Who Said God Is Keeping Secrets?

secrets of god

By: David Hopkins

Wed, Apr 06, 2016

Secrets Of God

Many people believe that the Bible is missing some key information that's crucial to understanding man's origin and purpose on planet earth.

Even some Christians are falling for this idea and are confused about God's plan for man, and how the Bible really works.

Some people even believe that the Bible is just a collection of man-made books of history, and that it's not the truth inspired word of God.

But it is!

Some even falsely believe that the Bible is archaic, outdated and not relevant to modern society.

And they're wrong!

They want to pick and choose what's true and what's not true in the Bible, and what to believe, and what not to believe.

But they can't!

The Bible tells the origin of mankind from the beginning, yet people are being tricked into believing that God left things out, and that some things need re-discovering.

And that's a lie!

Like no, God didn't forget to mention that He formed the universe through the course of billions of years, because He didn't do it like that.

He specifically said He created everything including heaven and the earth in six single days.

Dinosaurs did not live millions of years before man because the theory of evolution is simply not true.

The Bible says that early man and animals were originally vegetarians, so man and dinosaurs could have easily lived peacefully together in the beginning.

And no, He didn't forget to mention that the universe is teeming with other physical life forms that He created on other earth like planets, in galaxies far, far away, because He didn't.

The Bible is clear that God is a Spirit, and all other life besides that which He created on earth, including Angels and demons are spirits.

And all demons were originally Angels including Satan.

The Bible tells about the fall of Satan.

The Bible tells about fallen angels lusting and leaving their natural form in order to have babies with women in the days of Noah.

These were giants in those days!

The Bible tells how there are no dead peoples ghosts trying to contact their living loved ones, but these are imposter demons referred to as familiar spirits with access to information from the spirit world.

Besides, this behavior deeply upsets God and can lead to serious trouble.

The Bible also predicted a plethora of other events that all came true, and are undeniable, including the birth of Jesus Christ our Lord and Savior.

The Bible foretells the fall of mankind and exactly how it will happen with the evil elitist antichrist, mark of the beast system.

The problem is, people don't realize how hard the devil is working to deceive the whole world and everybody in it.

All other forms of media have been compromised and are mostly controlled exclusively by the devil and entities that do his bidding.

If they do decide to provide a biblical picture, they'll just distort the truth to make you believe God is withholding information from you, in which He is not.

Ever wonder why every other TV series, movie and video game, is alien, ghost, zombie or intelligent machine themed?

Do you think it's just a coincidence?

It subconsciously and literally makes you believe in aliens from other worlds and ghosts of dead people.

Zombies and artificial intelligence is a look into the type of DNA tampering and technological advancements that they are making, which goes against the will of God, in order to alter the course of mankind.

There are no real secrets or mysteries, God is not an elitist.

That's the devilís agenda.

But God is a loving, caring, sharing, considerate, thorough and purposeful creator who has already told us everything about our origins and destination.

Including the who, what, when, where, why and how.

And any other things you would like to know God will tell you through His word; the Holy Bible and His Holy Spirit.

Almost everything else is a lie meant to deceive humanity, and a diabolical trick of the devil.

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