Do You Want To Use The Power Of Your Spirit?

man is a spirit being

By: David Hopkins

Sat, Sep 03, 2016

Man Is A Spirit Being

The truth is, you are a three part being, created by God for His pleasure. Revelation 4:11

You are a spirit which lives in a body and possesses a soul. 1 Thessalonians 5:23

In fact, you are more of a spirit than you are flesh, because when you die your spirit person will live on for eternity in either heaven or hell. Psalms 9:17

Yet here on earth in the flesh, you're blessed if you manage to live past 100 years old. Genesis 6:3

The word soul interchanges with the mind or heart when referenced in the Bible. Mark 12:30

It also refers to consciousness or intelligence and is not a reference to the spirit like some people believe. Genesis 2:7

You're unique from every other God created spiritual being. (Angel or Demon).

You're also unique from every God created animal because you have both spirit and flesh.

The devil would like you to believe that you are just another animal and that you do not have a spirit, but the Bible proves that this is not true.

The Purpose Of Being A Spirit.

God is a Spirit.

He created you in His image, so you are also a spirit. Genesis 1:26

You can connect with God by operating in the spirit, and God can access your spirit in communication with you. John 4:24

This also means that God has given you authority in the spiritual realm to overcome the limitations of the flesh. Galatians 5:16

But if you don't know the rules about how much authority God has given you, or how to operate in the spiritual realm, you'll stay stuck only operating in the physical with all it's biases and limitations.

Which means you're relegated to seeking money first, putting down people to feel better about yourself, and trying to fit in with what's popular in today's society.

All dictated by the devil.

God created you to use your spirit, this allows you to do more of the things He wants you to do, to better those around you as well as yourself. 2 Corinthians 5:8

It's not about being better than or judging anyone else.

Man Is Also Flesh.

So you also have authority on earth in the physical realm.

The devil wants to keep you operating only in the flesh by hiding the truth from you.

1. Making you think you're not a spirit.
2. Making you think you don't have spirit authority.
3. Making you think that you are only flesh.
4. Making you practice and operate only in the flesh.
Ephesians 6:12

This way he can manipulate and trick you into making all kinds of mistakes that go against the will of God.

This is an attempt to corrupt your soul or mind so that you reject God and go to hell for eternity like him and his evil demonic spirits.

What Authority Do You Have As A Spirit?

You have the power to call those things that don't exist right now at the moment into existence.

This depends on the amount of Faith you have in the word of God, and the doubt and unbelief you get rid of that resist the word of God. Matthew 21:21

In fact, all the authority that you have comes from the words that come out of your own mouth that line up with the word of God. Matthew 8:8

You also have the authority to heal the sick and cast out demons. Matthew 10:8

So of course the devil doesn't want you to use this power for obvious reasons.

God only wants you to build trust in Him and His word and He will do the rest.

1. Make the word of God come out of your mouth.
2. Meditate in the Bible day and night.
3. Do what the word of God says to do.
Joshua 1:8

Those are three things God says for us to do to make our lives prosperous and to have good success in life.

Why? Because those are three things that build trust in God and allow Him to operate on our behalf.

He doesn't need our help to get things done, He just desires our trust.

How The Spirit Counteracts The Flesh

1. Thanksgiving
2. Praise
3. Humility
Psalms 89:15-17

The spirit counteracts the flesh by emulating God.

The Bible says that by walking in the fruit of the spirit, you can emulate God. Galatians 5:22-25

God is great no matter what is happening on earth that goes against His will, whether it's horrendous, terrible or worse. Luke 18:7

He doesn't let tragedies or disasters dictate His character.

Likewise, It's important to have the right attitude when depending on God because this proves that you trust in Him no matter what your circumstances are, or what you're going through.

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