, the disciples recognized jesus! read a few
pages, starting from genesis; only this time, ask god
to reveal himself and thank him, then read with
expectation! you will not be the same! you will fall in
love with jesus again and the sins that bothered you
will fade away! god bless you!

Christopher 27 Nov 2011

Mary, i pray that by now you've responded to christ's
loving pleadings to return to him. we must all remember
that all things were made by god. everything that could
possibly turn your heart from god is nothing more than
something he made! embrace this truth! god is the
source of all things! judas, saul, balaam, achan and
solomon all failed the lord not because they sinned,
but because they failed to turn to him with their sin!
adam ran and hid from god, the one who truly understood
what he was going through and could help him; don't
make that mistake. no matter what you done or how you
feel, tell god! be honest with him; he knows the truth
anyway! "lord, my heart is cold and a part of me wants
to stay in my sin" tell god; he knows how you are
feeling! let him solve your problem. he delights in
healing his children!

Jane 19 Jan 2012

Hi praise can someone tell if they have the
right attitude in their heart when starting to fast?and
if during the fast one forgets and eats something is
the fast broken or should one continue?

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