Are You Aware Of The Antichrist System?

antichrist system

By: David Hopkins

Wed, Jul 09, 2014

Antichrist System

2 Thessalonians 2:3 Let no man deceive you by any means: for that day shall not come, except there come a falling away first, and that man of sin be revealed, the son of perdition;

Are you aware of an evil world-wide diabolical plot to trick people into believing an extremely serious and very offensive lie against the word of God?

It's happening now, right in front of our faces, and behind the scenes.

And this has been going on for a very long time.

The scary thing is, it's working, and that it will succeed.

The devil still is and always has worked extra hard to deceive as many people as he can.

And he doesn't care if you're a Christian or saved or not, or whatever.

The world is changing into a place where the true God and His truth is not wanted or welcomed.

Even the people who believe God are backing down to the world view and playing politics about God on the place for religion in society.

But why should God play second or third place behind whatever is popular in society.

That by itself is a serious abomination.

The secret elitist (Satanic) organizations are merging and agreeing to work together to fool everybody.

Plus one of these elitist organizations is a very rich and powerful church.

And this is to not offend the ungodly believers and their practices that go against the word of God.

They are literally trying to change God's law.

Which plain and simply is not right.

Whether it's strange variations of Christianity without Jesus, or other Gods, spirits and beliefs.

The spirit of antichrist is getting stronger just like the word of God predicts.

They've tested for centuries and now the technologies and popular belief systems are almost right for what they plan to do.

They're shaping the way for a new world religious belief and political system that will control the whole world.

And as it turns out this is more serious than we previously thought.

They're secretly conditioning us and blinding us from the truth and most people are willingly accepting it.

More bold and ridiculous television programs and movies, more violent video games and addicting apps.

More immoral social entertainment being shared in an instant through the internet.

This stuff is not harmless it changes what you believe is normal and keeps you entertained and unaware of what's really going on.

And worst of all these things is the news media.

With the right-wing and left-wing nonsense, when really they're all in the same secret elitist organizations working toward the same elitist goals.

Then they talk about the same bad news stories over and over and over, which will condition you to lack faith in God and have fear of death just like the devil wants.

All this is to make way for the antichrist system.

And that's not all as far as the conditioning your mind goes.

It seems almost every job has the same set of elitist and immoral rules in place to scare people and use people, and trick people into believing this elite antichrist system.

Ever notice how the people who get ahead may or may not be hard-working but are always connected with an arrogant boss?

And have you ever noticed how you won't get promoted unless you sacrifice your home and family life so they can squeeze every ounce of your time and energy for the sake of profits?

Or if the boss has any type of moral beliefs and doesn't like to fire people for cutbacks or favoritism based reasons then he won't last very long.

Or and this is my favorite, if you're not constantly complaining about how someone else doesn't know jack and how you're a better worker, then you won't get ahead.

This is absolutely part of the devils way of conditioning your mind for this new elitist world system.

And there's no surprise that the same thing is happening to our kids in public school.

They've already changed the laws to deny Christianity.

Teachers can't talk to students about God because they don't want to offend the atheists and the people who believe other things.

Teachers can't pray with students in school or they'll get hit with a big lawsuit.

They force them to teach evolution and big bang theories.

And they give credit to men for all discoveries with no mention of God.

To sum it up they're pushing out all the Christian believers from any top and important positions in society because they know we won't stoop to some of these immoral absurd levels that the elitist unbelievers will without hesitation.

But God is allowing this because so many people are accepting this conditioning in exchange for convenience and fake safety to openly reject God and deny Jesus and believe this lie.

And because no one wants to put God first by reading the Bible to counteract this long-term form of mind conditioning and acceptance.

They want you to ask or beg them to bring in what they've always wanted (the elitist antichrist system) as if they didn't orchestrate the plot to deceive you in the first place.

God sent Jesus and He came as a serving, kind, gentle teacher and they denied Him, so now they'll bring you a cruel and oppressive master supreme elitist world ruler and most people will accept him with open arms without even realizing it.

And we're getting closer to the generation that won't be able to withstand the coming deception or strong delusion that is so strong that if it we're possible it could even deceive a devout student of the Bible.

Matthew 24:24 for there shall arise false christs, and false prophets, and shall shew great signs and wonders; insomuch that, if it were possible, they shall deceive the very elect.

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David 10 Jul 2014

Praise god and thank you for listening and hearing it.

god bless you for your hunger and thirst and may he

fill you with his word and bless you with whatever your

heart desires according to his will in jesus name i

pray amen.

Christopher 10 Jul 2014

Excellent word! thank you for your diligent obedience

in sharing the heart of god!

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