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Do You Know What It Takes To Read The Bible Through In A Year?

read the bible through

By: David Hopkins

Wed, Apr 29, 2009

Read The Bible Through

Have you ever tried to read the Bible through in a year? If so then you know how hard it can be.

And if not let me save you a few headaches.

But in any case keep reading this article to find out some strategies that can make reading the Bible through in a year a less painful goal.

Think of it this way.

Your Bible is a compilation of sixty six separate and complete books not one big old giant book that'll take you forever to read.

Therefore it should be read one book at a time and doesn't necessarily have to be from Genesis all the way through to Revelation.

My personal Bible reading strategy is to read psalms, proverbs, the new testament, then the old testament.

But you can start wherever you like.

Just pick a book.

There's wisdom to be uncovered in every last one of them.

Next, read the book all the way through without skipping or annotating because your trying to get the idea and purpose of the whole book to see the big picture of it.

Consider who wrote the book, what was he like, and what were times like in those days.

I use an extremely flexible thirty minute Bible reading plan that allows me to read the Bible three times a year at a calculated speed of around two hundred words per minute reading seven days a week.

This gives me three chances to read the Bible through in a year if I fall behind or if something comes up.

But since I read books at a time I can always recover quite easily.

Now imagine what you could do with that thirty minutes if you read at four hundred words per minute.

And what if you doubled the time to one hour instead of thirty minutes, you'd be reading all sixty six books of the Bible through once a month or twelve times a year!

Or have twelve chances to read the Bible through in a year.

Which is ultimately my goal.

And this is a very achievable and realistic goal.

Only thing is you have to be consistent and persistent to increase your desire to read longer and to increase your reading speed while not dropping off in comprehension.

I create my plans by using the Bible Reading Planner that I give away as a consolation for subscribing to this newsletter.

Next, I go to King James Bible Statistics and put the word count of the book that I am going to read in a calculator and divide by two hundred and sixteen.

That way I know how many minutes it will take me to read that book.

Then I divide that number by thirty to figure out how many days it will take me.

Then I just round up or down depending on the number.

Next, I check off that book in the planner and input the amount of days and let the software even out the readings as equally as possible.

And that's all.

Plus, this could be done with any amount of minutes or days with any of the books.

So you're not stuck reading from Genesis to Revelation.

And you can read anywhere from one to seven days a week.

You can even get creative and read the Bible in a snow ball fashion to increase your chances of completing it in a year even more.

This is what I mean.

You can read the smallest books first and build momentum by completing those books quickly until you get to the books that will take longer.

But by this time you may have already built up enough steam to make it through.

And the shortest books can be completed in about two minutes.

Still, that beats the pants off those wimpy read the Bible in one year programs that most people never finish anyway.

And some of them are just terrible because they skip around the different books of the Bible like a rock on water.

Whats more, most of them connect the end of books together with the beginning of other books like a train wreck.

And lastly, this takes away from your time to study the book in more detail between readings by using these Christian Meditation Techniques.

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Tj 22 Nov 2011
I appreciate these few tips on how to get back into
god's word. i used to read the bible way more, and
pray the lords prayer, and then slowed. and now, even
just reading and trying to get into it is hard and i
don't feel passionate and hungry. when i felt this the
other day, i thought,"this has got to change." this
means i am dry, far, weak, and i need to climb back. i
may just start with the smallest book of the bible. i
think i need to make a time slot especially dedicated
to the lord. i get up at 4:45am each morning just for
work, so its already early...where to do it? well,
there's no excuse, i will have to do it some time after
work. thank you for this site, and all your ideas and
hints along the way. god bless you...i look forward to
learning more, and being involved in this group study.
Angel 11 Jan 2012
Tj, why dont we create a group and read the bible at
the same time, and once or twice evry week we discuss
the parts we read and learn more about the word of god?
let me know if you are interested. tnx
Tj 12 Jan 2012
I agree. i have been reading 1john lately, especially
chapter 2 and 3. i would love to do that because my
husband and i just moved and are still not plugged in
anywhere because of work. it seems to me god has been
showing me also that without love i am a noisy gong or
a clanging symbol. which book should we study
Tj 12 Jan 2012
Thanks for asking and making that suggestion. also,
which day do we want to make it?
Angel 13 Jan 2012
Hello tj, i just read ur comments, it would be grt to
start. i have nothing on mind, ive read the bible once
, long time back and since then i have been reading
only verses and trying to understand. so may be you cld
direct how and where to start. as for how to do the
discussion we can do it on skype. every monday, if it
is fine with you. but i dont know where u are so we can
set a time. let me know if its ok wid u?
Tj 14 Jan 2012
Perfect. lately, i've been drawn to i john, because
it's talking about...gods'love, what is gods love and
how we are to love as a disciple of god. awhile back,
i was talking to my step mom about something and she
pointed out i john 2:9. when she showed me that verse,
i wept...because it very much applied to the situation.
as well, 1corinthians 13, i know that the lord is
showing me this as well. so, would you be interested
in 1 john? or, 1 corinthians? or anything stand out
to you that you want to study? anyways, i am flexible
too and not trying to be difficult. i am in canada,
british columbia. and right now it is 9:27pm... i
work mondays 6am-2:30pm, and this coming monday have
and appointment at 4-6pm.
Tj 14 Jan 2012
Angie, i also think it is so important to know god and
1 john talks about that too. i am interested in being
a true follower, and knowing god and knowing god means
doing his commandments...action...i would like to apply
this to my everyday life...that is very much on my
heart. what do you think?
Tj 14 Jan 2012
Angie, i also think it is so important to know god. 1
john talks about this too. knowing god means doing his
commandments...action. i would like to know how to
apply this to everyday life.
Tj 14 Jan 2012
Sorry, the email got sent twice....ops
Angel 14 Jan 2012
Grt! we can start with 1john then. i'm armenian living
in dubai. its 9:38 am here. i wake up quite early, so
it will be ok for me around 6:30am.. which wld probably
be 6:30pm ur time?? as for the day i think monday is
good. but as for this week we can start thursday, so we
get to read more, plus ur aptmnt. now the only thing
wld be to know how we will do the discussion??? online?
any ideas, rather then skype?
Tj 14 Jan 2012
Unfortunately, i don't know how to skype. could we
just comment on this "daily word of god" site? i
really don't know. i could ask my brother in law if he
has any ideas. i actually have never had a
conversation on line in any form other than texting on
my phone. but that's no good...way too expensive.
i'll ask my brother in law later. right now i really
have to go to bed. i am fighting a flu and need to get
better. i may not be able to go to work in the morning
if i don't feel better. anyways, have a great day,
seeing as it is day time there...hehe.
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