Grace Not Space: The Truth Is Not Out There, Its In The Bible

grace not space

By: David Hopkins

Wed, Apr 19, 2017

Grace Not Space

Many would like you to believe that man's journey and purpose on earth is to explore new world's, travel to distant galaxies while meeting fantastic new alien races and making unimaginable discoveries along the way.

There's a noticeable increase in television, movies, books, and social media reports that concentrate their efforts towards making us believe that it's our destiny to leave earth, discover alien life, and explore the universe as we please.

And not in that order.

But will this sort of thing happen as they suppose, or is it all part of an elaborate trick of the devil to fool mankind into falling for the lie that, we are all god's that can do anything we want, Genesis 3:5 and do not need to answer to or depend on the only one and true God of heaven?

Is the truth out there as they suggest, or is the truth in our Bibles like the word of God says? Hebrews 4:12

Anyone who doesn't pay much attention to the Bible might ask.

Why would God create such a vast universe with countless stars and galaxies only to create life on this planet?


Isn't it vain for us to think that we are the only intelligent life forms that God created in the universe?

First of all, God makes it clear in the Bible that we are not alone in the so called universe. Nehemiah 9:6

But the lie is the assumption that physical life created itself throughout millions of years, so there must be more physical life elsewhere in our universe.

Or that God or many gods are physical alien beings who seeded the earth throughout millions of years.

And other ridiculous theories that are flat out lies against God who is a spiritual being. John 4:24

And as the Bible suggests, all the other beings He created are spiritual in nature, Colossians 1:16 besides that which is on earth, including man who is part spirit. James 2:26

Someone might then say.

Well, how do you explain all the UFO sightings, cow mutilations, crop circles, government cover up documents, secret alien bases and elongated skulls?

It's all demonic activity and man made propaganda that's pushed through all forms of media, and on all societies so that these lies can seem true in the world opinion of popular belief.

You may also be wondering, what does outer space have to do with God's grace.

The answer is, the lie of believing that we are relying upon our own efforts to preserve mankind and taking credit for it, is the complete opposite of depending on the grace of God and recognizing that He's the only one that make any and all life possible.

Thinking about space exploration and discovering alien races that do not exist, allows people to be fooled by the devil, other lying demonic spirits, and secret societies who want to control the world. Matthew 24:24

They're liars with the ability to pretend to be whatever they want and say whatever they want. Ephesians 6:12

By calling themselves physical alien beings, interdimensional beings or saying that they're made of light, they can make it seem like they're not spiritual in nature and created by God.

The Bible even hints at how the ghost phenomenon is demonic in nature and the knowledge of people's dead loved one's are being used to perpetrate these lies as well.

More information on that topic can be found here:

All part of a growing deception to mask their true identity to fool us into believing lies that are the complete opposite of the word of God.

But we should accept God's grace through faith in His word to confirm our true identity and destiny through the Lord Jesus Christ.

It's getting harder and harder for the world to discern the truth from the lies because the people are either not paying attention to the word of God or falling for the idea that the Bible is either outdated or unnecessary.

But the Bible is true and everything that contradicts the Word of God is a lie.

In conclusion, the Bible focuses on an unmerited favor which is the grace of God and how Jesus died for our sins so we can live better by believing His word and accepting Him as our saviour.

Bible exploration to discover God's grace is the real final frontier, not space exploration to discover physical aliens that don't exist. Romans 4:16

Everything that needs discovering is through God's grace by faith and is also in the Bible, which is the incorruptible and everlasting word of God.

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