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Are You Missing The Most Important Truth About The Life Of Jesus Christ?

life of jesus christ

By: David Hopkins

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If you want to know what the life of Jesus Christ has to do with a broke, homeless, exhausted and starving carpenter turning down money, land, power and food to save you and anyone else who chooses to accept Him then listen to this.

Alright I know what you're thinking, no one in their right mind could possibly refuse those necessities while in that horrendous condition unless they were on some serious drugs.

In fact, you don't know anyone who would cause themselves to endure tremendous suffering like that to help you in exchange for nothing but a hard time.

Yet, the Bible says that Jesus Christ managed to resist the temptation of the devil concerning these things while in that unbearable condition without the use of illegal substances. Luke 4:1-11; Matthew 4:1-13.

So how did He do it?

The easy explanation for Jesus' amazing ability to resist these temptations under those extreme conditions is simply put, He read and studied His Bible every day to build up enough faith in God to cancel out the fear offered by the devil.

The more complicated explanation is not only did He read and study the Bible everyday but He also memorized and meditated on the word of God all day everyday consistently without fail for many many years to the point that He lived according to every word God had ever inspired men to write in the Bible at that time.

Jesus said in Matthew 4:4 "...It is written, Man shall not live by bread alone, but by every word that proceedeth out of the mouth of God."

The mere fact that Jesus said "it is written" off the top of His head immediately lets us know that He was a Bible reader.

Next, He said, "...but by every word that proceedeth out of the mouth of God" Which just so happens to be another reference to Bible reading, but in this instance the word of God is compared to eating, something you do everyday anyway to stay alive.

Which is unbelievable considering the fact that we allow ourselves to be consumed with entertainment to the point where we can barely skip one meal let alone eat nothing for forty days like Jesus did.

And who in their right mind would choose to go homeless?

And don't let me get started on money, power or success.

Or what if I mention sex?

Are you serious?

But basically, Jesus laid out the blueprint for us to have everything we need and want in life and still go to heaven when we die.

Now looking at these facts why would anyone choose to watch TV For four hours without even once considering donating one of those hours toward their own personal improvement by picking up and reading the Bible.

Is that too much to ask for?

Well, to answer that question it probably is if you can't over come the three most common fears the Devil uses to steal blessings from you like Jesus did.

Or is it you can't overcome the three fears because you don't read your Bible like Jesus did?

I'll bet You've heard that Jesus died on the cross for your sins a million times but did you know if Jesus would've given in to any of the temptations offered by the devil in Matthew and Luke 4 He wouldn't have been worthy to die for your sins and never would've made it to the cross in the first place?

And yes Jesus was a simple carpenter by trade as mentioned in Mark 6:3 where the people who grew up with Him and knew His immediate family couldn't believe all the knowledge He had gained or the miraculous stories that we're being told about Him.

However, the reason they didn't believe or understand Jesus obtained His wisdom from God was because they didn't read, meditate or memorize the Bible everyday like Jesus did in those times.

So now we see if Jesus the carpenter wouldn't have never humbled Himself to become a broke, homeless, exhausted and starving Bible reader, studier, memorizer and meditater who turned down money, land, power and food I wouldn't be here to write this article, and neither would you be alive to read it.

So don't forget to thank God for Jesus Christ not only because He died on the cross for your sins but also because He was so serious about living by the word of God and became so skilled at it that even the devil couldn't entice Him.

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