Are You A Backslider Who's Sick Of Backsliding?


By: David Hopkins

Wed, Jun 22, 2005


If you're a backslider you need to know what causes you to backslide. If you don't, do you at least know how to get back right with God? But most importantly, how to prevent yourself from backsliding in the first place? If not, you'll discover the answers to those all important questions in this article.

Which Type Of Backslider Are You?

According to Jesus in one of His famous parables there are three ways a person can backslide. (Mark 4:3-20).

Seed that falls by the wayside, seed that falls on stony ground, and seed that falls among thorns.

Seed that falls by the wayside is the word of God that you get but don't understand. The devil comes immediately causing you to forget. Then you go back to what you're used to doing and you backslide.

Seed that falls on stony ground is the word of God that you get and understand but it's not rooted inside you. So when the devil comes with hard times you can't handle it. This offends you, so you get mad and backslide.

Seed that falls among thorns is the word of God mixed in with the cares of this world, pursuit of riches, and other lusts. This chokes the word before it can produce and you go back to doing what the world does, give up and backslide.

How To Turn Back From Backsliding

A backslider is a Christian who withdraws him or herself away from devotion to God and His word to go back under the control of a self-pleasing spirit.

"The backslider in heart shall be filled with his own ways..." (Proverbs 14:14).

This occurs when fear somehow replaces the faith you have in God. It then causes you to run away from the spirit of God back into the sinful world of the flesh to satisfy your doubt and unbelief.

This means you must be careful not to mix yourself up with former sins and addictions like you did in the past. But if you do there will come a time when you regret it. Your soul will long to be back depending on the Lord your God for direction and guidance. You may even be experiencing these feelings right now as you're reading this article. But don't worry.

God said, "Return, ye backsliding children, and I will heal your backslidings..." (Jeremiah 3:22).

So how do you return to God? "Repent ye therefore, and be converted, that your sins may be blotted out, when the times of refreshing shall come from the presence of the Lord." (Acts 3:19). Therefore repent, get back into the word, and let God blot out your sins. It's that simple. Just pray and ask God to forgive you and clean you up.

What Backslider Prevention Technique?

Right before telling another one of His famous parables Jesus said, "That men ought always to pray, and not to faint." (Luke 18:1)

The keyword in that sentence is the word faint. This is just another way of saying backslide. Jesus is talking about "praying without ceasing" or stopping. (1 Thessalonians 5:17). You should do this instead of giving up and backsliding.

The parable goes on to explain how a wicked judge who had no regard for God avenged a widow even though he could care less whether justice was done for her or not. Yet He avenged her because she showed initiative, was persistent, didn't give up and kept asking him. Because of this he said in his heart "Yet because this widow troubleth me, I will avenge her, lest by her continual coming she weary me."

The point of the parable is if a wicked judge avenges a widow simply on the basis of her continual asking, "shall not God avenge his own elect, which cry day and night unto him, though he bear long with them?" The answer of course is an astounding YES! So don't forget to keep praying to God without giving up until He gives you whatever you ask Him to do for you.

For example: if the devil steals some word from you, or if hard times come, or even if you love money and sex a little bit too much you can keep praying to God to deliver you from whatever it is that causes you to backslide. Don't be afraid because eventually He will heal you of your backsliding and you will be free. So don't ever give up on praying to God no matter how you feel or how bad your situation looks.

In conclusion, it is also extremely important that you continue to pray after God has forgiven you, and cleanses you and when you are in good standings with Him. Because Jesus said, "Watch and pray, that ye enter not into temptation: the spirit indeed is willing, but the flesh is weak." (Matthew 26:41).

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There are 20 comments and 29 readers

Victor 23 Dec 2007

Just good teaching that you can understand apply to

your own life and teach others

Corrina 08 May 2008

This morning, after recommiting my life to the lord, i

did a search on backsliding. shortly after i came

across your page. i just wanted to thank you for

helping me to understand what's happening a little

better. i have been backslidden for over a decade now,

and i so long to return to god. i am struggling with

the doubts (as usual) that god will take me back. your

article was almost like god was speaking to me


Marilyn 06 Nov 2008

Thank you for this. it's funny that you posted this

today. like corrina, i just googled backsliding and i

was about to give up with no answer but i made one more

look... i have been saved for over 2 years and already

backslidden once, it was horrible. i felt myself

withdrawing from him again but have no one to go to. my

church home is broken. but i can pray. i haven't been

praying for about a week now. anyway, thank you.

Ryan 24 Mar 2009

I think if you are someone like me, reading this

article on backsliding because you believe that you

have turned away from the lord yet again and may not be

worthy of forgiveness, than you can be comforted in the

fact in your heart you realize that you have turned

away from him but that his forgiveness is infinitely

larger than our capacity to stray! praise be to god who

loves us beyond understanding.

Clay 09 Jul 2009

For the past few years i have been saved over and over

but backslide everytime, i will try my hardest this

time not to backslide, thanks for the article.

Dane 18 Jul 2009

Wow.....unbelieveable....i was looking for hope for my

backslidden ways and was hoping that god would take me

back, somehow, but wasnt sure until i read your

article....and as marilyn said it is funny it was today

because i never looked at the date this article was

written until i have read the whole thing and then

looked back to see what date it!..... god

is definitely using you to help others in their

backslidden state who want to return....thank you so


Donna 01 Sep 2009

Hi corrina!

through reading your comment i knew that god was

beginning to work a newness in me. i personally, have

been a backslidder for almost nine years and i thought

how could a god that i desserted want me back? thanks

Donna 01 Sep 2009

Thanks corrina!

your post has helped me in ways you have no idea! god

is love and he is real. i too, have a backslidden past

of nine years/ ten and god had you post your message

straight for me!

Jay 05 Oct 2009, i decided just his weekend that i wanted to

stop backsliding. i miss my relationship with god but

yet i feel so seperated from him. the funny thing is

that when u fall back in just one sin, u commit many.

this article is something that i needed and god led me

to this website. god bless.

Donna 06 Oct 2009

Jay, just hang in there! as you have read above we are

all sailing in the same boat. god is a forgiving god

and he alone will reunite you with his holy spirit. in

my trial i have felt seperated as yourself. on the

otherhand little by little through obedience god is

allowing me to feel his presence once again. i'm sure

he's there for you as well. study his word and ask for

his understanding and he'll show up! may god bless you!

Jay 06 Oct 2009

Thanks donna for your words of kindess and truth. i am

going to if i have to but i am determined to

get back on the right path. i know the way and i know

that none of us are perfect but we have to keep

striving. we have to live for god because he died for

us. thanks again

Donna 06 Oct 2009

Jay, blessed is the man who trust in the lord, whose

confidence is in him. jeremiah 17:17

i know god is with us, we just have to prove that we

are sincere and be doers of his word. you continue to

be strong as well as i'm doing the same, and i know

that we will once again be renewed through his spirit.

god bless you

Henry 18 Dec 2009

I've backslided for over 7 years and i haven't felt the

same since..thank you for the posts, they have really

helped me get back on track. i have alot of praying to

do..thanks again

god bless you all

Cheri 03 Apr 2010

Wow!!!!!!! the lord works in mysterious ways, doesn't

he? today is my 38th birthday! i have been feeling

truly backslidden for a while now in regards to some

stories i have written and some things that i have said

and did that have made me feel very inferior.

thank you for giving us this site to read. god bless

you all on getting back right with the lord. *hugs* to

you all and happy easter!

Jonas 18 Apr 2010

Too many websites talk about how to serve god like this

but few are giving practical examples like yours

..thats why i like it...somehow. i have gone thru many

searches..i have to settle here for now and keep


i'm a backslider i want to go back home. i'm a kind of

bitter right now

Queana 19 Apr 2010

Recently i fell into the sin of adultery. i have been

married going on 9 years, i left my church just this

week where i was ordained. i feel like such a hypocrit,

what kind of reverend am i. i know god is married to a

backslider and is forgiving, i just can't forgive

myself. after i committed the sin of adultery, i found

myself drinking, and now i listen to secular music

again. i don't know how i allowed myself to get here.

pray for me please

Donna 20 Apr 2010

Dear queana,

first and foremost, there is none perfect, but the

father. when the woman at the well confessed her sins

to jesus he forgave her and told her to sin no

more...the men who wanted to condemn her, jesus stated

to them "he who is without sin be the first to cast the

stone." god is a merciful god and he is a forgiving


Queana 20 Apr 2010

Thank you for the words of encouragement donna. just

continue to pray my strength in the lord, because right

now i don't have any.

Edmund thabiso 30 Apr 2010

Please pray for me as i keep backsliding, the lust of

the need help

Jay 13 May 2010

I was a professed believer that wilfully sinned for

many years. humbers15:22-21, hebrews 6:4-6,10:26-31,

1pet 2:20-21, 1john 5:16-18. those verses seem to

diqualify me, no matter hoe right i want to be made

right with god

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