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The KJV Simple Search Parallel Bible Tutorial

kjv simple search parallel bible

By: David Hopkins

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This tutorial will show you how to get the best results when using the KJV simple search parallel Bible to read, study or research the Bible for better understanding of the word of God.

Clean and Clear Ad Free Interface

The first thing I would like to point out about the simple search parallel Bible as it compares to other online Bibles is the clean pure look and feel of the webpage.

Notice how there are no flashing ads and no ugly obtrusive colors that distract you from the word of God.

There is also no multiple versions of the Bible, it's strictly the KJV version which allows you to do lateral research on your own without the need to depend on someone else's translation which comes from the same 1611 KJV Bible that is right here.

There are no unnecessary links to books, chapters or verses crowding up the page or search form because every search is in the search bar using book shortcut codes that are the first 3 or 4 letters of a book.

mat, mar, luk, Joh.

Or you can just type out each book if you prefer.

Read Sets Of Books, Chapters, Verses or keywords

There are five different ways to navigate through the KJV simple search parallel Bible.

You can either display whole books by stringing together every chapter of that book together using a backslash / symbol.

gal 1/ 2/ 3/ 4/ /5 /6

Or you can display just one or multiple chapters of multiple books in no specific order like this.

mat 10/ 5/ 1/ pro 3/ 20/ 8

You can also choose to select one chapter and go to the next chapter one at a time by using the next link which is at the bottom of the passage accompanied by a home link, a context link and a link to create a link.

What's more, you can stop at any string of verses from any of those chapters by using the semicolon : and dash - symbols like so.

mat 5:1-10

You can do this in multiples too.

mat 5:1-10/ mar 9:2-11/ luk 8:5-9

It's also very easy to do a keyword search using the KJV simple search parallel Bible.

All you have to do is enter the search term and hit send.

The default search type is (non-capital letters) will search strings and stems of any keyword in the new testament only.

Special Old Testament Searches

You can easily search the old testament by using (all capital letters) and make it a complete Bible search with a backslash / symbol to separate capitals from lowercase letters like this.


Special Parallel Searches

Last but not least we have the parallel search view.

Parallel searches are side by side searches that are good for comparing verses or grouping keyword searches together by using the pipe | symbol.

mat 5:1-7 | jam 2 | rev 3:3-9

For example you can do a keyword based parallel search of the Bible using the | pipe symbol or my favorite do a cross-reference of what Jesus said against each other in all four of the Gospels.

The KJV simple search parallel Bible is an extremely flexible and indispensable tool for reading, studying or referring to the Bible with multi-faceted compatibility at home on your desktop or laptop computer or on the go with your mobile phone or tablet.

It is available for use at:

The KJV Simple Search Parallel Bible

Where you might want to bookmark it for later use.

It also has a Google chrome Browser Extension and a google chrome Web App located at the Google chrome web store.

In which I highly recommend if you use Google chrome.

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