Are You A Backslider Who's Sick Of Backsliding?


By: David Hopkins

Wed, Jun 22, 2005


If you're a backslider you need to know what causes you to backslide. If you don't, do you at least know how to get back right with God? But most importantly, how to prevent yourself from backsliding in the first place? If not, you'll discover the answers to those all important questions in this article.

Which Type Of Backslider Are You?

According to Jesus in one of His famous parables there are three ways a person can backslide. (Mark 4:3-20).

Seed that falls by the wayside, seed that falls on stony ground, and seed that falls among thorns.

Seed that falls by the wayside is the word of God that you get but don't understand. The devil comes immediately causing you to forget. Then you go back to what you're used to doing and you backslide.

Seed that falls on stony ground is the word of God that you get and understand but it's not rooted inside you. So when the devil comes with hard times you can't handle it. This offends you, so you get mad and backslide.

Seed that falls among thorns is the word of God mixed in with the cares of this world, pursuit of riches, and other lusts. This chokes the word before it can produce and you go back to doing what the world does, give up and backslide.

How To Turn Back From Backsliding

A backslider is a Christian who withdraws him or herself away from devotion to God and His word to go back under the control of a self-pleasing spirit.

"The backslider in heart shall be filled with his own ways..." (Proverbs 14:14).

This occurs when fear somehow replaces the faith you have in God. It then causes you to run away from the spirit of God back into the sinful world of the flesh to satisfy your doubt and unbelief.

This means you must be careful not to mix yourself up with former sins and addictions like you did in the past. But if you do there will come a time when you regret it. Your soul will long to be back depending on the Lord your God for direction and guidance. You may even be experiencing these feelings right now as you're reading this article. But don't worry.

God said, "Return, ye backsliding children, and I will heal your backslidings..." (Jeremiah 3:22).

So how do you return to God? "Repent ye therefore, and be converted, that your sins may be blotted out, when the times of refreshing shall come from the presence of the Lord." (Acts 3:19). Therefore repent, get back into the word, and let God blot out your sins. It's that simple. Just pray and ask God to forgive you and clean you up.

What Backslider Prevention Technique?

Right before telling another one of His famous parables Jesus said, "That men ought always to pray, and not to faint." (Luke 18:1)

The keyword in that sentence is the word faint. This is just another way of saying backslide. Jesus is talking about "praying without ceasing" or stopping. (1 Thessalonians 5:17). You should do this instead of giving up and backsliding.

The parable goes on to explain how a wicked judge who had no regard for God avenged a widow even though he could care less whether justice was done for her or not. Yet He avenged her because she showed initiative, was persistent, didn't give up and kept asking him. Because of this he said in his heart "Yet because this widow troubleth me, I will avenge her, lest by her continual coming she weary me."

The point of the parable is if a wicked judge avenges a widow simply on the basis of her continual asking, "shall not God avenge his own elect, which cry day and night unto him, though he bear long with them?" The answer of course is an astounding YES! So don't forget to keep praying to God without giving up until He gives you whatever you ask Him to do for you.

For example: if the devil steals some word from you, or if hard times come, or even if you love money and sex a little bit too much you can keep praying to God to deliver you from whatever it is that causes you to backslide. Don't be afraid because eventually He will heal you of your backsliding and you will be free. So don't ever give up on praying to God no matter how you feel or how bad your situation looks.

In conclusion, it is also extremely important that you continue to pray after God has forgiven you, and cleanses you and when you are in good standings with Him. Because Jesus said, "Watch and pray, that ye enter not into temptation: the spirit indeed is willing, but the flesh is weak." (Matthew 26:41).

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There are 458 comments and 30 readers

Victor 23 Dec 2007

Just good teaching that you can understand apply to

your own life and teach others

Corrina 08 May 2008

This morning, after recommiting my life to the lord, i

did a search on backsliding. shortly after i came

across your page. i just wanted to thank you for

helping me to understand what's happening a little

better. i have been backslidden for over a decade now,

and i so long to return to god. i am struggling with

the doubts (as usual) that god will take me back. your

article was almost like god was speaking to me


Marilyn 06 Nov 2008

Thank you for this. it's funny that you posted this

today. like corrina, i just googled backsliding and i

was about to give up with no answer but i made one more

look... i have been saved for over 2 years and already

backslidden once, it was horrible. i felt myself

withdrawing from him again but have no one to go to. my

church home is broken. but i can pray. i haven't been

praying for about a week now. anyway, thank you.

Ryan 24 Mar 2009

I think if you are someone like me, reading this

article on backsliding because you believe that you

have turned away from the lord yet again and may not be

worthy of forgiveness, than you can be comforted in the

fact in your heart you realize that you have turned

away from him but that his forgiveness is infinitely

larger than our capacity to stray! praise be to god who

loves us beyond understanding.

Clay 09 Jul 2009

For the past few years i have been saved over and over

but backslide everytime, i will try my hardest this

time not to backslide, thanks for the article.

Dane 18 Jul 2009

Wow.....unbelieveable....i was looking for hope for my

backslidden ways and was hoping that god would take me

back, somehow, but wasnt sure until i read your

article....and as marilyn said it is funny it was today

because i never looked at the date this article was

written until i have read the whole thing and then

looked back to see what date it!..... god

is definitely using you to help others in their

backslidden state who want to return....thank you so


Donna 01 Sep 2009

Hi corrina!

through reading your comment i knew that god was

beginning to work a newness in me. i personally, have

been a backslidder for almost nine years and i thought

how could a god that i desserted want me back? thanks

Donna 01 Sep 2009

Thanks corrina!

your post has helped me in ways you have no idea! god

is love and he is real. i too, have a backslidden past

of nine years/ ten and god had you post your message

straight for me!

Jay 05 Oct 2009, i decided just his weekend that i wanted to

stop backsliding. i miss my relationship with god but

yet i feel so seperated from him. the funny thing is

that when u fall back in just one sin, u commit many.

this article is something that i needed and god led me

to this website. god bless.

Donna 06 Oct 2009

Jay, just hang in there! as you have read above we are

all sailing in the same boat. god is a forgiving god

and he alone will reunite you with his holy spirit. in

my trial i have felt seperated as yourself. on the

otherhand little by little through obedience god is

allowing me to feel his presence once again. i'm sure

he's there for you as well. study his word and ask for

his understanding and he'll show up! may god bless you!

Jay 06 Oct 2009

Thanks donna for your words of kindess and truth. i am

going to if i have to but i am determined to

get back on the right path. i know the way and i know

that none of us are perfect but we have to keep

striving. we have to live for god because he died for

us. thanks again

Donna 06 Oct 2009

Jay, blessed is the man who trust in the lord, whose

confidence is in him. jeremiah 17:17

i know god is with us, we just have to prove that we

are sincere and be doers of his word. you continue to

be strong as well as i'm doing the same, and i know

that we will once again be renewed through his spirit.

god bless you

Henry 18 Dec 2009

I've backslided for over 7 years and i haven't felt the

same since..thank you for the posts, they have really

helped me get back on track. i have alot of praying to

do..thanks again

god bless you all

Cheri 03 Apr 2010

Wow!!!!!!! the lord works in mysterious ways, doesn't

he? today is my 38th birthday! i have been feeling

truly backslidden for a while now in regards to some

stories i have written and some things that i have said

and did that have made me feel very inferior.

thank you for giving us this site to read. god bless

you all on getting back right with the lord. *hugs* to

you all and happy easter!

Jonas 18 Apr 2010

Too many websites talk about how to serve god like this

but few are giving practical examples like yours

..thats why i like it...somehow. i have gone thru many

searches..i have to settle here for now and keep


i'm a backslider i want to go back home. i'm a kind of

bitter right now

Queana 19 Apr 2010

Recently i fell into the sin of adultery. i have been

married going on 9 years, i left my church just this

week where i was ordained. i feel like such a hypocrit,

what kind of reverend am i. i know god is married to a

backslider and is forgiving, i just can't forgive

myself. after i committed the sin of adultery, i found

myself drinking, and now i listen to secular music

again. i don't know how i allowed myself to get here.

pray for me please

Donna 20 Apr 2010

Dear queana,

first and foremost, there is none perfect, but the

father. when the woman at the well confessed her sins

to jesus he forgave her and told her to sin no

more...the men who wanted to condemn her, jesus stated

to them "he who is without sin be the first to cast the

stone." god is a merciful god and he is a forgiving


Queana 20 Apr 2010

Thank you for the words of encouragement donna. just

continue to pray my strength in the lord, because right

now i don't have any.

Edmund thabiso 30 Apr 2010

Please pray for me as i keep backsliding, the lust of

the need help

Jay 13 May 2010

I was a professed believer that wilfully sinned for

many years. humbers15:22-21, hebrews 6:4-6,10:26-31,

1pet 2:20-21, 1john 5:16-18. those verses seem to

diqualify me, no matter hoe right i want to be made

right with god

Donovan 16 May 2010

For jay and everyone!!

passage romans 8:31-40:

nothing can separate us from god’s love

31 what shall we say about such wonderful things as

these? if god is for us, who can ever be against us? 32

since he did not spare even his own son but gave him up

for us all, won’t he also give us everything else? 33

who dares accuse us whom god has chosen for his own? no

one—for god himself has given us right standing with


Donovan 16 May 2010

34 who then will condemn us? no one—for christ jesus

died for us and was raised to life for us, and he is

sitting in the place of honor at god’s right hand,

pleading for us.

35 can anything ever separate us from christ’s love?

does it mean he no longer loves us if we have trouble

or calamity, or are persecuted, or hungry, or

destitute, or in danger, or threatened with death? 36

(as the scriptures say, “for your sake we are killed

every day; we are being slaughtered like sheep

Donovan 16 May 2010

37 no, despite all these things, overwhelming victory

is ours through christ, who loved us.

Donovan 16 May 2010

38 and i am convinced that nothing can ever

separate us from god’s love. neither death nor life,

neither angels nor demons,[b] neither our fears for

today nor our worries about tomorrow—not even the

powers of hell can separate us from god’s love. 39 no

power in the sky above or in the earth below—indeed,

nothing in all creation will ever be able to separate

us from the love of god that is revealed in christ

jesus our lord.


John 20 May 2010

I've been separated from my wife for almost 2yrs now.

during this time i started talking to a woman on

facebook, long story short i slept with her and now she

says she is pregnant with twins of mine. i've been

sober since then (7 days as of today) and have asked

forgiveness to god. i just get so overwhelmed and don't

know what to do. i'm scared to tell my wife this

because i'm afraid it'll deal the final blow to my

marriage. i don't love this woman that is pregnant.

John 20 May 2010

Sorry the 500 char limit cut me off. i was saved years

ago but fell away from god. just don't know what to do

and appreciate any prayers/advice.

Corey 27 May 2010

Im 34 and been backslidden after leaving bible school

when i was 19.fell into a bikie gang and drugs,getting

tattooed,jail etc,etc.thought god had ditched me but

thanks to this website i know he hasnt.first time ive

felt his presence in a long time.thankfully he thinks

more of me than i do.thanks guys!

Kurt 04 Jun 2010

I'm surprised with this article just like corinna that

it was written today. just as i was thinking of

backsliding again this article came up when i

googled.thank you for sharing the different causes of

backsliding.after knowing this, now i know how to

addresss this problem and possibly to stop from

backsliding again.

Jeff 09 Jun 2010

Wow, i am with everyone eles i can't beleive that this

was written today!!!!

i am tired, so very tired of being a hypocrite and

backslider. but how you you seperate yourself from the

person that you are in the backsliding with. without

hurting them or destroying the relationship?

Sophia 21 Jun 2010

Thank you! i have been backslidden for two years. and i

felt i wasn't worthy of god anymore. today though we

had someone come out to fix something in our yard. the

guy happened to know a lot about the bible and started

talking about it. at this point i didn't think i could

return to god. but right after he left i did a search

and your article came up first! it was written the the

day i needed it the most! thank you so much. i wrote

more but its too long.

Sophia 21 Jun 2010

Wow thank you donovan! i too like jay was afraid that i

had willfully sinned. i struggled with hebrews 10:26-29

for so long. i had cried because i thought i was

hopelessly lost. i know now that i am not lost. to jay

there is hope don't stop believing in god's


thank you donovan!

Malihe 30 Jun 2010

Amazing. this was written today! ive been praying

everyday for about a week. it's a record for me in

years and god answered my prayers with your post. thank

you, it is refreshing to know that god's love will

absolutely never separate us from anything. i got saved

10 years ago. for past 5 years, ive been backsilding

but i could feel that jesus is leading me back to him.

thank you. god bless

Pete 19 Jul 2010

I've been backslidden for 25 years now, last month my

lovely wife died at age 40. i left the house for only a

moment to get food came back, she was gone. she was

actively searching for the lord but don't know if she

got saved. i'm broken hearted, filled with guilt. i’m

not sure what to live for now but i’ve asked jesus to

forgive me. i’m not sure if he’s tired of me running to

him only when in trouble. please pray for me, ask the

lord to have mercy on my wife. thanks.

Pete 19 Jul 2010

Queana, i think i originally backslid because of guilt

(i was having sex out of wedlock) instead of just

asking for forgiveness and going back to the lord, i

just started to get worse doing more sin, having more

guilt, forgetting jesus. now after my situation, i have

a lot of doubt but hopefully he hasn’t forgotten me. i

pray that you ask for forgiveness and he saves you from

your sin.

Pete 19 Jul 2010

Edmund, i know what you are going through; i’ve been

addicted to it. it’s so easy to get that garbage on the

internet and it’s like a drug. i pray god takes the

desire for porn out of your heart.

Jeremy 01 Aug 2010

I stopped going to church about 3-4 years ago. i

really miss it. the main reason why i stopped going

was because i felt the lord was convicting me to make

restitution in something i was involved with many years

ago. i'm worried if i try to make things right, i will

end up in prison. i've already been to prison once,

and i really don't want to go back. i have already

made alot of restitution, and i got fed up with it, so

i stopped everything.

Sue 22 Aug 2010

I read how evry1 said this was posted the day they read

it and by doggone it, i looked at the date and, it was

only 2 hours ago! i, too, am a backslider of 20 yrs

and i've anguished over "will god take me back?" for a

very long time, now. i'm reminded of the prodigal son.

backsliding leaves a rawness that is hard to recover


Angel 05 Sep 2010

Its been 4 years now, i still go to church but i am

dead inside. i need to come home but i am so lost i

don't know where i am even at any more or how to stop

all this and return. please pray for me. it was god i

foudn this today. thank you for being obediant to write


Angel 05 Sep 2010

Amazing i do a google search today on backsliding and

this was just written today. i served the lord

faithfully 30 years. i'd never been with anyone but my

husband. during a bad period in my marriage i committed

adultry and not just with one man. my spiritual

condition has gotten worse and worse.

Chantelle 06 Sep 2010

I am saved and have been for 2 n a half years. god has

done so much for me and i continued sinning again and

again. i made my boyfriend my god whilst i continued to

worship god. it was such a mess i was still going to

church every week but having sex once every couple

months. i got pregnant a couple months after me being

saved he was saved also around the same time but

backslidded n doesnt go to church whereas i do

Chantelle 06 Sep 2010

The devil made a mess of my life but god is merciful i

still have a nice house a beautiful daughter and family

that support me etc so im greatful i havent lost

everything! my mum and boyfriend constantly argued and

me believing i had to honour my mother i would never

support my boyfriend n he feels i let him down and has

now left me. my mum wouldnt let him in the house for a

year now not even to see his daughter and so he blames

me and her for missing out on his daughters life.

Chantelle 06 Sep 2010

The devil split our family but im believing that god

will restore our family so that my daughter doesnt have

to have a single parent family like me and her father.i

also pray that he genuinely becomes a born again

christian because the only way we can make things work

is if god is the head. today i have genuinely repented

of having sex and god forgives me! he is sooo great

Emily 08 Sep 2010

I can't believe that this has been posted today, when

people left this same comment about their disbelief i

scrolled up to see when the date was and was in awe to

see it was posted today! how awesome? it makes me feel

better that i haven't been the only backslider! i want

to be sold out to jesus.

Emily 08 Sep 2010

Can i ask one question though? what do you do when some

of your friends do not know jesus, nor do they want to,

and your best friend is gay? do you keep loving on them

and showing them god is the way, or do you move on and

surround yourself with supporters who have the same

beliefs as you...?

thank you.

Judith 24 Sep 2010

Emily, in answer to your ? about your friends...the

scripture says "bad companions corrupt good manners."

i know it is hard to find friends that share the same

values but one must love the lord more than friends and

pleasures of this world.

god bless !

Aretha 25 Sep 2010

I got saved at about age 7, but i begin to use my

circumstance as an excuse to diregard the warning in

gods word. it has taken me a long time to even admit

that i was a backslider in part because i didn't really

know what one was, or what was concidered backsliding,

then all of a sudden i got the idea to google, i am a

backslider, and i found this article which was exactly

what i needed to read. so i wanted to say thank you to

who ever posted this article. thank your. thank you.

Judith 25 Sep 2010

Remember god's word says "...his mercies are fresh

every morning."

as a child of god i have backslidden many times. i

was never more miserable than when i was swept up in

the pleasures of this world and separated from the

intimacy of the holy spirit. once confession of my

sins was made, my conscience was clear, and i keep

trying to walk the straight and narrow.

not to obtain salvation - jesus has already paid for

my sins - but to keep fellowship and to be useful in

his kingdom.

Judith 25 Sep 2010


in today's society, it is very hard, if not

impossible, to be spotless, without close companions

who help us on our journey, pick us up, know our

struggles, and pray for us daily. be blessed !

thank-you, david hopkins, for this website.

Redeemed 24 Oct 2010

The lord loves us and he will never let us go. the lord

jesus says that he has not lost one that the father has

given him. i have saved for 10 yrs and was recently

tempted to backslide. i moved away from my family and

support network to take a job in a new state and i

became very vulnerable. i prayed to the lord to keep me

and he did!we have an advocate in jesus christ who is

seated at the right hand of the father who prays for us

because as we are tempted he was likewise tempted.

Bill 21 Nov 2010

Hey…i just want to say to all of you…god bless all of

you and god strengthen all of you. i can relate to most

of what all of you have written. i’m a repeated

backslider myself who can never stay faithful to the

lord. i struggle all the time with certain biblical

versus too. i will pray for all of you.

we need to encourage and support each other. i wish

there was a site just for us backsliders…maybe one of

you know how to create one?

god bless and lead all of you,


Joan 25 Nov 2010

If you have backslidden, you are going to hell. i have

not lived a good life after converting to christ, and i

know i am going to hell. i can not get god's

forgiveness now. neither can you. so anyone that tells

you that you can come back to god is lying

Bill 26 Nov 2010


you know that can't be true...

if it were...most wouldn't get saved...incuding king


Judith 26 Nov 2010


perhaps you weren't saved to begin with. salvation is

in christ, not in us. if we could earn it, we wouldn't

need a savior. "if we confess our sins, he is faithful

to forgive us." paul wrote in the book of romans that

a war was going on within us and the good we want to do

we don't do; however 'there in now no condemnation for

those who are in christ.' i sincerely hope you put

your trust in his finished work and not your own.

Jl 03 Dec 2010

Greetings you all. i have been child of lord jesus from

a very young age. but, from a very young age i started

backsliding. in high school i became interrested in the

things of the devil through heavy metal music. after

school, for a few years i could not even pray. 11 years

ago i returned to the lord. the past 11 years i had the

habit of backsliding severely and returning to the

lord. anyway, this is the first place i find fellow

backsliders like me. may all of us become steadfast in

the lord.

Jl 03 Dec 2010

Hi again. thank you very much for the teaching, david

hopkins. thank you also for the bible reading planner.

thanks to all those who left messages on this site. the

following link is a description of my experience as a

backslider, i found it on the net the other day.

heart/iv_what_are_consequences_of.htm may lord jesus

help us to become steadfast in him.

Justin 11 Jan 2011

I feel like i sinned too much too. i been fearing

hebrews 10:26, 6:4-6.

i have said sinners prayer many times because doubt my

salvation because of my back sliding. i know jesus is

god and is the only way and really want to be free from

my hypocricy, drunkeness, homosexuality, temper and

lust. i really want to change. i did a search on

backsliding and again what is today's date? it is

january 11, 2011.

i am starting to think the devil is telling me i am

not saved.

Pete 11 Jan 2011

Justin, i feel the same way, i was saved 25 years ago

and doubt my salvation, my aunt keeps encouraging me to

pray and be patient, jesus doesn't always answer prayer

right away.

Bill 11 Jan 2011

Hey justin,

just letting you know you’re not alone in your

struggles and backsliding. it’s certainly not easy.

struggling with sin, backsliding and to top it

off…god’s words…and possibly finding them

threatening…is much to handle at times. let’s pray for

god’s never ending mercy, forgiveness, patients and

compassion. we are all very very broken.

and if satan is telling you something…then you know

not to listen…it can only end in lies.

be well justin…hang in there.

Jl 14 Jan 2011

Justin, my brother, i will pray for you. we have found

this website where we found people with the same

struggle as us. i also feared that i did the

unforgivable sin. i once read a commentary on it. they

said that the last person that did that sin is the one

that worries whether he/she did it. return to the lord

jesus, my brother. pray for the will to return if you

feel that you do not really want to return. (continued

on next message)

Jl 14 Jan 2011

Ask the almighty lord jesus to open your eyes. we have

no where else to run, he is our only hope. and his

mercy is endless. i returned to the lord jesus on 2

january 2011. i cried and cried and cried. i was on

drugs again. i cried: "messiah! help me!". he showed me

how very very dark things were around me, how much

destruction i caused in my life and the lives of my

family. i felt that i was the worst off ever. but, he

picked me up.(continued in next message)

Jl 14 Jan 2011

I really believe that he will pick you up also. tell

him exactly what an awful person you are. tell him

exactly what you think of yourself. tell him exactly

what you did. tell him exactly how dark it is around

you. and, cried out for help. just cry "lord jesus,

messiah, help me! save me! i beg you!". he will surely

show you the truth! he is so very near to the broken

hearted! (continued)

Jl 14 Jan 2011

He will show you how dark things are, how terrible your

sin is. you will probably want to through up when he

shows you your awful self. but, he will show you the

light. he will come to your rescue. he will give you

purpose. all the sins that you love to do, you will

start to hate those awful sins. everything else will

look so dim and dark compared to his magnificent

wonderful light. nothing can compare to it. (continued)

Justin 14 Jan 2011

I have repented. not to say i am sinless but i haven't

drank nor fornicated nor looked at pornography since i

done this.

i once fear unpardonable sin too and i found articles

about it a few years back that mentioned the fear you

said. the question is, hebrews 6 and hebrews 10

talking about the unpardonable sin? some say it

describes apostasy.

Jl 14 Jan 2011

If you do not feel like crying, pray for tears. pray

for him to show the truth! and, cry for help. if you do

not feel like crying for help, pray that he will show

you your helplessness! read ezekiel 18. our only hope

is in verses 21 to 23! lord jesus, messiah, save my

brother justin! in your name i ask this. please bring

him back from the darkness into the light, the only

light, your light. bring him back to you, lord god

christ jesus! amen! hallelujah!

Jl 14 Jan 2011

I am so very glad that you repented, brother! about

your question: well, i think of apostasy as the

unforgivable sin. as i think, it is the same thing.

but, let us not talk about the darkness anymore, let us

talk about the light. about lord jesus christ. my

brother, may the lord bless you! may he bless us all

and keep us from falling again. love in jesus.

jan-louis. ps: let us delve into the bible, the word of

god, like never before. there are so many treasures.

Justin 14 Jan 2011

Repentance means more than to be sorry but rather be

sorry enough to change?

there is another school of thought that says

repentance means to "change ones mind."

are these different or are they the same?

which denomination group is correct? i am leaning

toward a non-denominational church that is strictly

biblical. i am not affiliated with a church and know

its importance. (continue on next mail...)

Justin 14 Jan 2011

I have been watching a few youtube videos of christians

posting their thoughts. i sent an e-mail to a fellow

christian saying how much i liked what he said. he

said something along the lines of getting hate mail (i

guess) or trouble for what he said. he said what i

wrote him helped him deal with it.

the same goes for me. christians help each other with

their struggles. i think this is why i need to find a

good church/group. god helps empowers us but we also

give each other strength

Jl 14 Jan 2011

Well, none of us can fix our lives and stop sinning

before we go to the lord. we are broken and helpless,

then we go to the lord in our sinful state and he works

the change in us. he saves us, forgives our sins,

changes us. love in jesus. jan-louis

Judith 14 Jan 2011

The old covenant brought awareness of sin, guilt and

condemnation. the purpose of this was to show mankind

that he needed a savior, that he was not capable of

keeping the law, yet the old covenant people rejected

that notion and sought their own righteousness which

led to their destruction in 70 ad. jesus satisfied the

requirements of the law for us


Judith 14 Jan 2011

All we have to do is exercise faith in his finished

work!! the only sin that will send you to hell is not

exercising faith! .. continued.....

Judith 14 Jan 2011

if you are still under condemation, you are under the

law and are not in faith. if you believe you are going

to hell for something you did then you do not believe

in your heart that jesus bought you out of slavery.

.... continued.....

Judith 14 Jan 2011

my salvation is in him, not in myself. if he loved us

enough to die for us while we were still sinners (over

2000) years ago, then why are still focused on self and

not him? abraham was declared righteous by faith over

400 yrs before the law was given...continued

Jl 14 Jan 2011

Yes, find a church, pray about it! ask the lord to show

you where to go, where you must take part. find a

church where you feel the humbleness! i have to go now.

:-) blessings and regards. jan-louis

Judith 14 Jan 2011

he believed god, plain and simple. either you believe

or you don't. if you don't, you don't have faith. we

are his friends, not bondservants, like the people

under the old covenant. .... continued....

Justin 14 Jan 2011

Have you guys watched tim conway preach on youtube. i

was just wondering what you though of his message and


Judith 14 Jan 2011

We have a new and better covenant where we can approach

the throne of grace with boldness, not with sacrifices,

and receive whatever we ask, not doubting. amen and


Justin 14 Jan 2011


i get what you are saying but it say to test ourselves

to be sure we are in the faith.

king james bible

"examine yourselves, whether ye be in the faith; prove

your own selves. know ye not your own selves, how that

jesus christ is in you, except ye be reprobates?" 2 cor



Jl 14 Jan 2011

I agree, judith! but, peace with the lord, a clean

conscience, walking with him, and abundant life is so

very precious. why am i feeling so very bad when i walk

in sin? why am i feeling so very happy when i return to

the lord? i agree with you, judith! the lord jesus did

the finished work. hallelujah! he defeated death and

sin for us! he is the messiah! how wonderful is our

lord and god! love in jesus.

Justin 14 Jan 2011

Doesn't salvation produce works?

Judith 14 Jan 2011


doesn't salvation produce works?

when a person completely focuses on christ and his

work as a done deed, fulfilled, completed, finished,

then christ produces works in that person. man's works

always fails..just look at the previous posts. freedom

comes in knowing that you are secure in christ and that

when we fail we confess and are restored immediately.


Judith 14 Jan 2011

he cannot deny us and it is he that will keep us.

'without faith' it is impossible to please god.

blessed is the man who has faith without

+ nothing else produces righteousness...

Justin 14 Jan 2011

I understand we are saved by grace through faith. i am

just saying that if we fall into habitual sin does that

mean we are truly saved?

if we are saved we should still try to be a better

person. i know we cannot go to god on the day of

judgement and say, "look what i beat or look at the

things i have corrected."

didn't jesus say in king james bible

"be ye therefore perfect, even as your father which is

in heaven is perfect."

Judith 14 Jan 2011

Focus on the 'works' that christ did, not on what you

must do. the early christians were mainly jews that

had synagogues in every city and they could not

overcome the 'works' issue and tried to include

circumcision and other things, just like most of you

here. that is what is meant by 'examining yourself to

see if you are in christ.' faith in christ plus no

works will deliver a person from the curse of sin and


Judith 14 Jan 2011

For by one offering he hath perfected for ever them

that are sanctified. (hebrews 10:14)

also see 1 corinthians 6:11 and acts 20:32, 26:18;

jude 1:1. only one conclusion is possible.

we are perfect before the father

Jl 15 Jan 2011

Hi justin and judith. just a few thoughts. the love of

the father, the mercy of the lord jesus, the fellowship

of the holy spirit. forgiveness. our great high pries,

jesus christ. faith, hope, love. the truth and the way

and the life. the light of the world. emmanuel, god

with us. here are some very precious verses. 1 john

1:7, 1 john 2:1-2, 1 john 3:19-24, psalm 32, john

15:1-17. please read these verses. god bless, brother

and sister. love in jesus. jan-louis

Lakisha 21 Jan 2011

im in a relationship with a guy who is a new believer

and we fornicate. i feel like im dieing inside and i

dont like what i am becoming. of course it is hard to

leave because i love him. just need a support group

with people my age who understand the struggle and

loneliness that often comes with having to choose gods

way even when it means you may have to let go of

someone you love.pray 4 gods enablement a strong

conviction in both of our hearts. thanks

Justin 22 Jan 2011


i will pray for you. i am not a saint either. i

repent but i still make some of the same mistakes.

perhaps you need to explain to him how you feel. if

he is a new believer than he should feel the same way

and should feel convicted too i believe. perhaps if

you say something to him it might remind him.



Lakisha 23 Jan 2011

I have told him. he also gets drunk alot and goes to

bars and clubs. im not judging him but thats something

that i know that i persoanlly cant deal with in a long

term relationshiop. the anxiety of wondering what hes

doing every time he goes out with friends drinking at a

bar is too much for me to handle. especially since he

puts himself in shady situations.

Jl 26 Jan 2011

Hi lakisha!

may lord jesus guide you. may he show you what to do.

i don't know if you do it, but open up to the lord

jesus completely. tell him everything. empty your heart

before him. philippians 4:4-9, hebrews 4:14-16, john

2:1-2. i will pray for you, sister lakisha! blessings

and regards. love in jesus.


Angel 26 Jan 2011

Last week i was rebaptised 30 years later as an

"adult". i have come back home...i feel i have a fresh

slate. i'm trying my best.

there is a video i'd like to share. i love the freshly

washed slate at the end.

go to youtube and type in

tenth avenue north you are more

Jl 30 Jan 2011

By walking in faith and obedience, we may count on the

holy spirit to do a divine and most blessed work in us.

if we live by the spirit, let us also walk in the

spirit. this is the obedience that god requires. by

faith in the holy spirit who is in us, we have

sufficient strength to walk by the spirit and yield

ourselves to his mighty power. then, he can work in us

to will and to do all that is pleasing in god's sight.

Jl 30 Jan 2011

That was a +-quote from andrew murray's book "the

spirit of christ"

blessings and regards, brothers and sisters!

love in jesus!


Jl 30 Jan 2011

Andrew murray's books was a very great blessing to me

in restoring my relationship with god.

Pete 31 Jan 2011

I'm struggling because even though i've been a

backslider for many years i thought jesus would always

“look out for me”. jesus allowed my wife to die at only

age 40. i took her to a doctor and he misdiagnosed her,

i found her dead 8 hours later, did cpr on her, begging

the lord for one heartbeat, he wouldn’t do it. she had

a brain aneurism. she was seeking jesus and reading a

lot of christian literature, but don't know if she got

saved. i’m mad at the lord now.

Justin 31 Jan 2011


you need to make the best of this situation you can.

only god and your wife know.

somethings we have no control over. i believe in the

bible it speak of family and friends being saved and

other relatives don't. pray to god to bring peace to

your heart about this. your wife was searching perhaps

she was saved and didn't know how to confront you about

your salvation.

Bill 01 Feb 2011

I feel a little guilty for asking this question when so

many on here are struggling with really terrible

situations…but i have a question to pose to anyone out

there that i have been struggling with. can anyone

really explain to me romans 9:18-23? what does this

really mean for us that struggle so much? should we be

afraid of god? and how can we be sure where we fit in

to that bible verse? i think it’s an important question

and one that most churches won’t address.


Judith 02 Feb 2011

Bill, you shouldn't feel guilty about asking a legit

question. i'm no expert but i do know that one must

always ask 'who, what, when, where,' before arriving at

a conclusion. verses and chapters were not the

original purpose. heck the entire nt wasn't even

around then. all they had was moses and the prophets

or law/prophets. so the bereans examined the

scriptures daily to see if the things paul taught were


Judith 02 Feb 2011


the jews(as referring to the israelites) and not only

the tribe of judah, which is the origin of 'jew.' had

been scattered all over the world at that time and had

temples in every city. they still adhered to the old

covenant laws, which they thought brought favor with

god. paul was trying to tell them they couldn't earn

salvation that it was totally dependent on god

sacrificing his son and faith in that finished work.

god gets all the glory, man get none.

Judith 02 Feb 2011

Somewhere in romans paul said, 'blessed is the man who

has faith but no works.' then and only then was christ

truly formed in them. the old covenant age ended in 70

ad. from moses till then the law reigned. before

then, abel, noah and abraham were all declared

righteous by faith w/o works. it was and has always

been by faith but god's chosen/elect people thought

they earned it by the law. hope this makes sense...

Bill 02 Feb 2011

Thank you judith for taking the time to answer and for

your kind words. i’m not sure if you understood my

question but basically in romans chapter 9 verses 18 to

23 it speaks about god deciding to make some for

salvation and some for destruction? it’s a really tough

section…and a frightening one. i really wish paul

didn’t make these statements…it makes one doubt if god

truly loves each and every individual. and if he

doesn’t…how can one ever be sure of that love?

thanks again judith.

Jl 09 Feb 2011

Hi pete!

i can think of a song (from bible verses, i do not

know which book/chapter/verses) of liberated wailing

wall: "abundant life yeshua (jesus) brings, through all

the ages we have seen, his thoughts are not our

thoughts, his ways are not our ways, so much higher his

plan for you and me. abundant life yeshua brings." and

i can think of ezekiel 18:21-23 and matthew 13:24-29.

god bless you, brother!

Eddy 02 Mar 2011

At i ask to pray for me people. all of you!!! that will

be soo nice and ill do pray back in favor. wow now i

understand... i'm soo ridiculous blindfolded. i was

thinking of what is causing me to turn away from god

and do the things i used to do. in fact i was soo

scared, and really weird that i checked this out today

when it has came out lol... itself as god told me to

come here and to show me my way out. amazing!!! i found

out i was just backsliding

Tracy 07 Mar 2011

It is amazing how good god is. i to was was not

following god 5 minutes ago and found this article as i

looked up how to get right with god and backsliding. i

still fell lost and confused but at least i know god

will help me through it all. i feel the joy coming

back just to know i am with the father and he loves me

so much.

Dean 07 Mar 2011


sure of what love? god made the ultimate sacrifice for

the whole world,his only son jesus christ.think about

what jesus went through. god could have took the cup,

but jesus is the only way for salvation.god has perfect

love and he proved it through jesus. bill i dont wan't

you to doubt, that will bring a destructive

relationship with god. peace be with you.

Bill 08 Mar 2011

Thanks dean!

peace with you also.

Cynthia 11 Mar 2011

I have been reading these comments. i have been a

christian for a long time but, from time to time i even

question my salvation. i have done many things that i

am ashamed of and would never judge anyone for mistakes

they make. someone once told me something that has

stuck with me thru the years and maybe this will help

someone who is in a relationship that is not pleasing

to god. 5 minutes of pleasure is not worth losing your

soul. god bless you all.

Judith 11 Mar 2011

Hi cynthia,

if you are questioning your salvation, then you have

put your trust in your ability to keep it and not in

jesus. he took care of the sin problem over 2000 years

ago. tell your doubts how big your god is when they

come creeping back. salvation is in him, not me....

Michael 14 Mar 2011

i've been a christian for over 30 years. 20 of these

i've been more often backslidden. i suffered the loss

of both parents in my late 20s. i'm been in a difficult

and unsatisfactory (sexually and emotionally) marriage

for over 20s years. i've committed all sorts of

habitual sexual sins, lied, and cheated, and been

publicly humiliated because of my sin, even though i've

been a respected officer in the church. i'm sick of who

i am and ashamed of myself. pray for me.

Lashonda 18 Mar 2011

I was a backslider for 2yrs. i went through so much

during my marriage. in the beginning i was praying and

believing god to help me. eventually i got tired of

praying and waiting on god so i went back to drinking,

then slowly i went back to drugs and cigs. i would cry

after drinking and smoking. yesterday i asked god to

forgive me because i can't take being apart from him

anymore. thank you for the article because i believe

god has forgiven me.

Carolina 08 Apr 2011

Im only 16 and ive been backsliding for over 5 years

now. i got saved when i was pretty young and have been

backsliding pretty much ever since. its unfortunate

because i couldve been so much happier and couldve been

so much wiser than i am now. i keep praying and asking

for forgiveness then going right back in sin. im really

ashamed and need prayer.

Judith 09 Apr 2011

Hi carolina,

i was the same way for many years until someone showed

me that jesus died for my sins over 2000 yrs ago. it's

a done deal. salvation is in him, not me. i hope you

can place your trust in him, christ jesus, so you can

be set free from condemnation. once you have a clear

conscious you will never want to go back there again.

love and prayers.

Emily 18 Apr 2011

I rededicated my life on march 24,2011 he is calling

the backsliders home because he's about to come back!

my heart grew cold for the things of the kingdom. i

never thought it would happen to me. but god is raising

me back up!! a righteous falls 7 times, but he gets

back up!! we are made righteous through the blood of

jesus...we have been sealed and a covenant god made

through us when we first beleived. he will leave the

99 sheep to get the one that wondered away!

Bill 18 Apr 2011

Bless you emily!

may god walk close with you and you with him.

thank you for your encouraging words!

Steven 02 May 2011

God bless to all! 1jon 1:9 he's faithful and just to

forgive and cleanse, if we confess. jon 3:16 for god so

loved the world, he gave his only son. one of my many

favorites i lost count when i backslid, around 12 yrs

ago. lay off the reefer man. glory be to god,

Terry 08 May 2011

I am 61 years old and repented in 1974. served the

lord 5 years and backslid and then the lord drew me

back for 15 years and now been backslid for 2 years. i

repent and still can't find peace with the lord. i get

mad when things go wrong and blame the lord. i don't

want to be like this. how can i get back? seems like

nothing works. thanks

Pete 09 May 2011

Hey terry, i don't know the answer but i'm in the same

boat as you. if you read my earlier posts you'll know

why i'm bitter and mad at the lord, but there isn't

anything i can do. i only ask the lord to have mercy on

me and my wife's soul so that we might have peace

happiness in the next life! maybe i'll go speak with a

christian counselor but not in a church, sorry, i find

a lot of them are judgmental. god already judge me by

taking my wife, i'm looking for peace, love and


Terry 10 May 2011

Thanks pete for your post. everytime i pray and try

to get back to the lord nothing happens and i just feel

worse. i was backslid once for 15 years and the lord

drew me back to himself. maby we just have to try to

do the best we can and let the lord draw us back on his

own time. sorry to hear about your wife. it is easy

to get hard hearted when it seems like all efforts are

in vain. i have to take medication for the fear and


Pete 11 May 2011

Terry, funny you mentioned meds for anxiety, i'm on the

same stuff. guess years of sin broke our bodies and

spirit. maybe gone are the days of being on fire for

jesus, high on the holy spirit. maybe we have to regain

the lord's trust. maybe he can still use us. i know the

end-of-days are near. you ever check out hal lindsey?

also check out wayne monbleau at he

is a true man of god who prayed for me, sent me a

condolence card concerning my wife and never asked me

for a dime

Terry 12 May 2011

Pete, here is something that got me back to the lord in

1974. i was rebaptized in the name of jesus christ

according to acts 2:38. you can find a church that

baptizes in the name of jesus christ instead of the

titles of father, son and holy ghost at these are called message churches.

god bless

Terry 12 May 2011

Pete, i went to the website you told me about. i have

something i want you to watch. go to and

type in william branham and watch the third and forth

videos down on the list. watch them all the way

through. i know this is the seventh church age

messenger who has the spirit of elijah and is the

forerunner to the second coming of christ. we can pray

for each other and agree that god will have mercy on

both of us.

Judith 12 May 2011

Terry and pete, rev 3:5 says that it is utterly

impossible (with a double negative) to have one's name

erased from the book of life. on that premise, do you

understand what it means to 'put your trust and faith

in the finished work of christ jesus?'

Judith 12 May 2011

It is finished! he paid the price, we put out faith in

him. then we are transformed by renewing our minds

daily with the word. it is the sword of the spirt that

defeats wrong thoughts that lead to wrong actions.

first put on the helmet of salvation (guarding the

mind, bringing every thought into subjection to christ)

then the breastplate of salvation, etc. we are in a

battle but god has given us the weapons we need to

successfully defeat the spiritual enemies.

Terry 13 May 2011

Dear judith, thanks for your post. thanks for

reminding me about the helmet of salvation. i have a

hard time reading the bible because it seems like i

apply what will happen to the wicked to myself. i will

have to put my helmet back on when i read it. thanks


Bill 26 May 2011

Hello everyone...

this is certainly a great site for christians who

struggle. i usually find myself hiding my struggles

when at church...but here i think we all can be a

little more open with one another. i think this site

can be an avenue to support one another...anyone agree?

god bless...

Terry 26 May 2011

You are right. i have read a lot of things in this web

site that has helped me. i am still having a hard

time, but still trying to keep my faith in the lord.

i'm not where i want to be with the lord, but hope this

will pass. i got the joy of the lord back at one time

after being backslid for fifteen years. looking for

that joy and strength again.

Bill 26 May 2011

Well...hang in there terry...

stay close with god and talk to him often. he hears


god bless...

Kathie 14 Jun 2011

God put the perfect book in my path several months

before i returned to god, and this book was the big

stepping stone that helped me: when godly peoploe do

ungodly things - by beth moore. people sometimes leave

god because of buried pain and she has immense sympathy

for those people. backsliders need this book


Terry 15 Jun 2011


thanks for the information about the book that helped

you. i will try to find it.


Bonnie 02 Jul 2011

I too did not realize this was written today when i

have been in torment all day whether god would have me

back. i googled backslidden christian and there it

was. glory be to god...he is so awesome i know i don't

deserve his great love.

i know what to do now...pray, pray, pray!

Terry 02 Jul 2011

God bless you bonnie. remember me in prayer and i will

remember you. here is something that will help you.

go to and type in william branham. watch

videos on left from the third one down to the ninth one


god bless

Zoe 29 Jul 2011

Can i just say that i struggled with hebrews and asked

my dad about it. he made it very clear to me that god

is specifically talking to the jews in hebrews who were

going back to the old law that jesus had told us doesnt

count. hebrews was saying that if the jews feel the law

is more important than faith in jesus they are

effectively crusifying jesus all over again and this

cannot be forgiven. effectively it's blasphemy. once we

are saved we are saved, but we dont want to be at the

back of the line in heaven with our heads hung low. we

want to walk in bodly! :)

Terry 29 Jul 2011

Dear zoe,

i served the lord for years and i don't know what

happen. i try to pray and get back to him and nothing

works. just in bondage again. when i try to get back

to him i just feel worse. just can't find his peace

anymore. i can't explain how awful this is. i want to

be back with the lord, but it seems like he won't take

me back. please pray for me. thanks and god bless you


Zoe 29 Jul 2011

Terry. it's easy to tell ourselves that we are not

worthy of god's forgiveness or love. this however is

what satan tells us, and not what god tells us. god

says 'i will never leave you or forsake you'. if we

didn't sin and disappoint god there would have been no

reason for jesus to have died for us. jesus talks about

bringing back the lost sheep. he rejoices when someone

who has strayed returns to them. don't doubt that jesus

loves you! get rid of your doubt and surround yourself

with god's word, with prayer, with christian music,

with christian people and trust that god has a plan for

you. it's your doubt that is getting in the way.

rejoice in that you belong to god!!! you do!! as long

as you have accepted that jesus died for you and asked

him in your life you are saved because you believe.

thats amazing!! now all u need to do is get your shoes

on and walk for christ! don't stop praying! get rid of

your guilt and your doubt and know that you are his.

god bless x

Terry 29 Jul 2011

Dear zoe,

thanks for your encouraging words. i will do what you

said. seeing that i will be praying, i will remember

you in my prayers. i thank you for what you wrote to

me. it is the first sign of hope i have had in a long

time. i guess it is just time for me to get down to

buisness with the lord. god bless you and thanks


Zoe 29 Jul 2011

Thanks terry! you will be in my prayers too :) i'm just

starting my new life with god too after a long time of

being back slidden. but god used my troubled times and

called me back to him and showed me that i need him and

that i will never be happy if i go my own way. i'm

excited, this is my new journey! god bless you too!!

Gaeann 31 Jul 2011


thank god for your understanding of his word and

relaying it to us. i too had a problem with hebrews and

the writings on god not forgiving backsliders and this

has caused me a fear i knew wasn't from god. thank you

for your explanation.

Gary 14 Aug 2011

I was amazed to see so many people in the same or

similar situation as myself, i have been backslid for

most of the lat 25 yrs, the slide down the slippery

slope bagan with a soured engagement and resenment that

lead me back to booze and perversion and


Gary 14 Aug 2011

........into and ungodly marraige that helped bury me

so deep in bondage that i have still not escaped, booze

porn and promiscuity thay are like a demon tag team

that continually pummels you into submission.

Zoe 14 Aug 2011

Ask, and it shall be given you; seek, and ye shall

find; knock, and it shall be opened unto you:

jesus doesnt expect you to do it on your own!! he

understands, and he still loves you but you need to

trust him, thank him and pray pray pray. surround

yourself with his word, music, videos. change what your

spirit is feeding on!! and god will give you strength

to over come any sin, it's only hard now because all

youre feeding on is earthly stuff, and avoiding god!

you have to do the opposite. if you struggle or mess

up, pray. dont feel like you can't pray you must!

remember the parable of the lost son in luke:15. the

father celebrated when his rebelious son returned to

him. don't let satan tell u anything different.

Zoe 14 Aug 2011

I would also absoloutely reccoment ucb uk radio. you

can get it on most modern radios these days. it really

helped me, particully at the times where i was

sometimes struggling with reading the bible. it helped

me get my excitement back over following jesus again :)

Zoe 14 Aug 2011

Ps. sorry about my awful spelling! didnt realise until

i'd posted it and don't know how i got it so wrong

either. haha!

Terry 15 Aug 2011

Dear zoe,

thanks for all you told me. now if i can just put it

to work without getting distracted. still just feel

like when i try to read the word anymore it condems me.

i will try to listen to spiritual music today. there

is some good spiritual music from a church in trinidad,

sa. it is at favorite songs

there are, thank you lord and god's elective love. god


Carey 18 Oct 2011

God bless you all i have read all your comments and are

so encouraged. i have just returned to the lord after

been backsliden for 10 years..i have beenn weeping so

much lately of my backslidin time n sin ...i have

repented but still struggle with memories n guilt....i

think about the saviour leaving the flock to go look

for the 1 lost sheep to bring him home ..our god luvs

us that much ...bless you all

Liz 27 Oct 2011

I have been under demonic oppression for 4 and a half

years now. i can see the enemy in my mind's eye. last

month i woke up with rage all over me - wanting to kill

my daughter. i admitted myself into the hospital and

was there 2 weeks. now i'm on all kinds of meds. i've

also lost my job. i have had hate in my heart for my

daughter and husband due to her autism, and both of


resistance to me in doing what's right. i am in a

stronghold! the enemy steals the word from me at night

while i'm sleeping. i want to and need to come back to

the lord but i do not have any conviction/remorse about


i am just extremely tired of the fight and so close to

turning completely away from the lord to the devil.

please pray for me.

Terry 28 Oct 2011

I will pray for you, but i am in the same shape. i

even had two men from where i went to church come and

pray for me, but still stayed in the same shape. i

have been away from the lord now for around three years

and also been in hospitals and on medication. i live

in fear everyday so i don't have the answer. sorry

Liz 28 Oct 2011


did you get the book by beth moore, when godly people

do ungodly things? i was just wondering if it helped

you at all.

Bill 28 Oct 2011


i'm a bad example of a christian, but i prayed for you

anyway. you're not alone in your struggles.

god bless...

Terry 29 Oct 2011


no i didn't get the book. i will try to locate it

again with a google search. thanks for praying for me.

i need deliverance. even in my dreams i am away from

the lord and wake up scared. this fear taked all my

energy away. i will remember you in prayer also.


Liz 29 Oct 2011

Bill and terry,

i found a website that may help you:

9chapter4.htm - anything by watchman nee is deep.

i also found another website with many articles to

help you in your walk:

it is good to know how the enemy works and be on

guard, however i'm noticing that i need to turn my

attention away from him and put it on christ and his

love for me.

i prayed for you both: that the annointing of the holy

spirit will break every yoke of bondage you are under

bringing about freedom in your mind, will and emotions.

jesus went through longsuffering and he is walking

beside you in all of this. just know he loves you and

will never let you go. a suggestion from a minister

friend of mine: read the psalms slowly looking at it

through the eyes of love and grace towards you and let

jesus love on you.

Terry 29 Oct 2011

Thanks liz i will look at the websites. and thanks for

praying for me and bill. i only pray when i lay down

to go to sleep that god won't let me die. i will

remember you in prayer tonight. thanks again for

remembering me and praying for me for god to set my

mind, will and emotions free. i need that sooo bad.

god bless you

Liz 29 Oct 2011


i found another excellent website for you to look


number 5 and number 6 are excellent.

call a local spirit filled church (assembly of god,

non-denominational, etc) and ask if they know of any

deliverance ministries in your area. sometimes you

cannot fight this on your own and need outside help.

those ministries do not charge anything to help you.

let me know what you find out, okay?

jesus loves us and wants us free. we will get free of

these demons! praying for you- liz

Terry 30 Oct 2011

Dear liz,

i will look up the websites. don't know any

deliverance ministers, but can ask around and see if i

can find one. i feel condemnation over something i

done. i loaned a dvd to a brother and he wouldn't give

it back and i ask him for it back and he said he didn't

know where it was. i got mad and sent the people he

works for a letter accusing him of being a thief. i

knew i done wrong and tried to get the letter back

before it got to their address, but post office said i

couldn't because it didn't have a return address.

haven't felt the lord since then three years ago.



Liz 30 Oct 2011


yours is a simple issue. try to apologize to the

people at his place of employment and also try and

apologize to the person you got mad at. once you have

done all you can do to humble yourself and do the right

thing, (even if they do not/or cannot accept your

apology, then forgive yourself

and receive god's forgiveness. thant's it. you will be


three years is three years too long to be under

condemnation. jesus wants you free and the devil has

succeeded in keeping you in bondage. accept god's

forgiveness and don't look back.



Zoe 30 Oct 2011

Right, the problem you all have is that you are telling

yourselves you are not worthy of belonging to jesus.

you are not sinners. you are already the riteousness of

christ jesus. god has already paid the price for your

sins through jesus. as for feeling bitterness and anger

and rage and mental health issues. satan is attacking

you when you are weak. where is your faith?! rebuke

your illnesses, depression, anger and doubt in the name

of jesus, repent of your doubt and anger and do not

stop reading your bibles. expect attack from satan,

because it's when youre not being attacked you should

be worried. satan attacks those who he fears are strong

in the lord!! don't hold back from guilt thats the

worst thing you can do. jesus loves you!! reach out to

him!!! god bless you :)x

Terry 31 Oct 2011

Dear liz and zoe,

i think you both for your concern and prayers. i will

do what both of you said. i know i can't stay in this

shape. i been listening to a song called i will

restore at and it seems to go along

with where i am. also like the song there called thank

you lord and god's elective love. god bless you both.


Bill 31 Oct 2011

Hi liz,

i just wanted to let you know i checked out one of the

sites you recommended, i think it's

a great site and the little bit i've read of it so far

i found to be really helpful.

thank you liz! god bless you.

Liz 31 Oct 2011


praise god! i am so glad i could be of some help to


god bless you, too!

Christopher 27 Nov 2011

I have severe depression, and in agony almost to the

point of losing my sanity over my failures. i just cant

seem to accept god's love because i can't love myself.

i am backslidden and sometimes i wonder if i was ever

saved. i feel like i wasn't meant to survive and my

backsliding only strengthens that. i'm tired of crying

over sin only to fall back into it. please pray for

me...signed, at the end of my rope.

Terry 27 Nov 2011

Dear christopher,

her is what got me back to the lord one time. repent

again and find a church in your area that baptizes in

the name of jesus christ instead of the titles of

father, son and holy ghoist and get rebaptized in the

name of jesus christ according to acts 2:38. jesus gave

peter the keys to the kingdom and acts 2:38 is what god

said through peter to do to receive salvation. type in

william branham at and watch as many videos

you can.

Liz 27 Nov 2011


get this book: victory in spiritual warfare by tony


i have suffered from depression and thought i was

going to lose my mind. this book is so sound and will

bring peace to your soul. all the father asks is that

you believe jesus - not religion. jesus himself is the


Bill 03 Dec 2011

Hi christopher,

i’m a perpetual backslider myself…so i understand to

some extent your struggle. but hang in there chris.

remember how gentle jesus dealt with the sinners…but

harsh with the “religious” of the day. it may not feel

like it…but jesus loves you…and desires to be gentle

with you too. we usually give up on ourselves long

before god ever gives up on us. and don’t underestimate

the psychological games satan will play with your mind.

i have followed liz’s reading recommendation in the

past…and it’s been very helpful. i would recommend

reading what she suggests. god bless you christopher…i

pray god to strengthen you…and help you to see his love

and passion for you.

Christopher 03 Dec 2011

Thank you so much for the encouraging words! you don't

know how much it helps!

Bill 09 Dec 2011

Hello chris and liz…

as a fellow believer…i just wanted to check in and say

hi to you guys and see how things are going? for

myself…i’m walking and trying to grow…one day at a

time. how are you guys doing?


Zoe 09 Dec 2011

Awsome! i'm growing each day! i'm learning every day

and learning so much about gods mercy. the most

important thing is being sure that god loves us. and

applying love in everything we do. i'm trying to read

my bible every day and not just read it but study it

with other books now. fun christian books remind me

gods got a sense of humour. christian tapes and radio

when i'm feeling weak. i really have found god speaks

to me on there when i'm falling away from my bible. its

a constant battle but its the best battle in the world!

satan get behind me in the name of jesus. i got my war

boots on. you won't win cos you've already been

defeated by the blood of jesus. this is the attitude we

must all have. every day is a new day. don't let satan

tell you different. satan doesn't want you to think

you're on a journey he wants you to think you've fallen

are stuck are not worthy. you already have authority

over all things. realise it. god bless guys. i'm still

trecking x

Christopher 09 Dec 2011

Thank you for caring bill. its one day at a time. god

is soooooooooooooooo good!i am blessed! i thank god

that he is who he is! we are so fortunate to have the

love of god!! just a friendly reminder: stewardship is

a key of growth. the more we concentrate on the needs

of others, the closer we get to god.

Liz 10 Dec 2011


i have been struggling with anxiety since sunday.i am

still trying to nail it down. i found a great book by

joyce meyer titled "straight talk". it appears to have

the answer i'm looking for. the book is help and

encouragement to combat depression, discouragement,

fear, insecurity, loneliness, stress and worry. i am

diving in to it now.

Christina 03 May 2012

I have struggled as a backslider for some time now.

everything seems senseless to me at the moment perhaps

because i have been struggling with problems and feel

that when is god going to give me a turn to have

something go right for me for a change. its like the

wicked are getting blessed and the good are suffering

all the time and i get so angry about it. i want god to

be real to me.... not a fuzzy memory...

Liz 03 May 2012


what has happened is you have lost your first love.

you can rekindle the love you once had by getting the

focus off of yourself and your problems. spend time in

worship where your mind is totally focused on the lord.

if you don't have a church get in one that believes

the bible and moves in the gifts of the holy spirit.

also i recommend a book by beth moore entitled,

"praying god's word". i believe the combination of

these three things will get you back on track. god

bless you.

Getrude 03 Aug 2012

Guys help ..finding it hard to read my bible at all ,

and pray ,have been a christian for a long time , serve

in a local church, even a leader in my church.i watch

and listen to gospel channels only and love god, but i

just cant seem to find time with my bible and pray as i

ought to ,i am worried and unhappy about this please


Bill 08 Aug 2012

Hey getrude...

please explain what is troubling you? is it a time

issue or a relationship issue?

Getrude 08 Aug 2012

Hie bill , i guese its time management issue, just pray

the lord gives me strength to balance my activities (am

a working mom and wife ) so i can have enough personal

time with the lord , or could it mean i`m slowly

backsliding ...

Terry 08 Aug 2012

Hello, i think where people get in trouble is when they

first repent god delivers you from a lot of things and

you are on fire for the lord. you have found that

pearl of great price and throw away everything to serve

him. then over time the devil knowing your weakness

slowly brings things you were delivered from back into

your life. it can be so subtle that you don't even

realize it. satan wants you to be a seed that grows up

among thorns and gets chocked out. then you lose your

first love for the lord and start to cool off and

before you know it satan has you too busy or just

enjoying some worldly things and you start to lose your

desire to read and pray and serve the lord like you

want. the lord isn't gone, but he will let you have

the desires of your heart because he has given you a

free will. use your free will to dig up those things

the devil has put back on you.

Getrude 08 Aug 2012

Thanks terry , now i see whats going on . thanks you

are right , i will do exactly that . god bless you

Terry 17 Aug 2012

Getrude, hope you are doing better. i know it is hard

to get rid of those things the devil has put back on

you. when people get off the main path they follow a

path that comes to an end. they can't go back in time

to get back on the right path. you have to go through

the weeds and stickers to get back. satan will remind

you about the things you done wrong and try to condemn

you. just keep your helment of salvation on and don't

listen to his lies he puts in your mind where the

battle is. remember, jesus said i will never leave you

or forsake you. keep your thoughts and mind on him.

he will restore the rest in your soul and mind and give

you faith. if you fall getting back on the path just

get up and continue until you are back on the right

path and you will then know jesus is leading you

everyday. jesus breaks every fetter. god bless!

Getrude 20 Aug 2012

Yu know terry , its been much better. god answered my

prayer of wanting him to rekindle the fire in again .

thank you for your post ,you might not know it but god

used you to minister something in ma spirit , like the

bible says the word of god is spirit and alive .just

one word can revive someone who was thinking there is

no more hope. lets keep encouraging each other all

around us as we run this race.

Getrude 20 Aug 2012

Guys another thing ,lets pray for the body of christ at

large , so much attacks on the church ,the devil knows

if we are united we can do anything ,lets pray for

unity in the body of christ

Terry 20 Aug 2012

Thinks for your encourging words. i think sometimes

the devil tries to get out minds on what people are

doing. we know sin will grow worse here in the end

times until the cup of inquity is full. just be like

those three monkeys, see no evil, hear no evil and

speak no evil. don't let anything get between you and

jesus christ. keep your mind on him and where we are

going and not on the things of the earth. jesus is

comming soon and his bride has made herself ready.

Elle 20 Dec 2012

I've also been backsliding many, many times.. it

somehow makes me guilty of whether god will still

forgive me because i repeatedly sin against him.. and

sometimes, i sin despite knowing that god's heart will

be broken. i always seem to forget the good things that

god has done for me. now, i wanted to ask god's

forgiveness again, but what i think i need is for me to

forgive myself and believe that god loves me even

though i break his heart many many times. help me grow

as a christian.

Terry 20 Dec 2012

Elle, what got me back to the lord one time was getting

rebaptized in the name of jesus christ. peter who had

the keys to the kingdom said in acts 2:38 to be

baptized in the name of jesus christ. matt. 28:19

jesus told his deciples to baptize in the name of the

father, son and holy ghost. then 10 days later they

ask peter what to do to be saved. peter told them to

be baptized in the name of jesus christ. why didn't he

say father, son and holy ghost? because he had the

revelation of who the father , son and holy ghost is,

the lord jesus christ. you can find a church that

baptizes in the name of jesus christ at

god bless!

Chris 27 Dec 2012

I have backslidden many times and the last time got so

bad that i rationalized my sin and felt like there was

nothing wrong with it and i didn't need a savior...the

gospel became "foolishness to me". i denounced my

faith to family and friends claimed to be agnostic and

argued that i could not believe in a god that would

send people to hell. just over the past two weeks i

have been convicted of my arrogance and sin and am

pursuing the savior jesus but i fear that it is of my

flesh and not his spirit...i am praying that god will

lead me down the path of true repentance but am often

frightened that hebrews 6 and 10 mean that i will only

have judgment to look forward to.

Terry 27 Dec 2012

Chris, just repent again and find a church that

baptizes in the name of jesus christ instead of the

titles of father, son and holy ghost and get rebaptized

in the name of jesus christ. go to vog recordings at and find a church in your area that

baptizes according to acts 2:38. also go to

and type in william branham and watch some videos of

god's end time prophet to the gentiles who has the

spirit of elijah. god will take you back because he

wouldn't have called you in the first place if he

didn't have a purpose for your life. acts 2:38 is

god's provided route to himself. you have to do all

three parts of that verse.

Bill 29 Dec 2012


i have also struggled with hebrews 6 and 10 more than

i can tell you. i also can tell you that i had a great

christian friend tell me that god's bark is worse than

his bite. may be hard for you to get this

right now...but god wants you more than you want him.

just remember, satan is hard at work on you...just like

the rest of us.

hange in there chris...

Sami 14 Feb 2013

Guys i really need help. i kept backsliding and turning

back to my sins, then 2 years ago i started getting

haunted by hebrews 6 and 10. i believe that god has

shut the door on me and im going to hell with no way

out. satan has done terrible things to me and im in and

out of hospitals. im addicted to drugs, adultery, and

idoltery and i never stop sinning even though i have

knowledge of the truth. god no longer answers my

prayers and i feel like im under a terrible curse.

please help!

Getrude 15 Feb 2013

Hi sami,

its not too late , the first thing you need to

understand is god loved us even before we knew him .rom

5 vs 8

the devil is lying to you god does not condem you his

mercy endures for ever psalm 100vs 5 .god does not hate

you ,he hates the sin in you , and you are not the sin

you commit.the devil is the one who condems you , great

man of god in the bible sinned david commited murder

adultary etc , but still god said he is a man after my

heart , if you do wrong things to your natural father

does it mean you cease to be your father child , no the

same with god ,he is our father foerever, all you have

to do first is deal with the condenmation spirit by

knowing that nothing can separate you from the love of

god . to continue

Getrude 15 Feb 2013

To sami

second repent and ask your father god for forgiveness

he is faithfull to forgive us 1 john 1vs 9 .you also

need support of a good spiritual leader who will pray

for you for restoration and to break the power of satan

over your life . its not too late , you can over come

it , change your environment ,to avoid being hooked

again into those things ,it could mean avoid your

friends and places you hang out until you strong enough

to resist all the temptation , flee from whatever can

link you ,wrong music ,movies friends etc , keep your

self busy with things that encourage you for go ,church

meetings ,christian music ,etc. i will pray for you its

not too late as long as you are still breathing .

sister in christ


Bill 15 Feb 2013

Hi sami,

i totally agree with getrude. she is spot on.

sami...a lot of us have been there and have been

through those scary verses. but as getrude stated, god

loves you more than you can imagine. those terrible

feelings you have are not from god...they are from

satan. follow what getrude stated...and keep praying

and keep your eyes on him. you may have failures but he

won't give up on you.

bless you sami...we will pray with you.

Terry 15 Feb 2013

Dear sami, listen carefully. god hasn't left you or he

wouldn't have called you in the first place. here is

what to do. repent again and then get rebaptized in

the name of jesus christ according to acts 2:38. you

can find a church in your area by going to once you are rebaptized in the name

of jesus christ instead of the titles of father, son

and holy ghost god's spirit will deliver you and break

your fetters. after that go to and

type william branham in the search and watch as many

videos you can. when you do what the word says then

you receive what the word says and acts 2:38 says after

you repent and are baptized in the name of jesus christ

you shall receive the gift of the holy ghost. got


Terry 15 Feb 2013

Dear gertrude, i just read your post again you wrote to

me on aug. 20, 2012. when i was reading it god's

spirit came all over me. i am still feeling it and

it's hard to write this with the tears in my eyes. i

can't tell you how much i appreciate you for letting

god use you. i love you in jesus christ and will

remember you in prayer. god bless you my precious


Christopher 16 Feb 2013

Sami, all of your sins, past, present and future, are

already paid for; all you have to do is receive it!

also, if you are born again, you are a new creature;

all you have to do is believe it and walk in it. a

sinner is a sinner in nature first, and commits sins as

a result of being a sinner by nature. you are a new

creature, made righteous by god; believe it and walk in

it. it is christ living in you that enables you to live

a clean life; this does not occur because of your

will-power! that's the whole point; christ paid the

price for the sinner's sin, remakes him into a

righteous person thru adoption, then empowers him to

live righteously.

Christopher 16 Feb 2013

Remember romans 4:2-3 "for if abraham were justified by

works, he hath whereof to glory; but not before god.

for what saith the scripture? abraham believed god, and

it was counted unto him for righteousness" was

abraham's belief in god that made him righteous, not

his works. abraham performed righteous acts because he

believed that god made him righteous. we cannot justify

our salvation by our works; that's religion! it is

christ who justifies! believe that you are righteous

then walk in it!

Christopher 16 Feb 2013

The devil is a liar! god loves you and has proven it by

not sparing his son! do you think your accumulative

sins are greater than the blood of christ? his blood is

overpayment for the combined sins of the world!!! pray

to him, repent and ask for his forgiveness, then walk

in it! god bless you!

Christopher 16 Feb 2013

If you cover a pig with feathers and teach it to sing,

it still wont be a canary; as soon as it sees mud, it

will jump in because it is a pig. to be a canary, the

pig must die and be reborn as a canary. if it is reborn

as a canary, but still believes it is a pig, it will

act like a pig, even though it is a canary. so it is

with sinner and saint.

Christopher 16 Feb 2013

Once the canary accepts and believes it was reborn as a

canary, it will no longer act out as a pig. believe and

know that you are a new creature in christ, justified

by his blood and you will find that sin no longer has

power over you. walk in it, not in your strength, but

in his..

Sami 17 Feb 2013

Well i know im on my way to hell, and everytime i try

to repent, satan oppresses me even worst and i dont

feel like im being helped. i just feel abandoned by

god. this has been going on for 2 years now. i have

more evidence that i cant be saved then i can be saved.

it seems like god is angry with me all the time because

ever since ive became a believer (8 years ago) ive been

disobedient and continue to sin.

Liz 17 Feb 2013

Sami, put yourself in the right surroundings. are you

in a bible believing church that beliebes in the

infilling of the holy spirit? remember the battle is in

the mind and youre feeling like youve lost your

salvation because of the lies satan is putting in your

mind. a mind stayed on god is a peaceful mind. get in

church and go to evetything they offer. you need a

total lifestyle change to help yourself.

Bill 17 Feb 2013

Hi sami,

i know you're going through a difficult struggle right

now. but please remember a couple of things. first, god

said he is faithful to forgive you when you (1john 1:9). don't trust

yourself or satan...but trust god's promise. and you

can hold god to it. second, god's attitude toward you

is the same as his attitude toward the prodigal son.

read luke 15:11-24. read over and over and over until

it really sinks in. remember sami, there will be more

joy in heaven over one sinner who repents than over

ninety-nine just persons who need no repentance. god

bless you.

Christopher 17 Feb 2013

Sami, god called gideon "a mighty man of valor" when he

was hiding from the midians; he believed god instead of

his circumstances and became a mighty man of valor!

don't believe the lies of the devil, your actions, your

emotions or god!

Christopher 17 Feb 2013

Solomon under the shadow of the holy spirit, wrote in

proverbs, "as a man thinketh, so is he"..if you believe

you're doomed, you are. you must trust god; his power,

his love and mercy are infinitely greater than your


Christopher 17 Feb 2013

Sami, when god told abraham he was going to have a son,

abraham trusted in god's word (that god was willing and

able to accomplish what he said he would)instead of his

old, useless body, and he fathered a son! the tree that

is planted by living water bears fruit! you were dead

in sins before; he has quickened you unto life eternal!

believe it!

Gary 17 Feb 2013

Sami dont give up the horrible feeling you have are

tools that the enemy uses to get you to say in your

heart, i might as well keep on sinning since i'm lost

anyway, dare to believe that you free and try to use

your faith to stand against the feeling (lies) that the

enemy uses to try and destroy you.

Getrude 18 Feb 2013

Thank you so much every body for yr responses to sister

sami .terry my brother , i cant begin to say, god used

you and brother bill at a time when i felt so lost ,

and you know since that time you ministered to me

august 2012 the fire was rekindled . so guys lets not

stop encouraging each other, for all this we are doing

is working i am a testimony to it. god bless you all

and keep you . love your sister in christ

Sami 18 Feb 2013

Thank you guys for the help. does anyone know of any

sermons, websites or teachings about backsliding like

this one? anything that can help me believe that i can

still be forgiven and that god will accept me back?

Christopher 19 Feb 2013 is the world renown pastor

david wilkerson's (author of the "cross and the

switchblade")church! full of sermons covering every

conceivable issue! these are holy spirit filled

ministers speaking from god's heart to you! god bless


Getrude 19 Feb 2013

Hi sami , christopher i have listned to david wilkerson

sermons and have been encouraged .the web adress i have

to listen to some of his sermons is

Christopher 19 Feb 2013

Great! as elijah's mantle was passed on to elisha, so

has david wilkerson's (who went home to be with the

lord) been passed on to pastor carter conlon. check out

the website and download to your heart's content! you

wont be sorry!

Terry 19 Feb 2013

Hello, david wilkerson was a good preacher, but he

preached before baptism in the name of jesus christ was

restored by god's prophet william branham. there are

only seven church age messengers and paul was the first

one and william branham is the seventh one. william

branham has the spirit of elijah which god uses five

times. he also fulfiled rev. 10:7 and malachi 4:5 and

6. you can listen to what god spoke through him at you can also watch videos of him by

typing william branham in search at john

who had the spirit of elijah fulfils the part of

malachi 6 that turns the hearts of the fathers to the

children and bro. branham fulfils the part that turns

the hearts of the children to their fathers. where

paul taught baptism in the name of jesus christ william

branham taught the same.

Terry 19 Feb 2013

Sami, i already told you what to do to get back with

the lord. did you find a church that baptizes in the

name of jesus christ and get rebaptized? do you really

want to get back to the lord? remember everybody in

the bible was baptized in the name of jesus christ and

not the titles of father, son and holy ghost. those

are titles of the name. the name of the father, son

and holy ghost is the lord jesus christ and peter who

has the keys to the kingdom had that revelation and

that is why he said to be baptized in the name of jesus

christ in acts 2:38. repent again and do this second

part of acts 2:38 and god will do the third part and

give you the gift of the holy ghost. don't let satan

rob you of this truth. just act upon acts 2:38 and you

will receive the results of what that verse says.

Terry 19 Feb 2013

You can go to voice of god recordings at

from there you can get two books. one is an exposition

of the seven church ages and the other one is the

revelation of the seven seals. the revelation of the

seven church ages explains how the gentile dispenstion

which is 2000 years is divided into seven church ages.

each church age had a church age messenger. the seven

seals book explains how satan comes against the church

with a white, red, black and pale horse and how god

raised up a messenger to each church age to come

against what satan has done and will do. that is why

god raised up his prophet william branham here in the

last church age to call out his bride from these

churches that use a false baptism. the churches that

baptize in the titles of father, son and holy ghost are

the foolish virgins. those that hear what god spoke

through his prophet will get rebaptized in the name of

jesus christ and they are the wise virgins.

Christopher 19 Feb 2013

One should be cautious about any person who designates

himself a "special" messenger from god, and we should

be careful not to deify or reward accolades to any

person. god alone is worthy of praise, not man; we are

merely vessels. the ax cannot boast itself against the

hewer. i suggested a pastor to sami but that pastor is

also merely a vessel, as was elijah..

Christopher 19 Feb 2013

The point here is to convince sami that even sin cannot

separate one from the love of god, for god sent his

beloved son to die for us while we were sinners! there

is no formula for salvation that involves human input.

sami needs to repent, read the bible daily, meditate on

god's word daily, pray ceaselessly, obey and examine

the heart; we must choose god! return to god with all

your heart and he will cleanse you of all sins..

Terry 19 Feb 2013

God has a fivefold ministry which includes prophets.

there is only one prophet sent to the gentiles here in

the last church age who is william branham. he has the

spirit of elijah and the only ministry to pull the

bride out of these denominational churches that stay

with the mother harlot's false baptism in titles of

father, son and holy ghost instead of the name of jesus

christ. god raised five men from the dead through his

prophet. william branham is a vindicated prophet.

what god done through him we don't give bro. branham

the credit, but we give credit to jesus christ who was

in bro branham doing the works that was done. it was

god speaking through his prophet william branham.

there is only one seventh church age messenger and that

is william branham. there won't be another.

Terry 19 Feb 2013

There are many false prophets in the world and many

religions. there is only one truth which is the lord

jesus christ and only one true prophet to this

laodecian (last) church age who is william branham. we

don't treat his office anymore then the first church

age messenger paul. the word always comes to the

prophets and god always uses one prophet at a time.

brother branham is the only prophet that fulfils rev.

10:7, but in the days of the voice of the seventh angel

(earthly messenger) when he shall began to sound the

mystery of god should be finished as he hath declared

to his servents the prophets. one god and one prophet

to this age. hear ye him.

Terry 19 Feb 2013

You can get an exposition of the seven church ages and

the revelation of the seven seals at you

can also listen to all god spoke through him at this

website which is voice of god recordings. you can also

get his life story. you can get all his sermons in

print or on disk. at this website you can also read or

listen to all god spoke through his end time prophet to

the gentiles who has the spirit of elijah and who is

the seventh church age messenger. god uses the spirit

of elijah five times (grace). first on elijah then

elisah then john and then william branham and god will

use it one more time after he trurns back to the

gentiles which lays right in our future. william

branhan has thus saith the lord because it was god

speaking through his vindicated prophet. god spoke the

same truth through bro branham that he did through paul

and peter who had the keys to the kingdom. acts 2:38

is thus saith the lord.

Terry 19 Feb 2013

In my last post i meant to say when god turns back to

the jews. not the gentiles. he has been taking his

bride out of the gentiles now for 2000 years. it is

almost over. we are right at the end of the laodecian

church age which is the last. the seventh church age

messenger has already come. now what god has spoke

through him is going all over the world pulling out his

bride from these organized religions. we now have thus

saith the lord spoke by god through his end time

prophet that takes his bride back to the truth they had

in the first church age where paul was the messenger.

to see who was the messengers to the second to the

sixth church ages get the revelation of the seven

church ages. you can accept acts 2:38 and get

rebaptized in the name of jesus christ or you can

reject that truth with your free will. the decision is

up to you. you are not ignorant of that truth now. or

you can stay with the false baptism in titles which

isn't a name at all.

Terry 19 Feb 2013

Remember god hides himself in simplicity and reveals

himself in the same. the truth has to come by

revelation. god has to show it to you. it is hid from

the wise and prudent and revealed unto babes such as

would learn. just like the natural birth which types

the spiritual there is blood, water and then life. it

takes all three to be born again of the spirit. first

repent and you receive the blood and are delivered from

unbelief. many people stop there and receive the false

baptism in titles instead of the name of jesus christ

and don't get the baptism of the holy ghost. second

get baptized in the name of jesus christ, water. then

the third god does himself and gives you the gift of

the holy ghost. many people repent have an experiance

and are delivered from unbelief but leave the second

part undone which keeps them from receiving the third

part of that verse, spirit, holy ghost.

Sami 19 Feb 2013

Ya i cant even read the bible anymore because there is

some verses that terrify me so much. im probably going

to give up, ive been looking for hope for 2 years now

and nothing is changing. i cried out to god last night

begging and pleading for forgiveness, peace, and

another chance. god used to answer every prayer now he

just ignores me, just like the proverbs says "he

ignores the wicked" and isaiah says "no peace for the

wicked". whatever im going to hell and theres no way

out of it

Christopher 19 Feb 2013

Sami, god answered you in his word! if you're looking

for an excuse to give up on god, you'll find one even

if you have to conjure it up yourself. truth is, god

looooovvvvveeeees you with an infinite love that is

beyond human comprehension! jesus did not come to

condemn, but to save! why are you allowing the devil to

present a false image of god to you? god loves you! god

loves you!

Christopher 19 Feb 2013

Sami, god forgave you! stop waiting for a sign or

voices to confirm this! if you asked for forgiveness,

he has forgiven you! its done! for we walk by faith,

not by sight! without faith, it is impossible to please

god! believe what he says in his word! adam fell

because he allowed satan to paint a false picture of

god! don't let him do the same to you!

Christopher 19 Feb 2013

Terry, i don't know who god passed the mantle of elijah

to after elisha because it wasn't written in his word.

i stay within the confines of god's word, where it is

safe, and wait for fresh revelations from the holy

spirit and from his ministers of the words which is

already written. i've not heard of the branhams but i

will look them up. thank you for the information.

Bill 19 Feb 2013

Hi sami,

thank you for staying in touch on this site. sami…many

of us on this site are here because we have gone

through the terrible experience of

backsliding…sometimes many times over and over. we are

here as proof of god’s forgiveness and love. sami…i

want you to realize something. we are all

broken…terribly broken and full of sin…even if it’s

hidden in our hearts. you are no different from us all.

jesus died and paid the penalty for all of us. the only

difference for you…is your feelings of self

condemnation overwhelming you. and you best believe

that is exactly what satan wants you to feel.


Bill 19 Feb 2013

(continued) i spent many years terrorized by

scripture…feeling i was doomed forever without any hope

or pray…for the same reasons you stated. after burning

myself out with tears and fear…i realized god has been

telling me and all of us all along…we are hopeless and

completely sinful…that’s why jesus had to go through

that horrific experience…for me and for you sami…and

all of us. so don’t give up sami. dump all of it on

god’s shoulders…he heard you sami…now be still and let

him be your god again. don’t concentrate on your sins

sami…that’s god’s problem to fix. you concentrate on

getting to know who jesus really is and getting to know

how good god is.

and come back soon to your friends here on this site.

Bill 20 Feb 2013

Hi sami,

one more thing...i want to leave you with just a few

of my favorite verses for you to meditate on...and

they're not frightening:

isa 1:18 "come now, and let us reason together," says

the lord, "though your sins are like scarlet, they

shall be as white as snow; though they are red like

crimson, they shall be as wool.

joe 2:13 so rend your heart, and not your garments;

return to the lord your god, for he is gracious and

merciful, slow to anger, and of great kindness; and he

relents from doing harm.

2pe 3:9 the lord is not slack concerning his promise,

as some count slackness, but is longsuffering toward

us, not willing that any should perish but that all

should come to repentance.

Bill 20 Feb 2013

Jer 3:12 "go and proclaim these words toward the north,

and say: 'return, backsliding israel,' says the lord;

'i will not cause my anger to fall on you. for i am

merciful,' says the lord; 'i will not remain angry


mic 7:18 who is a god like you, pardoning iniquity and

passing over the transgression of the remnant of his

heritage? he does not retain his anger forever, because

he delights in mercy.

psa 103:8 the lord is merciful and gracious, slow to

anger, and abounding in mercy.

psa 145:8 the lord is gracious and full of compassion,

slow to anger and great in mercy.

psa 86:15 but you, o lord, are a god full of

compassion, and gracious, longsuffering and abundant in

mercy and truth.

Sami 20 Feb 2013

Thanks chris and bill. i do love those verses. i wish

my faith would grow but it never does. and my sins are

really bad and constant. i think of myself as wise,

judge others, commit adultery all day long, use drugs,

sell drugs, i dont take care of my sick grandparents, i

have purposely walked away from god after already being

cleansed from these very thingsand now im oppressed by

demons and i dont have any faith anymore,im also

separated from god and have no fellowship whatsoever.

Chris 20 Feb 2013

Hey sami, you are in good company here, i struggle with

these verses as well..i posted about my struggles with

heb 6 and 10 just a couple of months ago, now i am

choosing to have faith in all the promises that

everyone has shared with you, but i still struggle with

those verses. my encouragement to you is allow those

verses to have their work in your life. when those

verses weigh on you b/c you have willfully sinned and

you have fallen away use that as an opportunity to

repent of your sin and turn to god. our sin is not

trite matter. again, i am believing that it is not to

late for me and it is not to late for you either, but

when you read those verses and feel condemned repent

and then praise god for his love and mercy! b/c that

condemnation would be a true just judgment on you and

all of us, but god in his love and mercy sacrificed his

only son on our behalf...dont disbelieve, believe!

Chris 20 Feb 2013

Hang in there sami! dont give up! repent and turn to

god with your whole heart! if satan or his demons

oppress you with their lies (b/c he is the father of

lies) and they tell you of how your sin disqualifies

you; agree with them! your sin does disqualify

you...but that is only half the story...the other half

says that you are qualified by jesus christ alone! and

his requirement? believe!...the israelites that got bit

by the serpents just had to look on the serpent that

moses lifted up to be healed...and you just have to

look on jesus who heals your "disqualification"....

Chris 20 Feb 2013

Finally, do any of my brothers and sisters on this site

have an understanding of these passages in hebrews? i

trust that god will either leave them in my life to

keep me humble and to tremble at his word. and if so

praise him! but if someone has a clear understanding on

hebrews 6 and 10 i would love to hear.

god bless you all...i love this thread and when i read

through it and i am reminded of jesus saying, "i come

not to call the righteous, but the sinners to

repentance" praise god our steadfast loving father and

jesus christ his son!

Bill 20 Feb 2013

Chris, i found what you said really encouraging…and i

think you are spot on! as far as hebrews…it’s been

awhile since i studied those verses in 6 and 10. i

think part of the problem most of us have is that it’s

not really saying what it first sounds like. that book

is addressing a very specific audience. they were jews

struggling between walking with the new knowledge of

jesus’ sacrifice and the old way of sacrifice in the

old testament. i believe it is referring to what’s in

those believers mind…and not what god is saying of

himself. i’m going to re-study it again to have a

better answer. but as you know chris…if it meant what

we fear…then israel was finished a long long time ago.

and for that matter…so wouldn’t most

christians…including king david. so we know our first

impression of that scripture must be off.

Bill 20 Feb 2013

Sami…you see…we are all struggling…your sins are no

worse than ours. believe sami, god loves you more than

you can possibly conceive. he’s not going to give up on

you…so don’t you give up on him. he is faithful to

forgive…it’s his promise to us…there is no debate on

that piece of scripture (1jo 1:9 if we confess our

sins, he is faithful and just to forgive us our sins

and to cleanse us from all unrighteousness).

Terry 20 Feb 2013

hebrews 10:26 for if we sin wilfully after that we

have received the knowledge of the truth, there

remaineth no more sacrifice for sins.

this verse gave me fear until i received the

revelational meaning of it. those who do this never

knew the lord. they are people who hear the word and

only receice the knowledge of it only and then refuse

to accept it. it doesn't apply to a person who has

repented and god made himself know to that person.

they don't just receive the knowledge of the truth, but

they receive jesus christ and cannot sin wilfully

seeing their nature has been changed. read romans 7:17

to 25. i will try to post it here if it isn't too

long. the word has to be revealed to you. it has to

come by revelation. 2 peter 3:16 says: as also in all

his epistles, speaking in them of these things; in

which are some things hard to be understood, which they

that are unlearned and unstable twist, as they do also

the other scriptures, unto their own destruction

Terry 20 Feb 2013

Romans 7:17 to 25.

17 now then it is no more i that do it, but sin that

dwelleth in me.

18 for i know that in me (that is, in my flesh,)

dwelleth no good thing: for to will is present with me;

but how to perform that which is good i find not.

19 for the good that i would i do not: but the evil

which i would not, that i do.

20 now if i do that i would not, it is no more i that

do it, but sin that dwelleth in me.

21 i find then a law, that, when i would do good, evil

is present with me.

22 for i delight in the law of god after the inward


23 but i see another law in my members, warring

against the law of my mind, and bringing me into

captivity to the law of sin which is in my members.

24 o wretched man that i am! who shall deliver me from

the body of this death?

25 i thank god through jesus christ our lord. so then

with the mind i myself serve the law of god; but with

the flesh the law of sin.

Terry 20 Feb 2013

When william marroin branham was born the angel of the

lord appeared above his bed in burksville, ky. it was

the same angel of the lord that led the children of

israel through the wilderness in a pillar of fire. the

angel spoke to bro. branham all his life. when he was

young the angel of the lore appeared to him in a

whirlwind in a tree and told him to never drink or

smoke or defile his body in any way because there would

be a work for him to do later. this was before he even

repented. later the angel of the lord appeared to him

and gave him his commission. the same angel came to

him each night when he preached the revelation of the

seven seals and gave him the revelation of each seal

before he preached them. to hear how the angel

appeared to him you can listen to the sermon titled,

how the angel came to me preached nov. 7, 1953. you

can read or listen to this sermon at

Terry 20 Feb 2013

God's prophet william branham who has the spirit of

elijah and is the seventh (last) church age messenger

fufills these verses: rev. 10:7 and malachi 4:5 and

part of 6. john fulfiled the part of 6 that turns the

hearts of the fathers to the childern and bro. branham

fulfils the part that turns the hearts of the children

to their fathers (the apostolic fathers in the first

church age). you can listen yo god's prophet at and type william branham in search and

watch the second video down. b9ff9

Christopher 20 Feb 2013

Terry, none of what your saying about william branham

is scriptural, the only method of information the

christian should accept as fact; you refer to specific

occurrences as if they were indisputable facts. the

"angel of the lord" is not an angel at all, but

pre-incarnate christ, the same who accepted worship,

met joshua on the battlefield, moses in the burning

bush, wrestled with jacob and led israel through the


Christopher 20 Feb 2013

Christ, the angel of the lord, now sits at god's right

hand so the angel that allegedly visited mr. branham

cannot be the same that led israel through the


Sami 20 Feb 2013

If thats what hebrews 10:26 really means then im doomed

Christopher 20 Feb 2013

Sami, king david sinned willfully against the lord when

he had bathsheba's husband murdered and took her to be

his consort; god forgave him. jesus' disciples

willfully denied him and he forgave them. even after

israel's apostasy, god restored her. the question here

is do you want to be with lord or not? you abandoned

him; he will never abandon you. he died for you when

you didn't know him or cared to know him. remember


Christopher 20 Feb 2013

God isnt always going to confirm his relationship with

you in a tangible manner because he did it in his word.

you must now exercise faith. sometimes, god likes to be

wooed as well. this is after all, a love affair! seek

after god and he will turn to you!

Christopher 20 Feb 2013

Genesis 16:7–14. the angel of the lord appears to

hagar. the angel speaks as god in the first person, and

in verse 13 hagar identifies the visitor as a god.

genesis 22:11–15. the angel of the lord appears to

abraham and refers to god in the first person.

exodus 3:2–4. the angel of the lord appears to moses

in a flame in verse 2, and god speaks to moses from the

flame in verse 4.

numbers 22:22–38. the angel of the lord meets the

prophet balaam on the road. in verse 38, balaam

identifies the angel who spoke to him as delivering the

word of god.

Christopher 20 Feb 2013

Genesis 31:11. the angel of god calls out to jacob in a

dream and tells him "i am the god of bethel".

exodus 23:20-21. the lord says he will send an angel

before the israelites, and warns them to obey the

angel's voice, and that the angel "will not pardon

transgressions" because the lord's "name is in

angel that paardons sins?

Christopher 20 Feb 2013

Judges 13:3–22. the angel of the lord appears to manoah

and his wife. in verse 16, differentiates himself from

god. ("and the angel of the lord said unto manoah. .

.if thou wilt offer a burnt offering, thou must offer

it unto the lord.") is there any doubt that the angel

of god depicted here, is god himself? he calls himself

god, accepts worship and pardons sins. was it not

pre-incarnate christ? the holy spirit does not appear

to accept worship in scripture, so this must be christ.

Sami 20 Feb 2013

I tried crying out to god lastnight and i begged him to

not allow my situation to get worst then today my

torment has been so much more severe. i cant stop

thinking about hell, and i feel doomed. i cant find any

way of getting relief from this

Christopher 20 Feb 2013

Sami, how were you expecting god to answer you? has he

spoken to you with audible words? how do you know that

he hasn't answered your prayers? you might feel

condemned, but feeling are nothing; the devil can use

them to your chagrin. trust what god says in his love

letter to you! are you sure that you're not doing

something actively to remain in your situation? god

gave you free will..

Christopher 20 Feb 2013

Keep your eyes on jesus, not on yourself! read the

word, look for him in both the old and new testament.

pray often as you can, thanking and praising god for

all the good and bad in your life! go to a church that

preaches the gospel unadulterated, do something for

someone who cant pay you back, tithe; your heart will


Getrude 21 Feb 2013

Hi sami, our reletion with god is based on faith on

what he said in his word . feelings have nothing to do

with it . you accept forgiveness by faith because he

said in his word 1 john 1 vs 9 if we confess he is

faithfull to forgive us . you do not feel forgiven ,you

know you are forgiven because it is said so in his word

that settles it . christopher is right build your

belief system on what is written in the word and when

feelings or thoughts come bring them unto subjection to

the obidience of christ by rebuking them and declaring

the word of god , 2nd cori 10 vs 5

Getrude 21 Feb 2013

Hi sami, our reletionship with god is based on faith

on what he said in his word . feelings have nothing to

do with it . you accept forgiveness by faith because he

said in his word 1 john 1 vs 9 if we confess he is

faithfull to forgive us . continue...

Getrude 21 Feb 2013

hi sami you do not feel forgiven ,you know you are

forgiven because it is said so in his word that settles

it . to

christopher is right build your belief system on what

is written in the word and when feelings or thoughts

come bring them unto subjection to the obidience of

christ by rebuking them and declaring the word of god ,

2nd cori 10 vs 5

Chris 21 Feb 2013

Sami, i would also encourage you to look at repentance

itself a little bit different. try to not make it

conditional, such as; i confess or repent so that god

will...(specifically forgive and restore) instead

confess and repent b/c god's just judgement is true and

you agree with it...

for instance; when jonah preached to the ninevites and

told them of god's judgement on them, they repented,

but their response was not let us repent so that he

will forgive. instead it was let us repent and who

knows maybe he will forgive...the second repentance is

one that agrees with gods judgement...

all that to say christopher and getrude are totally

right as must ground yourself in the truth

of his word including the fact that if we confess he is

faithful and just to forgive and cleanse...

Chris 21 Feb 2013

Also, when your surroundings, circumstances and

feelings dont change for the better immediately it is a

great opportunity for you to exercise faith. think

about it, it is easy to believe when "all is right" in

our lives, but when you are in the valley it is a lot

more difficult...

one more thought...the prodigal son got to "the end of

his rope" before he realized that he could go home and

have a better life as his fathers servant...the bible

is silent about his journey home but i think it is safe

to speculate that when he started walking home he

probably struggled with a lot of doubts about how he

would be received by his father (probably a little bit

of a "valley" in itself) but what the bible is not

silent on is his fathers response...when he saw his son

on the horizon walking home his father ran to meet


Chris 21 Feb 2013

Sami in the 180 degree turn of repentance there can be

a lot of stuff to deal with...but ground yourself in

the truth, his truth is an anchor in life's

storms...and never give up! as long as their is breath

in your lungs there is still time to turn from yourself

and your own "righteousness" to him and his


Terry 21 Feb 2013

When the bible says jesus sets at the right hand of god

it doesn't mean jesus and god are two persons. jesus

christ is god. right hand means right hand of power.

the father, son and holy ghost is all three jesus

christ, not three gods. heathens believe in many gods,

but jesus said when you have seen me you have seen the

father. when you get baptized in the name of jesus

christ you receive this revelation. bro. branham was

visited many times by the angel of the lord. the same

angel paul spoke to.

Terry 21 Feb 2013

No man can look at god and live, but moses seen his

back parts and said it looked like a man. christopher,

the times god appeared like you said to joshua he was

in another form where he could appear to man. the

pillar of fire hung in the air in bro. branham's room

and then changed into a form that looked like a man and

gave bro. branham his commission. listen to what bro.

branham said about it himself at type

william branham in search and watch the second video


Terry 21 Feb 2013

There is only one god and that is the lord jesus

christ. remember god hides his truth from the wise and

prudent and reveales it to his predestinated. jesus in

matt. 28:19 told his deciples to go and baptize in the

name (singular) of the father, son and holy ghost.

peter was standing right there. then 10 days later in

acts 2:38 he told the people he was preaching to to be

baptized in the name of jesus christ. why? peter had

received the revelation that the name of the father,

son and holy ghost is the lord jesus christ. not three

gods. i am a man and a dad and a person, but that

isn't my name. father, son and holy ghost are titles

of jesus christ. the word says everything yo do in

word or deed (baptism) do all in the name of jesus

christ. not his titles of father, son and holy ghost.

baptism in those titles is a catholic baptism that was

introduced by the false vine around 325 ad.

Terry 21 Feb 2013

A bride always takes the groom's name. jesus is coming

for his bride he has been taking out of the gentiles

now for the last 2000 years. the word says his wife

has made herself ready. acts 4:12, neither is there

salvation in any other; for there is none other name

under heaven given amoung men whereby we must be saved.

it is important not to reject baptism in the name of

jesus christ. many people repent, but few go on to the

true baptism in the name of jesus christ. that is why

so many never receive the true baptism of the holy

ghost. when you receive the holy ghost who is god

himself and not a second person he will lead you into

all truth. the true baptism in the name of jesus

christ has now been restored by god through his end

time prophet. the same baptism paul and peter taught

and it was god himslef speaking through paul and peter

in his form of the holy ghost. not a third god. god

himself in one of his offices.

Sami 21 Feb 2013

I was baptized in a catholic church when i was a baby.

i was raised as a catholic but i didnt become a

believer until i was 15. i stopped taking part in

catholic rituals when i came to know the bible (age

17). atm i feel like god is really against me because

when i came to christ i turned away because i loved my

sins more then i loved him, if i really loved him i

would of kept his commands. i feel like god is being

very severe with me, and the bible says that he is

severe to those who are fallen. i know it sounds like

im going crazy over this but this is the only thing on

my mind and im terrified that im going to hell.

Terry 21 Feb 2013

Jesus is coming soon and will take his bride out of

this earth before the great triblation period sets in.

the wise virgins (those who has taken his name in

baptism and received the true baptism of the holy

ghost) will be the only ones that will go in the

rapture. the foolish virgins (those that have repented

and received the false catholic baptism in titles

instead of the name of jesus christ) will be left

behind and they will go through the tribulation period

because they didn't get oil (holy ghost) in their

lamps. the holy ghost comes after baptism in the name

of jesus christ. read acts 2:38 yourself. when god

spoke these words through peter acts 2:41 says, then

they that gladly received his word were baptized

(rebaptized) and the same day there were added unto

them about three thousan souls. added to the bride.

they were rebaptized in the name of jesus christ and

received the holy ghost. you will have to come the

same way.

Chris 21 Feb 2013

Hebrews 12:5-6

and have you forgotten the exhortation that addresses

you as sons? “my son, do not regard lightly the

discipline of the lord, nor be weary when reproved by

him. for the lord disciplines the one he loves, and

chastises every son whom he receives.”

hebrews 12:11

for the moment all discipline seems painful rather

than pleasant, but later it yields the peaceful fruit

of righteousness to those who have been trained by it.

Terry 21 Feb 2013

Sami as long as you are away from god you will have no

peace or rest in your soul. satan can only do what god

allows him to do. jesus (god) loves you or he wouldn't

have called you in the first place if he didn't love

you. i know what a terrible suituation you are in, but

there is a solution. repent again and then find a

church that baptizes in the name of jesus christ and

not his titles of father, son and holy ghost. by

acting upon this truth (acts 2:38) god will do what he

says and will fill you with his spirit. then you will

have power over the world your flesh and the devil.

then you will be sealed until the day of your

redemption. the reason you are in the shape you are in

is because you haven't ever been sealed in by the holy

ghost because you haven't been baptized in the name of

jesus christ yet. like david you haven't lost your

salvation, but you have lost the joy of your salvation.

Sami 21 Feb 2013

Can someone please explain to me what luke 13:25-30


Christopher 21 Feb 2013

Jesus is not the father and he is not the spirit. the

father is not jesus nor the spirit, and the spirit is

not jesus nor the father.look at the symbol below. your

information is not scriptural and your promotion of

bro. branham is borderline human deification. there are

three distinct persons in the godhead; this is not


Christopher 21 Feb 2013

Man is similarly three in one, mind, body and soul. all

three is man, yet each is distinct in agency from the

other. to suggest that the father or the spirit hung on

the cross is borderline blasphemy. the scripture says

the word was with god, the word was god and became

jesus. you cannot apply human limitations to god..

Christopher 21 Feb 2013

Luke 13:25-30 refers to those who are religious in

nature but are unconverted and dont have genuine love

for their fellow man. it relates to those who are

pious, and arrogantly believe their religiosity and

dogmatic adherence to ordinances will merit in

judgment. this is a love relationship, not about dos

and donts.

Christopher 21 Feb 2013

What was simply a restoration of a love affair between

god and man, became convoluted into bloated ordinances,

legalism, religiosity, politics, hierarchies, ad

nauseum; there was no love! when one is converted, he

enters into a love affair with god and with his fellow

man, created in god's image. jesus says yeah, you

followed this rule and that, but you never got to know


Christopher 21 Feb 2013

When one knows and loves jesus, he will follow the

commandments by nature; it will no longer be a dry,

loveless adherence to doctrine but a natural, internal

outpouring of genuine love. the woman was rebuked for

pouring her costly oil on jesus,"sell it for the

poor"..this is loveless ordinance, rigidity

masquerading as concern. loving god is our primary

function; everything comes second.

Christopher 21 Feb 2013

Seek first god's kingdom, that is, put as your first

concern the things that are important to god: love god,

spread the gospel to the lost, the object of god's

heart, and alleviate human suffering! terry, sami,

gertrude, chris and everyone else here..this is our

primary function! all other things come second. if you

love your fellow man, you move god's heart!

Christopher 21 Feb 2013

The missing element is love. its what was lost in the

garden. sami, try this: forgive everyone that you have

ought against and watch how quickly god moves in your

life. remember the scripture: when you love your

fellowman, you love god, because man was made in god's

image and is the object of his heart. you, sami are the

object of his heart! if you alone sinned, he would have

still hung on the cross for you alone!

Christopher 21 Feb 2013

By pouring the oil, the woman was doing exactly what

god wants from us: expressing love. she was humbled,

worshiping, full of love and sorrow for her sins, in

other words, she was perfect! jesus chastised the

others, who were judgmental, uncaring, pious and not

hospitable. who do you think jesus welcomed into his


Christopher 21 Feb 2013

“but when the comforter is come whom i will send unto

you from the father, he shall testify of me.” there is

only one god, but he consists of three distinct

persons, father, son and holy spirit. the creator

appeared to adam and eve in visible form in the garden

of eden (genesis 3:8). "this is not a crude

anthropomorphism, but an actual theophany. the ‘word of

god,’ christ in his preincarnate state, regularly

appeared in the garden for fellowship and communication

with his people.

Bill 21 Feb 2013

Hi sami,

you have a group of spirit filled christian sinners

who care about you. do you know why? because that is

god speaking to you. take a deep breath…and slow down.

forget about all those troubling verses for now. stop

lying in bed at night rehearsing scripture that you

think leaves you with only a burning hell that awaits

you. don’t do that. that will only in the end push you

further from god. where you are right now, you’re not

ready for scripture or theology or anything else. you

will only see condemnation in every other verse. slow

down and think clearly (continued).

Bill 21 Feb 2013

God is not mean or cruel. he is not unreasonable. he

has seen it all sami. your sins don’t shock him. and

unfortunately, he usually doesn’t show up at the foot

of our bed at night and say “sami, it’s ok. i forgive

you. now come and walk with me. i have much to show

you” (continued).

Bill 21 Feb 2013

I think you have a lot of things going on in your life

right now that involves more than just your

relationship with god. spend some time thinking…not

about bible verses…but about how you got to be where

you are today. when you get your phd in theology then

you can dive into all those troubling verses. but until

then…just be real with god. tell him everything…and

he’s not deaf…you don’t have to keep asking for

forgiveness. he heard you already. he’s not cold or

hash sami. he just wants you to be honest and real with

him. he created you sami. you’re in his image sami.

he’s stuck with you and you’re stuck with him. you can

quit and run…but he’s never going to give up on you

sami. so come home now sami…be still…and simply ask him

to help you where you’re at today…you can’t fix it…but

he can. he delights in doing miracles. challenge him.

please stay in touch with us.

Christopher 21 Feb 2013

Excellent response, bill, straight from god's heart to

you! i sooooo needed to hear this myself! you packaged

it better than all the theologizing (is there such a

word,lol?)thank you!

Bill 22 Feb 2013

Thank you christopher…i appreciate that. would you

agree that this is a great site? we can express our

weaknesses and help our brothers and sisters at the

same time. it’s a little different from church. we can

be real here.

i like your new creation of the word…theologizing…i’ll

have to remember that…lol.

let’s pray for sami…she’s our sister…she’s in a bad

place right now but god is going to pull her


god bless you christopher,

Getrude 22 Feb 2013

Well expressed guys , i thank god for using you , one

thing i love about this site is everyone expressed from

a sincere heart using what they have gone through

themslves ,its not just about a prepared sermon but

genuine expriences on our journey with lord . indeed

lets keep in touch guys .

Getrude 22 Feb 2013

And to sami , please do keep in touch you are not alone

we love you and will keep praying , this will be a

testimony for you to others ,i declare you will come

out of this situation in jesus`s name.

Christopher 22 Feb 2013

I agree, bill! i thank god for this site, and for you

all! i'm so blessed to be able to hear from you all.

most of all i thank god for being who he is! he's

absolutely wonderful! sami, this gospel is too good to

be true...and yet, it is! it is absolutely, abundantly

far better than we deserve, can hope for or imagine!

glory to god! thank you all!

Gary 24 Feb 2013

I appreciate the words of encouragement from this site.

i have struggled with sexual sin for many years and i

have been through some similar thought processes that

sami is going through, so i understand how hard it is

to stand against it and not totally give up, here is a

link to another site that has helped me

and a specific article about david and bathsheba. keep

fighting sami don't give up.

Gary 24 Feb 2013

Forgot to add the link for the article on david and


here it is.


Terry 26 Feb 2013

Go to and on the bottom right click,

message audio. then in the blank type, the way back.

think you will like this message spoke by god through

his prophet of malachi 4, william marrion branham.

Terry 05 Mar 2013

Sami, how are you doing?

hope all is well with you.

Bill 06 Mar 2013

I was wondering the same thing terry.

guys,let's keep praying for sami.

god bless you terry...and you all.

Sami 11 Mar 2013

Im not doing the greatest. i keep sleeping because i

dont want to face this problem. everytime i think about

the bible it haunts and condemns me. im always thinking

about hell and i came across a verse that really makes

me feel like god doesnt love me anymore like he used to

Terry 12 Mar 2013

Sami, you are letting the enemy twist those verses and

trying to apply them to you. you will continue to do

this without deliverance from this serious condition

you are in. the enemy wants you to be in fear. just

ignore the thoughts he puts in your mind where the

battle is. just simply repent again and go get

rebaptized in the name of jesus christ and god's

anointing will break your fetters the enemy has put on

you. to find a church that baptizes in the name of

jesus christ go to and there is a place

to write joseph branham. tell him what area you live

in and he can give you the name of a message church in

your area. the enemy will try to get you to put this

off so you won't do it at all. don't listen to him.

just simply go do it which is what peter said to do to

receive the gift of the holy ghost. god bless!

Bill 13 Mar 2013

Hi sami,

hey, just hang in there. you’re going to be ok. i’m

afraid of all those scriptures too. but you know what?

the bible tells us that he (jesus) died for the least

of us…are you the least? i feel a lot of times i am.

sami, don’t venture into scripture on your own. if

you’re going to read scripture, do it with someone

along side or with an audio bible study. i don’t want

to push a bible teacher but i found dr. chuck missler

to be a great bible teacher. but you may have to find

what works for you.

Bill 13 Mar 2013

I know sami you probably have a lot of things to work

through…but from someone who has gone through…and

continues to go through…a lot of terrible mistakes…keep

god by your side…hang onto him with a thread…he will

hang on to you tightly. he has seen it all sami…he

knows you…he started loving you when he already knew

what you were going to do in the future. you didn’t

surprise him. you’re a lot harsher on yourself than he

is. and please keep checking in with us sami…you don’t

personally know us…but we are your friends…we have

terrible struggles to share with you also. so please

keep sharing your struggles with us. you’re not alone.

god bell you sami…

Gaeann 19 Mar 2013

Sami, i have those same feelings sometimes, but i

remind myself it's not based on feelings, it's based on

the bible. doing a devotional one morning, the

question asked me who am i in christ. i answered very

quickly without thought: i'm forgiven of my past, i'm

washed clean, i'm a child of god, i'm a person with her

name written on the palm of god's hand, i'm a believer,

i'm someone who has her tears saved by god, i'm someone

who has the hairs on her head numbered by god. you are

the same sami, keep your bible close by, call out to

god, he loves you and all the people that have answered

you are proof, you just have to trust and keep your

faith in him which i know you are or you wouldn't feel

convicted. i pray god will give you peace. gaeann

Gaeann 19 Mar 2013

Sami, i have those same feelings sometimes, but i

remind myself salvation isn't feeling based, it's based

on the bible. doing a devotional one morning, the

question asked me who am i in christ. i answered very

quickly without thought: i'm forgiven of my past, i'm

washed clean, i'm a child of god, i'm a person with her

name written on the palm of god's hand, i'm a believer,

i'm someone who has her tears saved by god, i'm someone

who has the hairs on her head numbered by god. you are

the same sami, keep your bible close by, call out to

god, he loves you and all the people that have answered

you are proof, you just have to trust and keep your

faith in him which i know you are or you wouldn't feel

convicted. i pray god will give you peace. gaeann

Sami 23 Mar 2013

Hey guys. thanks for your help and prayers. i just

started taking antidepressants and they are helping and

my mood is improving so im more productive and not

feeling down all the time. but whenever i think of god

or the scriptures or even try to pray i can feel

torment returning.

Sami 23 Mar 2013

I still think about hell and its always on the back of

my mind, its just not leading me into a terrible

depression like it was before.

Terry 23 Mar 2013

Sami, i have to take antidepressants also plus a lot of

other medications. i believe the lord uses doctors.

if you have a hard time sleeping try lunesta. i cut a

3mg in half and sleep good. my antidepressant is

called mirtazapine. i also take lorazepam for anxiety.

the best prescription though is acts 2:38. hang in

there and acknowledge him in all your ways and he shall

direct your path. lean not to your own understanding.

also pray over your medications before you take them.

god bless!

Gaeann 01 Apr 2013

Sami, i'm so glad you're feeling better; you express

exactly how i feel a lot of the time so it helps me

with my own faith to write to you. satan uses any place

in us where he can grab hold and for us it's in our

confidence that we belong to god. god wants none of us

to perish, and we both believe and want to be with god.

if someone you loved wanted to be with you, would you

say no, you're not good enough? of course not, and god

loves you and me so much more than we can fathom. keep

believing, he's talking to you. with love and prayers,


Laurie 21 May 2013

I have been reading the comments about sami and her

feeling that god does not love her, but sami if you are

reading the bible it is all about god's love. jesus

died on the cross for you! so that you will not parish.

john 3:16 says it all. sami read the word of god and

pray for guidance and understanding, and god will give

it to you.

Laurie 21 May 2013

I have been looking for a church in the lancaster, pa

area is there anyone out there that can recommend a

good bible church?

Terry 21 May 2013

Laurie, go to which is voice of god

recordings and you can write joseph branham from there

and he can tell you of a message church in your area.

acts 2:38.

Sami 21 May 2013

The devil was messing with me so much that i ended up

in the hospital and just got out today, he does this

when ever i start praying or thinking about the bible.

i keep believing that i have crossed a line, beyond

gods forgiveness, after someone said i did.

Gaeann 21 May 2013


i'm glad to hear you are out of the hospital. please

remember, nothing can separate us from god. nothing.

you are his. love, peace and prayers, gaeann

Jim 17 Jun 2013

After reading all the posts of all those that have

turned away from the living god really breaks my heart

to the point of tears. but i too years ago did the

same thing but by the grace of almighty god he brought

me back. as with adam and eve and every bible

character and all of us today god gives us all the

freedom of choice. we can lose our salvation but the

good news is we can also repent of our evil ways and

return to our god, but we need to remember not to wait

bc once we die and we havnt repented its too late we

wont make it to heaven. so, i pray for all of you

struggling out there that our gracious father will have

mercy on you all!

Seth 02 Jul 2013

Terry, you are pushing a cult and false prophet

brother, stay away dude or satan will use that

deception to sneakily send you to hell.

Terry 02 Jul 2013

Seth you sound like one of those denominational

believers that haven't been rebaptized in the name of

jesus christ instead of the titles of father, son and

holy ghost. william branham is the seventh church age

messenger who has the spirit of elijah. just get

baptized according to acts 2:38 and god will reveal it

to you.

Seth 02 Jul 2013

Terry i have been babtized in the name of jesus christ,

you need to be babtized in the holy spirit the helper

that god has sent then you can have wisdom in your

spirit. what you are into is deceptive wickedness from

the enemy, once this guy has people trusting and

believing he is a great prophet, then he starts

controlling and having you do wicked things in the name

of god. people stay away from terry and what he is

promoting, stick to your bible and seeking jesus with

your entire heart. terry ill be praying for you bro.

Terry 03 Jul 2013

Seth, i have received the holy ghost long ago and the

holy ghost isn't a seperate person from jesus christ.

father, son and holy ghost are titles of the same

person, the lord jesus christ. if you have received

the holy ghost your spirit wouldn't come against what

god spoke through his prophet william branham. the

spirit in you will either lead you to truth or away

from truth. bro. branham fulfilled malachi 4 which

turns the hearts of the children back to their fathers

and he also fulfils rev. 10:7. you are misssing the

bride message by not hearing what god spoke through him

and also you are in danger of blaspheming the holy

ghost by speaking against that truth and those that

have received that revelation. you said those that

believe william branham is a prophet is are in a cult.

you can't speak against the bride of jesus christ and

not speak against god himself because they are one. it

would be wise to not speak against what you are

ignorant of.

Seth 03 Jul 2013

see here we go, now this william is equal to christ,

this is cult 100% again stay away from this wickedness

Seth 03 Jul 2013

The church is the bride of christ, and william is

false, phony, fraud, of the enemy, demonic, etc.


Seth 03 Jul 2013

William claimed an angel did hid works and he had an

angel revealing things. well this is not biblical but

read 2 corinthians 11: 13-15 and see where his

supernatural abilities came from. he was false!

Terry 03 Jul 2013

Where did i say william branham was equal to christ?

you are saying i said things i didn't say, seth. the

bride of jesus christ will take the grooms name just

like in the natural. william branham has the ministry

that pulls the bride out of the false trinity

denominations. they are the prostitute daughters of

the mother harlot church (catholic) which believe in

three gods too and use her trinity baptism in titles

instead of the name of jesus christ. there is only one

god and that is the lord jesus christ. he is the

father, son and holy ghost. those are just his titles

or offices like i am a man,dad and a person. now as

far as the angel of the lord speaking to bro branham.

it is biblical. the same angel that spoke to paul the

first church age messenger spoke to bro. branham the

seventh and last church age messenger. did the angel of

the lord speak to paul? better wake up before the

rapture. only those with the true baptism of the holy

ghost will be taken up.

Terry 03 Jul 2013

Seth, instead of you coming against god's people in the

bride and god's vindicated prophet that god used to

raise five people from the dead. he is also the voice

of the seventh angel (earthly angel, messenger) that

fulfills revelations 10:7. plus fulfills malachi 4:5

and 6. it would be best if you take it to the lord in

prayer and ask him if it is the truth or not. go to and listen to the messages in

the book, an exposition of the seven church ages and

those in the book, the revelation of the seven seals.

it was jesus christ himself that brought these truths

through his prophet william branham.

Terry 03 Jul 2013

Excuse me seth, i gave you the wrong website. you can

get those two books at you can also

listen to all the messages god spoke through his

prophet william marrion branham there. a good one to

start out with would be, how the angel of the lord came

to me and gave me my commission. you seem like you

want to speak against god's prophet, but believe me

jesus christ who is god loves his prophet william

branham. william branham has the spirit of elijah and

god uses that spirit five times which is his number of

grace. grace be to all the (message) churches all over

the world.

Seth 03 Jul 2013

The only prophecy he fullfilled is mathew 24: 3-5

Seth 03 Jul 2013

And yes the 3 are 1, not seperate. and i do believe the

catholic church is satans whore, just like i think the

angel that branham used was either satan or one of the

1/3 of angels satan took with him to rebel against god.

branham is a false prophet.

Terry 03 Jul 2013

Have it your way, but remember speak one work against

the holy ghost and it won't be forgiven in this world

or the one to come. you can't speak against a person

filled with the holy ghost without speaking against the

holy ghost. and bro branham has the true holy ghost.

i think you would find it interesting to go to and listen to one of his life stories

before you condemn him and the rest of the bride called

out by god through him. it would be more wise to say

nothing then to try to run him down. that is just

foolish seeing you know nothing about william branham

or what he stands for. if you have the true baptism of

the holy ghost he will lead you straight to the message

god spoke through his prophet william branham. the holy

ghost shall lead you into all truth which includes the

end time message spoke by god through his vindicated


Terry 03 Jul 2013

So you say bro branham is a false prophet. look at his

works. five people raised from the dead. the blind

was given their sight and the lame walked. god

vindicate him. now what have you done? it has already

been proved william branham is a vindicated prophet and

the seventh church age messenger. you won't receive it

so i am done here. i won't argue truth with an

unbeliever. have a good day.

Seth 03 Jul 2013

Terry, the works branham did although, supernatural

were of satan. also, the baptizing argument is

ridiculas, jesus said be baptized im the name of

father, son, holy spirit. then in acts it was said to

baptize in the name of jesus. either is acceptable.

your argument is one of the tricks satan uses to divide

gods people because a house divided will not stand, you

bought into the decption. and yes i am a born again

saved by grace believer reedemed by the shed blood of

our lord and savior jesus christ.

Sami 03 Jul 2013

Sorry terry but i agree with seth. there is something

wrong with the way u have been teaching baptism, but i

just kind of tried to ignore it.

Terry 03 Jul 2013

The word is written where it has to be revealed to you.

it is hid from the eyes of the wise and prudent. the

perfect word can't contradict itself. matt. 28:19

jesus told his deciples to baptize in the name

(singular) of the father, son and holy ghost. then ten

days later when peter who had the keys to the kingdom

preached that sermon in acts 2 it says the people were

pricked in their hearts meaning it got to them and they

ask peter what they must do to be saved. acts 2:38

peter told them to repent and be baptized in the name

of jesus christ and they shall receive the gift of the

holy ghost. why didn't peter say father, son and holy

ghost like jesus said? because peter had received the

revelation that the name of the father son and holy

ghost is the lord jesus christ. not three gods like

the trinitarians believe , but one god in three

offices. the word says everything you do in word or

deed (baptism) do all in the name of the lord jesus.

Terry 03 Jul 2013

If you receive that false baptism in titles instead of

the name of the lord jesus christ you are baptized into

the catholic church. baptism in the titles of father,

son and holy ghost is a catholic dogma. the

trinitarians have received that false baptism which

makes them the prostitute daughters of the mother

harlot church. some of these people have repented and

they went to a denominational church and just got

baptized in those titles because that is what that

church teaches because they are the foolish virgins.

the wise virgins will be baptized in the name of jesus

christ and receive the holy ghost which is the last

part of acts 2:38 and this is why they have oil (holy

ghost) in their vessels.

Terry 03 Jul 2013

The bride always takes the grooms name in the natural

and the natural types the spiritual. the bride of

jesus christ will take the name of jesus christ and be

baptized in that name. you now know the truth about

the true baptism in the name of the lord jesus christ.

god has given you a free will. with your free will you

can accept this truth or reject it. the decision is up

to you and you are not ignorant of this truth now. god

will wink at your ignorance, but after the truth is

made clear to you, you are responsible what you do with

that truth. you can receive it or reject it. god

knows your heart and he is watching what you will do

with his truth now that you aren't ignorant of it. will

you reject it or will you get rebaptized in the name of

jesus christ like the rest of the bride? the decision

is up to you.

Terry 03 Jul 2013

There are message churches all over the world. god

sent his prophet to bring his bride a message to call

her back to the same truth paul preached in the first

church age. where paul preached baptism in the name of

the lord jesus christ so did bro branham. there are

seven church ages and each one has a messenger. these

are the stars jesus is holding in his hand in

revelations. if you get the book from

called an exposition of the seven church ages you will

see who all seven church age messengers are. paul was

the first and bro branham is the seventh and last.

Seth 04 Jul 2013

Anyway ive done enough arguing which is exactly what

the enemy wants on site where christians are

encouraging each other, the truth is its a harsh wicked

world we live in and we need each other.

Terry 04 Jul 2013

Anybody who wants to hear bro branham god's endtime

prophet to the gentiles who fulfills malachi 4:5 and 6

and also revelations 10:7 you can type his name in and watch some of the videos. the grace

dispensation for the gentiles is where god takes a

bride out of the gentiles and last for 2000 years. at you can get the book titled, an exposition

of the seven church ages. this explains how these 2000

years are divides into seven church ages and each

church age has a star messenger to bring people back to

the truth. the book titled, the revelation of the

seven seals explains what satan has done through these

seven church ages. the white, red, black and pale

horses represents a power which is satan and explains

what god sent out to combat him.

Terry 04 Jul 2013

I first repented in 1974. i went to a denominational

church for around three years. two men from my church

had left it and was going to a message church. they

came to my house and told me about acts 2:38. my reply

to them was, does it really say that. they handed me a

bible with it open to that page. i said it really does

say that and went with them that night and was

rebaptized over in the name of jesus christ. by doing

what the word says i received the results of acting

upon the word and received the holy ghost. just like

when you repent you are delivered from unbelief and

know god is real. when you do the second step in acts

2:38 and are rebaptized in the name of the lord jesus

christ you receive the results of the word and god

gives you the revelation that he is one god and then

gives you the true baptism of the holy ghost.

Terry 04 Jul 2013

Jesus christ is coming for his bride and his bride has

made herself ready. not to run them down, but look at

these denominational believers that have only repented

and then were baptized in titles instead of the name of

the lord jesus christ. they still have the world

hanging onto them. the church is represented by women

so lets look at the men and women in them. here are

some things they do which is against the word: their

woman cut their hair, wear pants and wear make up that

is a heathen trait. their men smoke cigarettes and

wear shorts and a lot of them even have long hair.

bride? that isn't the bride jesus is coming for. the

bride women will wear modest apparel and not cut their

hair or wear make up and the bride men will not smoke

or wear shorts or grow their hair long. you say these

things don't make a difference? what is on the inside

will show on the outside.

Terry 04 Jul 2013

When bro branham was in africa he preached to

thousands. there were blanket native women there which

didn't wear anything on their top. when he ask if

anybody wanted to accept the lord jesus these woman

raised their hands and as soon as they did when their

hands came down the first thing they did was cover

their breast. then the next time you saw them they

were fully clothed with dresses all the way to to

ground and their breast covered. this shows something

happen to them on the inside. god makes people dress

right and it is satan who wants to make women dress

where men will look at them to lust after them.

Terry 04 Jul 2013

Think it doesn't matter how women dress? the word says

if a man looks upon a woman to lust after her he has

committed adultery already with her in his heart. when

a woman dresses and shows her flesh and puts on make up

she is doing that for men and not god. when she

dresses and shows her flesh and causes men to lust

after her she will be guilty at the judgement just the

same as if she committed the very act with all those

men she caused to look at her in the wrong way. look

at how the women dress in the message churches. they

dress to please the lord and not man. when you come

all the way through acts 2:38 the world is completely

cut off of you.

Seth 04 Jul 2013

Agreed that women should not dress revealing, but you

are taking it to far in some sense, and the more you

reveal about your cult/ church the more you preach

condemnation to anyone who doesnt act or do what your

cult teaches. also you say truths will be revealed when

you get babtized a certain way. its nonsense everything

you need is in the word of god, and god will give those

who ask wisdom freely. you sir are sold out to a wicked

and tackfull attack from satan himself and are

basically gonna turn people away rather than lead to

christ. god is love, god does hate sin and requires us

to live godly lives but is not about the condemnation

you push and the more you talk the more weird and un

godly it becomes.

Seth 04 Jul 2013

In doing more reserch about branham, you can find that

his parents were not christians but into demonic

fortune telling, he hated women, thus the strict dress

code, he belived cain was the serpant seed, and blamed

women for the sin of mankind. also he would claim that

the angel ( satan) would descend upon him and when that

happened he his words would be that of god. then at

best would be extra- biblical if not un biblical. again

stay away from this cult. it is meant to decieve for

satan is the father of lies and branham was used by

satan not god.

Terry 04 Jul 2013

I don't know where you are getting your information,

seth. bro branham's parents weren't into fortune

telling and he didn't hate women and the angel of the

lord that spoke to him wasn't satan. now as far as the

serpent seed doctrine it is the truth. the bible says

the serpent was more subtle (smart) than any beast

(animal) of the field which the lord god had made.

that is genesis three if you want to read it. so this

beast came to eve and beguiled (deceived)her and she

had sex with it because it was so close to man it's

seed could mingle and that is where cain came from and

why the word says cain was from the wicked one. eve

had twins one from adam and one from the beast. it

wasn't until after that happen that god cursed the

beast from the head of the animal family to the end of

the reptile family to a serpent and that is why it says

he shall eat dust all the days of his life. adam wasn't

cain's daddy.

Terry 04 Jul 2013

You do not understand these truths because you can only

go as far as your denomination will teach. the bride

of jesus christ is not ignorant of these truths like

the seven church ages,the seven seals, serpent seed,

baptism in the name of jesus christ and so many more

truths that have been revealed to god's bride. i sense

you just have a religious spirit like the religious

pharisees who just wanted to find fault with jesus

christ who is the word and condemn him and and his

words. the truths god spoke through his prophet

william branham is thus saith the lord. just stay with

your denomination and what they teach. it looks like

to me you have already used your free will to reject

the truth instead of receiving it. you just want to

argue and wrestle the scriptures to your own


Terry 04 Jul 2013

Btw, it wasn't an apple eve ate like your denominations

teach. god himself brought the truths to his bride

through his prophet william branham so he would have a

bride standing on the whole word when he returns. the

whole truth will be revealed to them just like the

people had in the first church age where paul was the

messenger. i gurantee you those believers were not

ignorant of what happen in the garden concerning adam

and eve and cain and abel and the beast of the field

(animal) and the truth of what happen there. at you can listen to the whole sermon titled

serpent seed before you speak against this truth spoke

by god himself through his prophet. it isn't wise to

speak against what you are ignorant of especially when

it is thus saith the lord. you can't receive these

truths without the holy ghost and you receive the holy

ghost after you are baptized in the name of jesus

christ. then the holy ghost will lead you into all


Terry 04 Jul 2013

Go to and from there you can contact joseph

branham who is a prophet also and he can tell you where

a message church (church that has received the

revelation that william branham is the prophet of god

with the spirit of elijah who is the forerunner to the

second coming of christ) is in your area. they are all

over the world. the message god brought through his

prophet is going all over the world gathering up the

bride of jesus christ and getting her ready for the

rapture. they will all be baptized in the name of

jesus christ and all be filled with oil (holy ghost).

they are the wise virgins. the foolish virgins will be

left here to go through the tribulation period. enter

ye in at the strait gate: for wide is the gate, and

broad is the way, that leadeth to destruction, and many

there be which go in thereat. notice strait here is

spelled like a strait of water.

Jim 04 Jul 2013

the bible makes it clear that fall of man came from

the eating the fruit of the tree of knowledge, it had

nothing to do with intercourse? both adam and eve ate

of the fruit..

nowhere does the bible say cain was conceived by

anyone else but adam. it does not say satan, the

serpent or any other knew eve. when eve bore cain she

said he was from the lord, not satan. she saw this

child as a gift from god. certainly this would not be

the case if satan was progenitor of cain. you don't get

a demon child from god or with his help, nor do you

praise him for it.

this becomes a matter of whether one wants to get

there teaching from the bible or use their own

imagination. the same word adam knew his wife and she

conceived cain is used in gen.4:17 that cain knew his


Terry 04 Jul 2013

It has to come by revelation or you will never see it.

it is hid from the eyes of the wise and prudent.

Seth 05 Jul 2013

Jim, as you know its hogwash cult material, not in the

bible and of the enemy.

Terry 05 Jul 2013

Birds of a feather.

Jim 05 Jul 2013

Yes seth, its just as you say!

Terry 05 Jul 2013

It looks like you both (seth and jim) have decided to

use your free will to reject baptism in the name of the

lord jesus christ. with your denominational trinity

baptism in titles instead of the name you are baptized

into the catholic church. the catholic church is the

mother harlot church and believes in a trinity (three

gods). the denominations use her same baptism in the

titles of father, son and holy ghost and they are the

prostitute daughters of the mother harlot church. some

of them are the foolish virgins and will be given

eternal life, but they will have to die a martyrs death

in the tribulation to be purged to receive it. those

that repent and get baptized in the name of jesus

christ are the wise virgins because they have done the

first two parts of acts 2:38 and god does the third

part and gives them the true baptism of the holy ghost.

only those with the true baptism of the holy ghost

will go in the rapture. those that have taken the

groom's name.

Seth 05 Jul 2013

God bless terry

Jim 05 Jul 2013

God bless terry

Jim 05 Jul 2013

I'll be prayin for ya terry!

Seth 05 Jul 2013

I reject william branham as anything more than a false

prophet who spoke to dark supernatural entities, and

decieved many encluding you. his ministry was set up by

the enemy to divide the body of christ.

Jim 05 Jul 2013

Seth my brother , i dont follow anyone except jesus

christ- i agree with you

Terry 05 Jul 2013

How could william branham's ministry divide the body of

christ when he has the ministry that calls the bride

out of these organized religions. the ones called out

by god through his prophet is the bride. these

denominations surly are not the bride. the message god

brought through his vindicated prophet is the bride's

food. they are the bride. if not who do you think the

bride are? the denominations and their mother church

can't even agree with themselves. that is mystery


Terry 05 Jul 2013

God never changes and he always uses one man to bring

the truth back to his people from where they have

strayed. that trinity baptism was introduced by the

false vine around 325 ad. paul the first church age

messenger taught the truth and william branham the

seventh and last church age messenger taught the same

truth as paul. the false vine (catholic church and her

daughters) introduced their dogma of baptism in titles

of father, son and holy ghost, but now in the end time

god through his prophet has restored the truths lost

from the first church age back to his bride so he will

have a bride standing on all the word when he comes to

take her out of the earth before the tribulation. the

foolish virgins will miss the rapture. the bride are

the ones who have taken the groom's name and not

rejected it. his wife hath made herself ready.

Terry 05 Jul 2013

There is one god. the same god spoke to moses on the

mountain and was above the people. the same god

overshadowed mary and created the germ and egg in her

womb that brought fourth jesus christ and that was god

with the people. now that same god is in the form of

the holy ghost and is in his people. so jesus christ

is god and it was god himself that died on the cross in

a body he created and named that body jesus christ.

father, son and holy ghost isn't three gods. it is one

god the same god in three manifications or three

offices. jesus said when you have seen me you have

seen the father. having gods plural is heathen. type

william branham in and watch the second,

fourth and eighth video. the second one is part of his

life story and the fourth is where he was interviewed

in his home. the eighth is where he is praying for the

sick. it would also be good to read all the

testimonies of people that were healed by god through


Terry 05 Jul 2013

There is a very good message church in arizona. the

pastor there is, bro. garold macgraw. you can listen

to their live services and older sermons he preached at

this website. the website is, enjoy!!!

Terry 05 Jul 2013

Here is another good message church in trinidad, sa.

their website is www. i believe you

will enjoy the music at this church. also there is the

branham tabernacle in jeffersonville, indiana. it is

at eight and penn street. and you can always listen to

any sermon god spoke through his prophet at

enjoy the brides stored up food. there are many more

truths i could tell you that has been revealed to the

bride, but i don't want to give you strong meet until

you can digest the milk.

Jim 05 Jul 2013

No thanks, i get all the meat i need form god's holy


Seth 05 Jul 2013

Yea no need to get fat on cult propaganda. im good with

non satan inspired word of god.

Sami 06 Jul 2013

Guys i really still do believe that i have lost my

salvation. like im in such a bad state of depression.

god won't listen to my prayers anymore, it has been 2

and a half years and he still ignors me. i sin sooo

much after the truth of the scriptures has been

revealed to me. i no longer produce fruit and im

terrified to read the scriptures now because it

condemns me in the worst way. i am positive that god

has stopped loving me because the bible says so. i

believe he despises me and he has the most severe

punishment prepared for me because of my apostasy. i

think about hell alllll the time. i should have never

been born :(

Terry 06 Jul 2013

Sami, god still loves you. you just need to repent

again and don't go by your feelings. then contact

voice of god recordings and they can tell you where a

church is in your area of the world that baptizes in

the name of the lord jesus christ. then go there and

get rebaptized in the name of the lord jesus christ and

god will fill you with his power and restore your faith

and your first love. here is vog recordings address

and phone number: 5911 charlestown-jeffersonville pike

jeffersonville, indiana 47130


just do this and don't let the devil get you to resson

it in your mind. just act on acts 2:38 and you will

receive the results of the word just like when you

repented the first time and god made himself known to

you. now get rebaptized in the name of jesus christ

and you will receive the results of acting uopn the

word again and god will restore your relationship with

him. god bless.

Terry 06 Jul 2013

Sami, i was reading some earlier post and i told you

the same thing concerning getting rebaptized in the

name of jesus christ. peter was given the keys to the

kingdom and here is what god spoke through him to be

saved: acts 2:38 - then peter said unto them, repent

and be baptized every one of you in the name of jesus

christ for the remission of sins and ye shall receive

the gift of the holy ghost. just do what god spoke

through peter there to do and don't let satan get you

to reason it in your mind and don't let satan use other

people to try to get you to reason this truth. just

simply do what acts 2:38 says because it is thus saith

the lord. be strong and just simply do it and i will

be praying for you that god will keep satan from your


Jim 06 Jul 2013

Sami, whatever you do stay away from the above branahan

cult church and just trust in the lord. this branahan

character is a brainwashing cult google branahan false

teacher and you will find all you need to make a godly

decision. i will be praying for you sami!

Jim 06 Jul 2013

Submit yourselves, then, to god. resist the devil, and

he will flee from you. — james 4:7

Jim 06 Jul 2013

the followers of william branham believe that he is

a prophet sent from god and that we are living in the

age of laodicea or the final church age. god revealed

his word through william branham (called brother

branham), brother branham is the voice of god to we who

are living in the end-time. the beliefs of the

"branhamites" center around the teachings and

revelations of william branham, especially "the

revelation of the seven seals" and "the seven church

ages" (these texts can be accessed at . they do not

believe in the trinity and feel that the denominations

do not have the full revelation of jesus christ. one of

the more radical beliefs of the group is that of

serpent seed which states that the first sin committed

occurred when eve engaged in sexual activities with the

serpent in the garden of eden thus causing "the fall of


Terry 06 Jul 2013

Sami, i knew the devil would send somebody in here to

try to turn you away from the truth. just don't pay

any attention to what satan says through them. they

are all denominational believers that believe in three

gods which is heathen. just do what acts 2:38 says.

satan will use these people to try to get you to reason

the truth and discredit the true baptism in the name of

jesus christ. just simply get rebaptized in the name

of jesus christ like the word says and you will be

alright. just ignore anything satan will try to put in

your mind through these religious people to try to get

you to not get baptized according to the word. the

devil will fight you on this truth just like he fights

to keep people from repenting. don't listen to

anything he has to say and do what acts 2:38 says

because that is god's word.

Jim 06 Jul 2013

And terry, i will also pray for you. when folks are

spiritually blind they are the most difficult people to

speak to. they have that "strong delusion" that paul

speaks of in 2nd thess 2:11 it just like my mom, she

is catholic and has no desire for the truth of gods

word, but i still pray for her!

Terry 06 Jul 2013

To all you religious believers trying to confuse sami

you are doing it by trying to run god's prophet down

and what god spoke through him. remember the word

won't come back void and sami can read acts 2:38 for

him or herself. can you all tell sami acts 2:38 isn't

the truth? didn't think so. acts 2:38 is thus saith

the lord spoke through peter who has the keys to the

kingdom. you all are letting satan use you to try to

turn sami away from the truth and you will reap what

you sow. you all can do no harm because all those

predestinated to be bride will come god's provided

route, acts 2:38 and he will not lose any of his own.

you all will just be left in your old cold formal

denominations churches and continue to listen to lies

and rejecting the tuth god spoke through his vindicated

prophet which is the sopken word bride message that

calls her out from those dead three god believing

denominations. there is only one god and he is the lord

jesus christ.

Christopher 06 Jul 2013

Terry, not only is your deification of branham

borderline blasphemous (in that you tout him more than

jesus christ himself) and your doctrine unscriptural

but now you're judging another person after the

scripture specifically instructs you not to do so. you

should concern yourself with sami, instead of harping

on whether someone believes as you do or not.

Christopher 06 Jul 2013

Terry, you'r posting on a website that knows that god

is three persons in one. just look at the symbol below

the posts. there are too many scriptures in the bible

that attest to this to list here..

Terry 06 Jul 2013

Sami, you can listen to what satan tries to put in your

mind himself by thoughts or what he puts in your mind

by speaking to you through religious and not spiritual

people. you can read acts 2:38 yourself and you don't

need anybody to tell you different. just read it and

simply act upon all three parts of that verse. you

don't need anybody to tell you anything different. it

is right there in simplicity. has anything these

people told you helped? you are still in the same

backsliden state, but baptism in the name of jesus

christ will set you free and satan knows it and he is

doing what he can to keep you from doing what acts 2:38

says, but don't listen to him. the only way you can

overcome satan is do what the word says in acts 2:38

and satan will no longer have any power over you and he

knows that and that is why he is fighting so hard to

keep you away from the truth of being baptized in the

name of jesus christ.

Jim 06 Jul 2013

Terry, the only confused person here is yourself. you

have a good heart in wanting to help sami but bc of the

cult you have entered into you are trying to pull him

and us into it but i am not easily deceived as many

christian brothers are. be a berean terry and test

everything, your eternity is at stake!!!!

Terry 06 Jul 2013

I am not confused. i repented in 1974 and was only in

a denomination for around eight months until i seen the

truth of baptism in the name of jesus christ and never

looked back. you are still caught up in mystery

babylon. you all can keep trying to turn people away

from the truth of acts 2:38 and try to keep them from

getting baptized in the name of jesus christ, but it

won't do you any good. you think you are doing god a

service by trying to turn people away from the message

god brought through his prophet, but you are really

against god by your false vine denominational

trinitarian mystery babylon foolish virgin prostitute

daughter belief.

Terry 06 Jul 2013

There is a trinity, but not like your denominations

teach. matt. 28:19 jesus said to baptize in the name

(singular) of the father, son and holy ghost. father

isn't a name. son isn't a name. holy ghost isn't a

name. the name singular of the father, son and holy

ghost is the lord jesus christ. i am a man and a

person and a dad, but that isn't my name. that is why

peter who was standing right there when jesus spoke

those words in matt. 28:19 said ten days later to be

baptized in the name of jesus christ because he had

received the revelation that the name of the father,

son and holy ghost is the lord jesus christ and without

being baptized in the name of jesus christ you sins

aren't even remitted. there is only one god and he is

the lord jesus christ. jesus christ is god and not a

second person of the godhead. one god in three

offices. not three gods. one

Terry 06 Jul 2013

To christopher. you are wrong about god being three

persons. there is only one god and he manifested

himself in three ways, but he can't be three persons.

it has to come by revelation, but i don't believe

people can receive it until after they are baptized in

the name of jesus christ. without receiving the right

baptism you stop short of receiving the true baptism of

the holy ghost because you leave out the second part of

acts 2:38. acts 2:38 doesn't say to repent and get

baptized in the titles of father, son and holy ghost

and ye shall receive the gift of the holy ghost. it

does say if you repent and get baptized in the name of

jesus christ you will receive the gift of the holy

ghost. only then can the holy ghost lead you into all

truth. without being baptized according to the word in

the name of jesus christ you will just receive a

religious spirit and not the holy ghost because you

leave out part of god's provided route to himself which

is acts 2:38.

Seth 06 Jul 2013

Sami, god loves you and longs for you. what you need to

do is honestly search your heart and ask god to show

you if there is active sin going on in your life. if

there is you need to repent with your whole heart. sami

repenting means not just saying sorry it means turning

away from that which keeps you from him. if you do this

he is faithfull and just to forgive you and make you

whole again.

Terry 06 Jul 2013

For some reason you all want to make acts 2:38

complicated. it isn't hard to understand. man with

his intelect can put a man on the moon but can't

explain the life in a blade of grass and walks over it

every day. acts 2:38 is the same way. you don't have

to try to figure it out or try to find some way around

it. it is right there in the word and easy to

understand what it says. if the spirit in you isn't

leading you to truth then it is some other spirit

leading you away from truth and trying to lead other

people away from the truth also. reject baptism in the

name of jesus christ and the god you claim to serve

will condemn you in the end. by telling people to use

your false vine mother harlot trinity baptism in titles

instead of the name of jesus christ you do more harm

than good. the spirit in you is really against god.

just simply find a church that baptizes according to

the word and get baptized over in the name of jesus

christ before it is too late.

Seth 06 Jul 2013

Sami, the thought that god will never forgive you and

you are condemed only cheapens the sacrifice that god

did for you, when he gave himself as sacrifice for the

sins of humanity. besides that it is direct conflict to

what the word says. satan knows the scriptures better

than you or i, he will seek to decieve you through

them. im willing to bet that you have some active sin

going on in your life that is,blocking you from him.

just be honest, what do you want more? the sin or

relationship w the almighty and peace?

Seth 06 Jul 2013

Oh and sami one other thing, stay away from cults, bro

terry is serving one up to you as we speak, stick to

the word find a bible based church.

Jim 06 Jul 2013

Seth, all we can do is pray for terry! lets move on

and hopefully the spirit of god will open his eyes and

convict him in the near future. see you in the end- god

bless seth!

Terry 06 Jul 2013

I detected something strange here and just thought all

people understood this simple truth. god never changes

and he always uses a prophet to speak through. that is

the office of a prophet. even in the old testament the

believers always went to the prophets to know what god

says. so when a prophet speaks it is always thus saith

the lord. they don't make mistakes. bro. branham is a

true vendicated prophet and every vision the lord gave

him came to past except for the ones that are for the

future and they will come to past also. a prophet is a

special office god uses to speak through and there is

only one vendicated prophet to our age and that is

william branham. it wasn't brother branham we worship,

but we respect that office he held just like paul. we

the message believers worship jesus christ only and he

is god. william branham is god's mouthpiece that he

used to bring the truth to his bride. what brother

branham spoke was god's words and they are thus saith

the lord.

Seth 06 Jul 2013

Yes jim, good idea, pray for terry move on

Sami 06 Jul 2013

Seth...before i lost my salvation i wanted my sins more

then i wanted a relationship with god, but now that

that has been taken away from me i desire gods blessing

more then my sin now that i cant have it. correct me if

i misinterpreted this verse but in hebrews it says that

esau later desired his fathers blessing but was

rejected. i see alot of similiarities with that verse

and my self..and im aware of terrys cult..anyways

thanks for the help

Terry 06 Jul 2013

Sami, you can say i am in a cult and i forgive you for

that. what i want to know is if you are going to do

what acts 2:38 says. that is no cult, that is the

word. now i have heard from people that if you have

really crossed the line between mercy and judgement

where you can't get back that you wouldn't have any

interest in the word at all. you wouldn't even care

anymore. that doesn't sound like you or you wouldn't

even post here trying to find spiritual help. it looks

like there is still a desire in your heart to get back

with the lord. if you have went too far you wouldn't

even want to get back with him. you don't have to

believe me, but can you believe what peter said in acts

2:38? i might add when you receive the real baptism of

the holy ghost you can't backslide without god bringing

you back because then you are sealed into the lord and

the world is sealed out. you are sealed until the day

of your redemption.

Seth 06 Jul 2013

Sami, that verse is in refrence to a story of jacob and

esau. however now we live under the grace of the

sacrifice of our lord. the reason may be sami, that if

you harbor unforgivness you cannot recieve the lords

forgiveness, that is biblical fact! so i believe the

sin you are harboring is unforgivness and you dont

realize it because the one you are not forgiving is

you! the principal still remains the same you cant hold

unforgiveness and,recieve the lords. you are a human

who is wicked by nature, ask the lord to forgive you

then forgive yourself and get a fresh start.

Christopher 06 Jul 2013

Terry, i agree with you that there is only one god but

he is also three. i'm not going to pretend i understand

it all neither am i going to attempt to limit god to my

pitiful human comprehension. can god be three and one

at the same time? why not? one god in three distinct

persons. aren't we also three?

Christopher 06 Jul 2013

My body is me, my mind is me and my spirit is me, yet

the body, the mind and the spirit are distinct from

each other, and sometimes at enmity. there are things

the body wants that the conscience say no to, and

things the conscience wants that the mind cant

comprehend. we are only a shadow of god..

Christopher 06 Jul 2013

If i fast, my body craves food but my will resists;

that's enmity between body and mind. i might attempt a

feat i accomplished before but fail due to some

unforeseen physical impediment; my mind saw the feat

achieved it but the flesh failed to bring it to

fruition. my mind might see an opportunity to steal an

item but my conscience might resist it; that's enmity

Christopher 06 Jul 2013

Each is distinct yet all three are entirely me. my body

speaks through functions, urges, pain and pleasure; it

is not of my conscious doing. hunger pangs tell me i

need to eat; the mind ascertains the means to achieve

and directs the body to seek food. if i fast, my

conscience might tell both that food is not on the

proverbial menu just yet..

Christopher 06 Jul 2013

If my body can speak to me outside of my conscious

control, it can be regarded as being distinct from the

body. if this were not so, then i should be able to

just think of food and my body would be filled. the

mind and the body are not the same, yet both are me. if

i being three, am made in the image of god, how is god

not three but infinitely more so?

Christopher 06 Jul 2013

God is not a man, neither is he limited to man's paltry

cognitive reasoning skills; he's god. we are based on

his design, not the opposite. the scripture plainly

records jesus pleading to his father in gethsemane over

the issue of the cross. jesus desired to pass the cup

but was urged to press on. is he talking with himself?

absolutely not..

Christopher 06 Jul 2013

The mind, body and spirit hunger for different things.

the mind can't hunger for food because food is not

within its realm of existence, yet it is affected by

its lack. if the body wants food, the mind and spirit

have to agree. the mind directs the body to food. the

mind hungers for data which the body considers useless.

if the mind hungers for data, it needs the eyes, ears

and other parts of the body to achieve it.

Christopher 06 Jul 2013

How can we be spiritually dead yet alive if this were

not so? if we are three distinct entities and yet one,

each with their own passions, appetites and agendas, is

it possible that this is also true with god?

Jim 06 Jul 2013

Hmm... very good synopsis of the trinity christopher-

very well put! i may copy this and use it if its ok

with you.

Seth 06 Jul 2013

Bingo chris, you nailed it.

Terry 06 Jul 2013

Don't let the enemy get you to use reason. that is

what satan done through the beast before he was cursed,

got eve to reason the word. eve already know what god

had said, but the devil got her to reason and doubt

what god said painting a pretty picture to her and she

fell for it. just simply act on the word and then let

god reveal it to you. the word is written where it

can't be understood with reasoning. just read it and

believe it and act upon it and god will do the rest.

lean not to your own understanding, but in all your

ways acknowledge him and he shall direct your path.

now take baptism in the name of jesus christ and ask

him if that is the way to be baptized or if it is

important to be baptized in the name of jesus christ.

then let him give you an answer and when he does it

won't be hard to understand if you can hear his voice.

ask and you shall receive and when you get an answer

from him quickly do what he says.

Christopher 06 Jul 2013

Jim, please use this! if it will at all help someone

wrap their minds around this simple truth, then by all

means use it! isn't it peculiar that the mind actually

is the head of the other two? how amazingly similar to

the trinity! the father is the mind, christ the body

and the holy spirit as the soul! just a thought...

Christopher 07 Jul 2013

..on the subject of the apparent impossibility of god

to be three separate beings and one, lets look at other

aspects of him that are equally impossible. how can god

have always existed in eternity past? that makes

absolutely no sense to me but it is true. how can god

be everywhere at the same time? omnipresence isn't god

having one leg on one end of creation and the other at

the far end; omnipresence means all of god is in your

home and all of god is in mine. impossible? true.

Christopher 07 Jul 2013

How can god see into a future that doesn't even exist?

how did god call all of creation out of absolutely

nothing? how did nothing respond? how did infinite,

eternal, omniscient, omnipotent god become a human

being? if you can believe these things to be true, not

just recitation and rote, then it is easy to believe

that god is three beings and yet one, especially when

its repeated all throughout the old and new testament.

less than a hundred years ago, scientists thought they

could determine a person's personality by the shape of

his skull; this was quickly debunked. ma

n's reasoning is flawed at best.

Christopher 07 Jul 2013

When jesus was baptized, the holy spirit descended on

him as a dove, and a voice from heaven declared, "this

is my son, in whom i am well pleased" god

schizophrenic? we have jesus, a dove and a voice! how

is this not three separate, distinct persons? 1 john

5:8 delineate the three persons of the godhead. jesus

said that the hour of his return was not known by him,

but the father. on the cross, he yelled in anguish,

"father, father, why have you forsaken me?" was he

talking to himself? jesus is entirely god, the father

is entirely god and the holy spirit is entirely god;

three separate beings, one god. i don't understand it

and i don't have to. god says it, i believe it.

besides, who would want to worship a god that was

limited by paltry human reasoning anyway?

Seth 07 Jul 2013

But........but.......... william branham said something

else! who should we believe?

Seth 07 Jul 2013

Chris god has used you strongly in this message board

restore truth!

Seth 07 Jul 2013

How about, when jesus says to the father if there can

be another way, take this from me but not my will but


Christopher 07 Jul 2013

Absolutely. jesus, in a heart breaking expression of

his humanity, sought his own will in attempting to

avoid the "cup", that is, the inherent separation his

propitiation would cause. to whom then did he concede

when he was intensely praying in the garden, if he was

adamant about avoiding the cup?

Jim 07 Jul 2013

Thanks christopher

Terry 07 Jul 2013

Go to then on the bottom right click,

message audio. then in the space where it says, search

by sermon date or title, type: the godhead explained.

across from that on the left you might also like to

listen to the message titled, how the angel came to me.

if you type, life story in the blank there are eight

of them. you can also type the sermon in the blank

titled, the water baptism.

Terry 07 Jul 2013

This is another sermon you can listen to. it is

titled, the serpent's seed. now this has been disputed

by many because it is contrary to what their

denominations teach. before you condemn it or listen

to somebody that doesn't believe it and condemns it

listen to it yourself and then you can make your

decision on hearing it yourself instead of just

condemning it because somebody else spoke agiainst it.

just pray before you listen to it and ask god that if

it is the truth that you want him to reveal it to you.

the word says you have not because you ask not. i want

you all to listen to all the sermons i gave you and

then after that make up your mind. then you will have

at least listened to part of what god spoke through his

prophet before condemning him. what if he is the

messenger to this last church age? you wouldn't want

to find yourself speaking against him ignorantly if god

sent him. lesten to these messages and more if you want

and then make up your own mind.

Seth 07 Jul 2013

no thanks terry.

Seth 07 Jul 2013

Its condemed because its not biblical, its cult

propaganda. get back satan you dont belong here!

Jim 07 Jul 2013

He is really hung up on this branahan cult-'strong


it has overcome him- god is the only one to change his

heart so continue to pray for him!

Terry 07 Jul 2013

How can you call the end time message not biblical or a

cult or propaganda without ever listening to bro.

branham yourself? so you speak in ignorance. now if

you are referring to me as satan i forgive you for that

and i have as much right here as you. the word says if

you speak one word against the holy ghost it won't be

forgiven in this world or the one the come and you

can't speak against somebody who has the holy ghost

like i have and not speak against the holy ghost. that

is what the religious world done to jusus. now you can

call me what you want and you can reject the true

baptism and the message god sent through his prophet if

you want, but there are other people here that post

that might want the whole truth. so you don't have to

write me anything anymore. what i post won't be for

you seeing you reject it, but don't try to get in

somebody's way that that does want the truth. the

message isn't for unbelievers anyway. it's only for

the bride.

Seth 07 Jul 2013

Jesus said my sheep know me by my voice. he didnt say,

even though my word says one thing listen to william

branhan and do what he says.william branhan is nothing.

Terry 07 Jul 2013

Remember jesus christ who is god and his bride are one

just like any husband and wife are one. so when you

speak against any of the bride members you speak

against god himself which there is no forgiveness. if

you haven't crossed the line between mercy and

judgement yet it would be more wise to just not speak

anything against god's bride or his prophet william

branham who is bride or the message which is god's own

words spoke through his prophet. i am not hung up on

bro. branham. he is my brother just like paul. jusus

christ is my god and i worship him and him alone and i

believe the whole bride message god spoke through him

because it is thus saith the lord. what i post here is

for the bride only that might be caught up in mystery

babylon so they can come out. it is only for the

predestinated seed of abraham. they are the only ones

that will have eyes to see it and ears to hear it.

Seth 07 Jul 2013

We dont want others needing help seeking your garbage.

thats why i came on here in the first place terry. you

offer distorted unbiblical trash.

Seth 07 Jul 2013

I dont speak against jesus, i speak against satan and

his schemes to which you have become victom to.

Terry 07 Jul 2013

Seth and jim. what i post here won't be for you two

anymore so you don't have to respond to my post. now

if you want to argue about anything i post i suggest

you email each other or call each other on the phone,

but this isn't a place to argue or try to run someone's

belief down. so remember anything i post here isn't to

you two. you don't even have to read what i post which

would be better so your not inclined to make comments

belittling what i post to each other. that isn't

helping anybody. so anything i post here i suggest you

just bridle your tongue concerning it because my post

won't be to you two anymore. i am here to help

backsliders and not argue your false vine religion.

and don't try to stand in somebody's way that does want

the truth by commenting to them about me or what i post

here trying to rum me and what i believe down.

Seth 07 Jul 2013

Well im not gonna let you try to poison others with

that stuff without responding.

Christopher 07 Jul 2013

Terry, i can only assume that you could not have known

brother branham personally because he died 48 years

ago, so what you do know of him could only have been

derived from recorded material, books, videos or tapes;

when brother branham was allegedly visited by an angel

and appointed the mantle of an end-time prophet of

note, you were not there physically to witness and

corroborate his claim, yet you espouse his rhetoric

with passion and fervency as if it were fact. the holy

bible is also a source of recorded material documenting

events you weren't physically there to witness as well.

you have a choice to believe which of the two sources

of recorded information is the truth, the bible or

branham's allegations. you did not witness the events

of the bible, and did not witness branham's alleged


Jim 07 Jul 2013

This is proof right here what jesus said about strong

delusion 2nd thess 2:11 "for this reason god sends them

a powerful delusion so that they will believe the lie"

terry we are trying to help you overcome the evil you

believe, the lies you have that have overcome you the

lie that you follow. i see so much of this going on

today and its sad- very sad to see brothers decieved

and not following the true jesus. i will continue to

pray for you terry

Christopher 07 Jul 2013

Actions speak louder than words and every one of your

entries heralds branham's rhetoric as fact; you embrace

everything he says as gospel but dispute what's plainly

written in the holy scripture? why are you allowing

branham to interpret scripture for you when you have

your own bible and a god who's willing to reveal

himself to you?

Christopher 07 Jul 2013

Because you were not there to witness branham's (ahem)

divine visitation, you cannot promote it as fact; you

have absolutely no proof it occurred. if you fail to

establish branham's claim as fact beyond a shadow of

doubt, you cannot build from there with anything else

he claims, including his interpretation of scripture.

what you're left with is your faith..

Christopher 07 Jul 2013

If you're here to point others to christ, then point

them to christ without forcing branham down their

throats; fact is, branham's deceased and waiting to be

judged; jesus is alive now and forever more.

Christopher 07 Jul 2013

Sami, you must choose god. if you want to die in your

sins, it is your choice. there are 100 times more

scriptures of god's promises to forgive all who come to

him, than there are scriptures of condemnation. can i

suggest a plan to you? dedicate a day to god: fast for

a day from food, television, entertainment and personal

endeavors. spend the day reading/meditating on the

bible, (including psalms, and the gospels) praying and

doing things for a less fortunate then tell us how you


Terry 07 Jul 2013

For those of you who have gotten away from the lord i

have a couple of sermons i believe will help you. just

go to and on the right botton click message

audio. then in the blank type, the unpardonable sin

and you can hear it from there. the other message type

in, the way back. these are two good messages and i

believe if you think you have committed the

unpardonable sin that after you listen to these sermons

you will see what the unpardonable sin is and that you

haven't done that. if you still have a desire in your

heart to get back to god where you have peace and rest

in your soul then there is a way back for you.

remember bro. branham died, but when he comes back in

the resurrection for his third pull he will stand upon

the earth alive with the gathered bride and introduce

her to jesus christ. he will point to the sky and say,

behold the lamb of god coming in glory and they will

all be gone. all prophets have three pulls. even

jesus had three pulls.

Jim 07 Jul 2013

Terry, are you reading what everyone is saying here??

read christophers post just above yours! you have 3

born again believers trying to get you back on the

narrow road, your babbling on and still trying to get

us to listen to a video. stop and take a breadth and

ask god to open your eyes to the truth of his word!

Terry 07 Jul 2013

All those that have died in the lord are not dead.

they all have been gathered to their people and are

back fully in their theophany. when the resurrection

takes place all these saints will walk upon the earth

for around a month. they will get together with the

saints that are still on the earth and they will all be

gathered together in one place. bro branham will be

right there and he will point to the sky and say,

behold the lamb of god coming in glory and they will

all be gone in a twinkling of an eye. bro. branham

introduces the bride to jesus christ all prophets have

three pulls and brother branham has had two and the

third one is still to come and will give the bride

rapturing faith. just wait until the tent meetings.

Terry 07 Jul 2013

I am not backslid. my post here are for those who are

backslid only. i'm not looking for help from

trinitarians. i am way up the road from that strong

trinitarian delusion. satan can't get me on that lie

now. left all those false religions in 1979 and was

rebaptized in the name of jesus christ according to the

word. then the holy ghost led me right to the message

of the hour. there are thousands of us and are all

over the world. if you disagree with anything i say

just ignore my post. my post are to the backsliders in

here only and not to unbelievers.

Christopher 07 Jul 2013

Terry, none of what you're saying is scriptural,

especially branham's role as christ's herald during the

rapture, or resurrected saints walking around "for a

month". none of this in in the bible, the only source

of divine inspiration given to man. whether or not you

are sadly deceived is not for me to say; i leave that

to the lord. we should simply pray for one another but

don't expect anyone here to allow you to spread

deception among those who are sincerely seeking the


Terry 07 Jul 2013

Three born again believers. your not even born again

until after you receive the holy ghost and that only

comes after baptism in the name of jesus christ. until

then you are only believing unto the baptism of the

holy ghost. the denominations are the modern pharisees

and sure they will all agree because they have been

taught their mother's doctrine and are prostitute

daughters of the mother harlot church. now we who are

bride have been called out of all that mystery babylon

and we are many and we all agree with each other, the

word and all the revealed hidden truths of the word

spoke through god's prophet. we are the bride of jesus

christ and we have all taken his name and all been

filled with the true spirit of god. unless you come

god's provided rought (acts 2:38) you will just receive

a religious spirit and are no different then the

pharisees when jesus walked the earth. he was the word

and the whole religious world was against him. same


Terry 07 Jul 2013

I'm not deceived nor am i spreading deception. it is

your interpretation of the word that is the deception.

i believe acts 2:38 and have done what it says and

received the results of acting on the word. you reject

the true baptism. acts 2:38 isn't a deception. it

is the word of the lord. so you are the deceived one

and you don't have authority to allow or disallow who

post here. like i said you don't have to read my post

and what i post is none of your business. i don't

believe what you post and you don't believe what i

post. just stay with your false baptism in titles and

i will stay with baptism in the name of the lord jesus

christ. that truth can't be taken from me by satan

through anybody. it has been revealed to me by god

himself and has become part of me. acts 2:38 is matt.

28:19 with the revelational meaning.

Jim 07 Jul 2013

Terry, you need to read matthew 7:22-23- 2nd peter

3:14-18, 2nd peter 2:1-3, revelation 22:18-19

Seth 07 Jul 2013

John 3:16 : for god so loved the world he gave his only

begotten son, so whoever believes in him, shall not

perish but have everlasting life. notice how it doesnt

say whoever babtizes in the name of jesus instead of

the trinity shall recieve secret wisdom not revealed in

the scripture because god likes mystery games.

Seth 07 Jul 2013

And if jesus said to be babtized in the name of the

father, son, holy spirit. then paul came and said be

baptized in the name of jesus knowing the trinity

representation as 3 in one and all 3 entities are one

god, then its the same thing. scripture makes it clear

the way to salvation is confess with your mouth and

believe in your heart. that jesus is savior and died

and rose again. then you shall be saved. your argument

is set up directly from the enemy to divide the body of

believers. its a battle tactic divide and conquer.

Christopher 07 Jul 2013

Seth, don't waste anymore precious energy by drawing

attention to rhetoric; pray for terry. people are won

by action, not words. engaging this issue any further

will only derail the purpose of this thread which is to

offer loving opinions, advice,anecdotes and testimonies

to those seeking guidance. god bless you all.

Seth 07 Jul 2013

You are right chris

Seth 09 Jul 2013

Sami, how are you doing? fyi if you need someone to

pray for you or agree with you in prayer im here. i get

alerts on my phone just like a text, so it wont take

long. my offer is for everyone . god bless.

Sami 10 Jul 2013

Im doing ok seth. i am up and down all the time, and

the devil never leaves me alone. it still seems that i

have been cut off from christ. thank you for your

prayers seth i do need them :)

Seth 10 Jul 2013

Sami, although you may not feel close to god, and it

may seem he is not near to you, he has not cut you off.

that would be in direct conflict to his word. again

examine your heart, if there is something in there that

you need to repent for do it, and then forgive

yourself. the devil will never stop trying to lie to

you, or tempt you. but greater is he who is in us than

he who is in the world. do not cheapen the sacrifice

that jesus made by thinking you have done something

that is greater (sin) than the cross, that is sin in

itself but you are not alone, just repent of that also.

if god could forgive king david for adultery and murder

before christ, surely there is nothing you cant be

forgiven for. anyway i am prayinh for you now and will

continue, if there is any specific thing you want me to

pray for tell me.

Seth 10 Jul 2013

It really seems sami, that you hold doubt and its

because you know how bad you have been and feel you

dont.deserve forgivness, and you dont forgive yourself.

you can not recieve forgivness and mercy until you

forgive. that evem means you!

Terry 10 Jul 2013

Acts 2:38: then peter said unto them, repent and be

baptized every one of you in the name of jesus christ

for the remission of sins and ye shall receive the gift

of the holy ghost.

Sami 11 Jul 2013 sins are many, there is so many addictions in

my life that is impossible to break free from on my own

strength. all i do is sin, and i know the bible well

enough to know that i am on my way to hell. i have

spent the past 2 and a half years trying to repent and

return to god and it never works out. before all this

started happening, god used to speak to me through his

word like i was one of his people and now it seems like

he is treating me like an enemy.

Seth 11 Jul 2013

Sami, i understand adiction, so does god. i have been

delivered from many. the simple truth is this sami, you

have your walk with god or spuritual life, then you

have your sinful adictions. god cant be present in sin

he is holy. so if your are constantly feeding these

adictions you will not hear anything but the conviction

of god....more next message

Seth 11 Jul 2013

Your spiritual mind is not open for god to talk to you.

its noy that uou cant be forgiven that is just a lie

from hell. the fact you are convicted and feel the need

to repent means god is still working all he can but you

have a free will. if you say you try to repent and god

is not listening at the same time feed your sinful

adictions its just a lie and you are not honest with

yourself.....more next

Seth 11 Jul 2013

Adiction is more complicated than the human mind can

understand, but not more tham god can. its a simple

truth in a complicated matter sami, you have your

relationship with god, then you have your sin

life(adictions) whichever you feed will grow, which

ever you starve will die. god is not through with you

are a lost child he loves and longs for. if you.need

help seek help but not without prayer and fasting. help

in a worldly form ( meds) will only make you more

dependant on something that will hold you in bondage.

Jl 12 Jul 2013

Hi you all!

i have also been backsliding for years and years. do

not give up, repent, seek lord jesus, confess your

sins, accept forgiveness!

lord jesus can save to the uttermost.

may lord jesus keep us all.

now to him who is able to keep you from stumbling,

and to present you faultless

before the presence of his glory with exceeding joy,

to god our savior,

who alone is wise,

be glory and majesty,

dominion and power,

both now and forever.


-- jude 1:24-25

if we confess our sins, he is faithful and just to

forgive us our sins and to cleanse us from all


-- 1 john 1:9

for we do not have a high priest who cannot sympathize

with our weaknesses, but was in all points tempted as

we are, yet without sin. let us therefore come boldly

to the throne of grace, that we may obtain mercy and

find grace to help in time of need.

-- hebrews 4:15-16

Christopher 12 Jul 2013

God did not lower his righteous standards or his

expectations of man's conduct in the covenant of grace;

what he required of man then, he requires now; herein

lies the problem. seeing how utterly incapably man

performed and how infinitesimally short of the mark he

came under the covenant of the law, god rendered a new

plan. man cannot abide by the law and didn't suddenly

become capable of abiding by the law after christ. the

covenant agreement changed, not man. if adam being

innocent chose to come under the bondage of sin and

became fallen, how much worse are we being inheritors

of his fallen nature which is in the flesh? as long as

we are in flesh, the influence of adam's fallen nature

is still with us

Christopher 12 Jul 2013

Religion is man's ineffectual attempt to change who he

is inside by his outward actions; christianity is god

changing man, who he is on the inside, and promoting

the outward manifestation of the change outwardly.

religion is utterly futile because the outward action

is an expression, a reflection of the inward condition;

one cannot affect the by the outward because the inward

is the truth. the outward is a reflection of what is


Christopher 12 Jul 2013

A sinner cannot sow to the spirit because he is

spiritually is dead; he can only sow to his flesh, the

part of him that is alive. a christian can sow to his

quickened spirit by denying the fallen, cursed flesh.

true conversion "creates a clean heart" and "renews a

right spirit" but "as a man thinketh, so is he". a

christian, now made righteous by the forgiveness of

sins and transference of christ's divine (and earned by

works-based) righteousness, can only act righteously,

that is, perform righteous works, (which includes

obedience to the law) by believing that he is righteous

because of what christ did on the cross! the christian

as an act of faith, walks in it by acting outwardly

what happened inwardly.

Christopher 12 Jul 2013

Remember, sin came into the world because adam did not

believe that god loved him (because if he did, he

would've contradicted eve and the serpent) and

manifested his unbelief by his actions so it makes

perfect sense that believing in god, not only his

ability to do right by man more importantly, his

willingness to do so out of love, would be the conduit

for restoration and reconciliation unto god. faith

precedes all willful action; before we do anything, we

first believe we can do it. no one fires an ice cube

from a slingshot to blot out the sun.

Christopher 12 Jul 2013

When jesus healed the lame man, he asked him to rise

and walk; the lame man was healed by faith in jesus,

that is, he believed that jesus was willing and able to

do as he claimed. the man's faith as manifested by his

actions! ("i'll show you my faith by my works") the

lame man could have said, "jesus, i believe i can walk"

till he was blue in the face but if he didn't stand up

and walk, that is, put his faith in action, he would've

remained crippled. he believed in god's love for him;

that he would heal him because he loved him. this is

the opposite of what adam did and is therefore

considered righteousness

Christopher 12 Jul 2013

Imagine if you will an orwellian dystopia-future

society that outlawed sin (a la pre-judges israel).

every time a member of this society committed a sinful

act (looked lecherously at a woman, lied, judge

another, coveted someone else's possession, gambled,

thought an evil thought, cursed, etc) an electric

charge zapped him. imagine how miserable that society

would be! they would live a life of utter despair,

hopelessness and pain, and none of them would be

righteous! even if all of them were conditioned by

years of electro-shock therapy and none of them sinned,

they would still be unrighteous because they lack love

on the inside!

Christopher 12 Jul 2013

Of all the interactions jacob could have chosen, he

chose to wrestle with god/pre-incarnate christ for a

blessing; why would jacob wrestle god for something

that was already his? did he not hear from his mother

rebecca that he was blessed from the womb? why did

jacob as so many christians do today, believe he had to

work, to strive to earn god’s love? jacob wasn’t

victorious until he surrendered to god; ceased from

works. he understood that there was nothing that he

could do to increase or decrease god’s love for him;

nothing he could do to earn it, so he rested in god’s

love and was blessed.

Christopher 12 Jul 2013

Seth, gideon was called a "mighty man of valor" by god,

while he was hiding from the midians but he believed

god, that what god called him is now who he is, in

spite of his self-assessments and became a mighty man

of valor! after all, this was the same god who with the

same mouth called all things into being. if god calls

you something, you better believe that's what you are!

gideon's belief in god changed him, not his innate

capacity to be brave because up until that point,

before god stepped onto the scene, and in his own

strength, he was a coward.

Christopher 12 Jul 2013

Scripture says that abraham believed god and it was

counted unto him as righteousness. incredibly enough,

his faith in god and what he was willing and able to do

in his life, was counted as righteousness; the

sacrifice of his son, perhaps the most righteous,

selfless act by a human being aside from the earthly

life of jesus, isn't listed as righteousness, even

though it is. the holy spirit records abraham's faith.

can i suggest that abraham wouldn't have been able to

obey god and sacrifice his son if god hadn't changed

him from within through his faith, in the first place?.

Christopher 12 Jul 2013

Peter was able to walk on water because he trusted

jesus, that he was willing and able to make him stay

atop the water. peter was on the water for a period of

time, albeit brief. as soon as he took his eyes off of

jesus, and allowed fear and doubt to enter his mind, he

began to sink. his capacity to "stay above water" was

and is entirely christ-centric; peter didn't achieve

the power to walk on water to then do it by his own

power. power only comes from continually looking to

christ in faith.

Christopher 12 Jul 2013

The gist of this whole dissertation: why do christians

believe that now that they're saved, they're required

to earn god's love or maintain their salvation by

righteous works? a christian will never earn god's love

on this side of eternity; he was redeemed by christ

while he was a sinner. he is no more worthy of

redemption as a christian, than he was as a sinner.

"while we were yet in our sins, christ died for us".

perfect what god began in his life by the exercising of

his own will? every atom in creation is generated,

controlled and sustained by god; why does man believe

that his will to resist sin is outside of god?

Christopher 12 Jul 2013

A christian will never have victory over sin as long as

he believes its his duty to steel his or herself and

refrain from sin by virtue of his or her indomitable

will power! man's new nature is his intimacy with

christ, not his will by virtue of his freedom from

sin's bondage which is also intimacy with christ. when

adam was innocent, he sinned! we have sinful flesh to

contend with! man couldn't abide by the law in his own

strength, and never will or christ died in vain.

remember, god emptied himself to become a man because

of his love and our insufficiency; what makes man

arrogantly believe he abide by the law because jesus

wiped his slate clean? christ's shed blood removed our

sinful acts, words and deeds but his resurrection gave

us the capacity to love, without which a righteous life

is impossible

Christopher 12 Jul 2013

You cannot add to your salvation; righteous works will

not make you more christian. a christian who fasts 40

days and nights every month, gives all his money to the

poor, never marries and lives in a church is no more

righteous than the christian who does none of those

things. all a christian can bring to his salvation is

his sin.

Christopher 12 Jul 2013

Christians can only have victory over sin by trusting

in god; the payment for sin on the cross and the

indwelling holy spirit's work of remolding man from

within by his relationship with god through christ

which only works if we believe in it. we, like the lame

man, a metaphor for our incapacity, act out our faith

by rising up and walking in it. sami, if you truly

repented, it doesnt matter how you feel, you're healed!

Christopher 12 Jul 2013

Sami, we have all sinned; whoever says he or she does

not sin, is a liar. we sin because we do not yield to

him who dwells within. believe that christ lives in

you, and you will be victorious. salvation is a life

long process. sami, jesus will lovingly prune away your

sinful habits and addictions if you let him..

Christopher 12 Jul 2013

Any christian who believes his or her salvation is

maintained by his or her ability to obey the

commandments, by his or her prayers or some such

ordinance, is under the law, not grace. we obey, pray

and read because we love god and express our love

thusly, not because it is our duty. god wants our love,

not our fealty.

Christopher 12 Jul 2013

We become obedient, pray, love others, read scripture,

etc because we love god, not out of duty. we love god

because we yield to his indwelling spirit, not because

we exercise our paltry will. god lost his lover and is

wooing him/her back to him. his arms are open wide! "i

forgive you, my love!" he cries! this is the gospel!

Christopher 12 Jul 2013

Sami, read the book of hosea! god redeemed you from the

auction block of sin while you were still stinking from

your sins! he bought you with his blood, even though

you were already his, from the devil. this is the

gospel. he wants his love back, no matter the cost, no

matter how many times you broke his heart! dont you

know how much he loves you?

Christopher 12 Jul 2013

Sami, this is a romance novel not a tale of revenge!

boy loses girl, boy gives his life to regain girl! it

has a happy ending but you have to want it for

yourself..may god burn this into your heart.

Christopher 12 Jul 2013

He or she that truly repents has been transformed by

god into a new creature inwardly. the new creature is

unfortunately shrouded by a cocoon of worldly flesh.

the larvae is nurtured, that is, strengthened by

prayer, reading the word, loving god and man, and by

denying the flesh, but it cannot even begin to grow, if

the christian doesn't believe the initial change took


Christopher 12 Jul 2013

Sami, if you allow circumstances to dictate truth to

you, you will sink like peter, remain crippled like the

lame, remain in hiding like gideon, still wrestling

like jacob,and eating forbidden fruits like adam!

believe god! though pharoah has you trapped between

chariot wheels and the sea, stand still (rest in his

love) and see the salvation of the lord!

Christopher 12 Jul 2013

Sami, if you need to wait till you feel tingly all to

know you're loved, then you call god a liar, and you

make your feelings into a god. isaac relied on his

senses too, when he felt jacob's fur covered arms, and

blessed the wrong man, so to speak! we walk by faith,

not by sight! believe god! take him at his word!

Terry 27 Jul 2013

What to do to be born again of the spirit of god:

answer: acts 2:38

all three parts of this verse has to be done for god

to give you his spirit. without doing all of acts 2:38

you will end up receiving a demonic religious spirit

and not the holy ghost. with your free will you can

accept it or reject this truth. the decision is up to

you. once you receive the true baptism of the holy

ghost you are sealed until the day of your redemption.

don't do like most people and repent and get baptized

in titles of father, son and holy ghost instead of the

name of jesus christ. just like the natural birth it

takes the blood, water and spirit. blood when you

repent, water when you are baptized in the name of

jesus christ and then a promise from god he will give

you the gift of the holy ghost. his spirit to dwell in

you and will lead you into all truth. amen

Vincent 10 Apr 2016

I was born again at 19, baptized in my early

40's...backslid yet again in my 50's...god's love is

unconditional and i am unworthy. failure is only

negative if we don't learn from our mistakes. it is

part of growth in all things. jesus is lord!

Susan 22 May 2016

I have backslider several times now and i'm really

worried god won't forgive me again cause i've done it

to many times it really breaks my heart to be in this

condition i can't stand the thought of not being

forgiven because i do love god with all my heart please

pray he will forgive me one more time and take me back

my life is nothing without jesus. thank you !!!

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