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The KJV 6 Month Bible Reading Plan Tutorial

bible reading plan

By: David Hopkins

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This special 6 month Bible reading plan is for the sole purpose of helping you read the Bible through at least once a year with a minimal amount of effort, planning or calculations on your part.

It was also designed to run indefinitely year after year, (GOD WILLING) so it's suggested that you continue to read the Bible twice a year to build a closer relationship with God.

First of all, the 6 month Bible reading plan is laid out in a way that I believe will help you apply the word of God sooner than later and a lot more often than not.

Proverbs, Psalms, New Testament, Old Testament.

Because Proverbs is the book that promotes meditating in the word of God the most, Psalms is the book that promotes praying to God the most, and the Gospels which depict the life of Jesus Christ tells and shows us how God wants us to live the most.

And that's why I put them first and in that order.

The second thing I'd like to discuss is the fact that everyone reads the Bible and other books at different speeds and the 200 words per minute suggested reading speed of this Bible reading plan strategy is actually considered below average reading.

On the other hand 400 words per minute is good college grade reading speed.

And 300 words per minute is probably about average.

Now, knowing this, I figured 20 minutes a day would be an excellent in between for the studious and the not so studious as well as the busy and not so busy persons.

Even if your reading speed is less than 200 words per minute chances are you can still complete each daily reading in 30 minutes or less.

And if you read faster you could probably read it in about 10-15 minutes.

If you fall behind in your daily readings the times I just mentioned above are what I'd like to call your make up times.

Which really isn't a lot.

But your number one goal is to not miss any days because your success hinges on your consistency.

The KJV 6 month Bible reading plan gives you 2 chances a year to read the Bible through.

And what's great about that is you can start on any day, anywhere, in any book and in 6 months you would have read the Bible all the way through.

Because all the calculations, projections and scheduling is already done.

You can go to the website everyday and read the plan for the day in any web browser.

The website shows up great on any computer, laptop, tablet or phone.

You can subscribe to the RSS feed and receive the new plan everyday that way.

Or you can subscribe to the daily Email Alerts in order to receive it.

And if you really want to get closer to God you could read the daily passages 2 or 3 times a day and in 6 months you'll double or triple your success with very little effort considering 20 minutes times 3 is still only an hour.

Another (GOD GIVEN) idea is called the 20/ 20/ 20 where you can improve your body, mind and spirit by exercising for 20 minutes, then reading the Bible for 20 minutes, then praying for 20 minutes every morning before you start your busy day.

But either way you look at it the 6 month Bible reading plan is a flexible and easy way for you to spend more time with God and to help fine tune your spirit with the word of God.

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